The Team


I am the founder of Boxession. I have always had a business mind, with a varied work background in Retail Management, Recruitment, Training and HR. I realised that one day it was my Dream to work for Myself, so this for me is not only a Hobby, but a Career. I didn’t return to work after the Birth of my second son by choice. I set about to find something to keep my brain occupied, so I went to College in my spare time and became CIPD qualified to add another string to my bow so to speak.

I have always been a huge Subscription Box addict, so writing about them and testing the products really is my idea of heaven. Writing for me is a true passion.

 I love to ask advice from other ladies on the group and discover new products. My other hobbies (boxes aside), I love Cars, I have been driving since I was old enough to be behind the wheel! I love nails, I have long nails that are my pride and joy and my little treat in life is to paint them all the colours in the rainbow. I am also a classically trained Pianist, although kids take away my time to carry out that hobby these days.

My Boxession – I am a huge Skincare Lover, anything scented or homely too. My kids love Geek and Gaming Boxes, as does my Partner. My partner also loves Fishing, Cooking Boxes and Food or Snack ones are a firm favourite in our House. We love getting trial boxes to find the hidden gems of the Box World, and the ones we love become a regular appearance in the post.


I’m 27, I’m from Sheffield and I’m a Junior Psychologist and personal trainer. I first became interested in beauty as a teenager, as a way of expressing myself and building my self esteem. It grew from there, and my obsession with subscription boxes started around 18 months ago. I joined Boxession to chat to other likeminded people, and get tips and recommendations for brands and products to try. I am a skincare addict and my bathroom cabinet would put Boots to shame! My main interest is Natural and Cruelty Free products, as well as mindfulness, wellness and mental wellbeing.

When I’m not blogging for Boxession, or my own blog, I’m usually at the gym, watching sport or campaigning for mental health awareness. I also have a black belt in kickboxing- so try and steal one of my face masks at your peril! Ha ha. I’m very thankful to be a part of the amazing team here at Boxession, and the lovely community we have!


I’m Sam, age 29 and a mum to two amazing children aged 11 (DD) and 15 (DS).
I’ve previously worked as management in a retail setting passing my training with distinction, as well as previously running my own businesses mostly revolving around Beauty.
I’m a self-confessed makeup, facemask and bath product addict but I love all beauty products. Ok I’m a hoarder with a huge problem and I love a bargain. I have my own unique style and I’m not afraid to stand out from the crowd with a smile on my face. I enjoy traveling and exploring new destinations and cultures, and I am a huge music lover regularly attending the Isle of Wight festival.
My son is an avid gamer as am I! Xbox all the way in this house with regular zombie invasions to battle. My daughter is the princess of pink (we call her pink pineapple princess lol) and lover of unicorns and all things girly.
We are all huge box addicts and have subs ranging from make up, to spicy food. In the summer we love spending time down the sandy beaches on the Isle of Wight and visiting Theme Parks. Every day is a new adventure to us.
I was so excited when I was asked to join the team, I’ve always been proud to be a member of BoXession; loving the ethics and community spirit of the group. I hope that you love being a part of BoXession as much as I do XOXO.


Hi guys, my name is Hayley, I’m a 36 year old mother of 2 from Manchester and a self-confessed makeup addict! Eyeshadow palettes are my thing and all things highlight! Getting married next year to my wonderful fiancé Nick.

I have a quirky style, the word ‘conform’ means nothing to me.

Currently, I work in the family business, we have 4 shops so there’s never a dull moment.

My passion is music and dance; in my spare time, I teach dance to 2-5 year olds and we hold competitions regularly up and down the country, its hard work but very rewarding!

Finding such a great group of girls to share my passion for all things beauty and boxes has been amazing and I am so lucky to be part of the team.


I’m Chloe and I’m a makeup addict. First step to recovery is admitting the facts right? My favourite product has to be a nude liquid lipstick closely followed by a blinding highlight. As well as makeup I am also obsessed with dogs! I think they bring your mood up when you are feeling low and are the best company. A bit like BoXession really! I joined the group quite a while ago now and have enjoyed the atmosphere and friendships I have made. It is great for meeting like minded people, discussion and of course finding out about new Subscription Boxes.

I live in Cambridge so have a variety of shops nearby, means a good sale never goes a miss! I do still love online shopping and finding a great bargain. Although I am into beauty items I do enjoy working on my car and going to events. Bit of an adrenaline junkie, I love roller coasters and fast cars.


I’m Nazia and I’m a 31-year old pharmacy technician, born in east London and currently living and working in Essex. My biggest passion is food – I love eating! I love discovering new restaurants and recipes, and I love watching cooking shows on TV. As well as cooking shows I also enjoy watching movies and love going to the cinema and catching up with the latest Netflix shows. I would love to travel to all four corners of the world. I try jetting off to visit as many different cities and countries as I can and to learn about the history, culture and not forgetting the most important part – tasting the cuisine!

I’ve always loved make up, I was never very sure what colours and shades suited me so I always stuck to simple plain makeup. Since joining BoXession last year, that has all changed. I’ve experimented more and branched out my skin care routine which now takes twice as long! I still can’t do a smoky eye to save my life but I now use products I wouldn’t normally use, am totally obsessed with face masks and don’t shy away from a red lip anymore. I’ve learnt so much from this group and I love being a part of a community of women that help and empower each other. I especially feel privileged to be a part of the admin team!


Well Hi everyone my name is Jasmine, I’m Scottish, a Mum to a nearly two year old little girl named Ariana-Joy. I’m engaged to her Daddy who also happens to be my best friend; his name is Ryan and we all live together just outside of Glasgow.

I’m a stay at home breastfeeding mummy/housewife and I have severe asthma that relapsed when my lil one was six months old so getting out of the house has been hard. Finding BoXession was a blessing and has given me a chance to be social again and also get lots of bargains (I have more makeup now than I ever have and I use it to express my creative side as well as feel me again instead of just mummy). The founder Mel is amazing, just so warm and welcoming.

I absolutely love make up, skincare and Subscription Boxes. I have been obsessed with Japan & Korea since I was a kid; now I’m obsessed with their skincare and makeup products. I have always been very creative (drawing, painting, animation, work with clay, writing, photography and so on) I studied Photography, Animation and Design at college. I love going to live gigs especially when it’s my other half on stage. I have Dyslexia but I don’t let it stop me from doing anything especially reading, as I love reading books and I also love playing on the PlayStation.