Burning Desire Handmade Candles & Melts Review by Nazia – February 2021

A big thank you to the lovely Lucie, the owner of Burning Desire Handmade Candles & Melts for sending me this box to review. I do love to use home fragrance products so when the opportunity arose to review a box of products in an array of scents, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! I own three wax burners that I keep in different areas of my home and they are all lit at one point or another throughout the day so this was right up my street.

If you missed my live unboxing, you can catch it here on our YouTube channel:

At BoXession we love supporting small businesses and we encourage small businesses to advertise their website/page on our group. We have so many talented members who make incredible products, from handmade jewellery and bath bombs to running their own subscription box. I was lucky enough to receive a wonderful box from Lucie who makes her own soy candles, wax melts, carpet fresheners, room fragrances and much much more! All products are also CLP compliant.

Prices and Products:

  • Snap Bars from £2.50
  • Mini Melts £2 for 6
  • Carpet Freshener £2.50
  • Himalayan Pink Salt Fragrances £2 for 50g
  • Healing Candles from £12
  • Any 5 Snap Bars for £10
  • Gift Set (room spray, carpet freshener, snap bar & mini melts) £10
  • Selfcare Gift Box £20
  • And more – Please visit the page to see what other

Postage is extra and delivered via Royal Mail. Spend over £15 for free delivery!

Products are shipped usually within 3–5 business days.

What I received:

I was asked if I had any preferences in the scents I wanted to test out, but I was happy for Lucie to choose on my behalf as I thought it would be nice to receive a surprise. This is what I got:

  • J’adore Snap Bar
  • Tresor La Nuit Snap Bar
  • Bon Bon Snap Bar
  • Alien Snap Bar
  • Lost Cherry Snap Bar
  • Dot Snap Bar
  • Baccarat Rouge Mini Melts x 3
  • La Vie Est Belle Carpet Freshener
  • Frosted Berries Mini Candle

What I thought:

The box was delivered through Royal Mail in an outer postage box with the actual box secured with bubble wrap inside. The box is bright red in colour and has a branded sticker sealing the box closed. On opening, you’re hit with a face full of divine aromas and I couldn’t wait to try out the products!

J’adore Snap Bar – A perfume inspired scent that has a beautiful feminine and floral scent to it. I was a little sceptical at first as the scent is quite subtle when you take it out of the packaging, but once lit it fills the entire room with an indulgent essence and leaves a long-lasting lingering aroma. It is just dreamy and has that clean fresh feel to it that is really uplifting.

Tresor La Nuit Snap Bar – This scent is so incredibly true to the popular brand of perfume it is based on and is also one of my favourite scents in this box. It makes the room smell wonderful with sultry notes of fresh raspberry, frankincense, and vanilla. It creates a very sensual and captivating ambience which is perfect for an at home date night – something that my husband and I are doing more often due to lockdown.

Bon Bon Snap Bar – This Victor & Rolf inspired wax melt although isn’t the strongest of scents, is still able to delicately fill up a whole room. Giving off a lovely oriental, woody gourmand accord with floral notes with musky amber and vanilla tones, which is an absolute joy to smell.

Alien Snap Bar – This robust, long-lasting scent is truly out of this world. The aroma through the packaging is a little deceiving, because when melted it really packs a punch! It is spot on with the sophisticated floral and oriental accents combined with spicy woody notes.

Lost Cherry Snap Bar – A deliciously fruity and indulgent scent, that tugs at the senses. Teaming with decadent and enticing notes of cherry, almond and jasmine all sitting beautifully on a balanced base of woody cedar and sandalwood notes, this is a beautiful deep and rich fragrance.

Dot Snap Bar – I have yet to try this snap bar but I do really like Marc Jacob perfumes and have owned a few over the years so I’m looking forward to trying this out next. I love that the bar is red with black dots to tie in with the name.

Baccarat Rouge Mini Melts – These mini melts are just the cutest and are based on a high end Eau De Parfum which is a way out of my price range so this is a great alternative. The scent from this melt is just incredibly vibrant and sensual, boasting floral jasmine and supported by rich woodsy amber certainly another one of my favourites in this box!

La Vie Est Belle Carpet Freshener – Fragrance your carpet, rugs or mattresses with this highly scented deodoriser in one of my all-time favourite perfumes! Just shake onto your carpet, I used it in my bedroom and left it for around an hour to get the full aroma and then hoovered it up. My carpet as well as my bedroom was left smelling gorgeously fresh and fragranced!

Frosted Berries Mini Candle – This is a deliciously sweet aroma with a festive fruity red berry blend. The combination of juicy strawberry, sharp raspberry and warm vanilla make this candle smell almost good enough to eat. If you want to create a lovely atmosphere in any room, a candle is a great easy way to do so.


For me this is just a box of pure happiness, the scents were really well chosen for me and I enjoyed using them all. I am honestly so impressed with the throw from these wax melts as they fill the whole room, some even drifting throughout the whole house within minutes! I like how colourful and pretty the bars are with the added glitter and confetti plus the snap bars are a generous size too, just break off and use a square at a time and change fragrances as often as you want.The lttle love heart sweets that were added into the box was also a nice little extra touch. Lucie has an extensive list of fragrances, many perfume inspired however, if you are after a particular scent then please do get in touch with Lucie with your request. The products are great quality and very generously priced, so by purchasing you’d be supporting a small business run by one of our own BoXession members how amazing is that?!

To check out what is available please check out the page:

Burning Desire Handmade Candle & Melts

Thank you for reading…

Nazia xx