Blob Box review by Gemma- December 2020

I’m bringing a brand new box to you today, not just to Boxession, but to the subscription box market! I know a lot of you have been asking if there is a good box out there for that time of the month, especially since the demise of a well known period subscription! Well, this may be just what you are looking for!

Blob Box is a brand new subscription box that goes with your flow. They deliver all your sanitary essentials as well as products that you can add into your self care routine to make sure you are always feeling pampered and putting yourself first. I will explain more about how it works shortly but first I just want to say a big thank you to Eniye, the founder of Blob Box, for sending this over to review! I love the colour scheme, purple is my favourite colour and I love pink too!

I unboxed this over on the boxession facebook group and if you missed it, you can catch it here on our youtube channel:


The box arrived via royal mail and was enclosed inside an outer postage bag to protect it from the elements. It is not letterbox sized,  but with all the items inside, it is no wonder!


I just love how cute it is, I definitely felt spoilt! There was a lovely christmas card, which is now displayed in my flat, as well as a handwritten note with a discount code (see below!) and a product card telling me about all the items in this months box. I couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

The first items to tell you about were the sanitary essentials, which were inside a drawstring bag with the slogan ‘To go with your flow’ on the front. Mine was for a light flow and contained just the right amount to keep me stocked up. The bag is also discreet and reusable too.

Now onto the pamper treats!

The first item was from a brand I am not familiar with, but am excited to try. Our Remedy CBD Moon Swings (RRP £31.99). For all those ups and downs we experience- menstrual pains, hormone imbalances and food cravings- CBD may help you. This comes in a little dropper bottle so you can get the right amount and we all know how much hype there has been around CBD oil- I am excited to try this for myself as I do sometimes get horrendous cramps around my time of the month, maybe this will help relieve them!

What is a period/self care box without a sweet treat? Raw Halo Dark and Raspberry Chocolate (RRP £1.99) is a rich and indulgent chocolate which is smooth, delicious and jewelled with raspberry pieces and raspberry flavour. Using ethically sourced single origin cacao this chocolate is glowing with good vibes! I absolutely love chocolate any time of the month but I definitely crave it when I’m on my time of the month! This was devoured in seconds- absolutely delicious and the perfect size to satisfy that craving!

Next up, and arguably the best smelling item in the box was Vari Cosmetics Toasted Marshmallow Scoop (RRP £2.70). This is like a bath melt that produces buttery bubbles smelling of sweet toasted marshmallows. I have never heard of this brand before but my god, this smells absolutely incredible- good enough to eat! I don’t have a bath at my flat however I like to save these bath products for when I go to my mums to use in her bath (whenever that will be right now!) but in the meantime, this has my bathroom smelling like a sweet shop and I am absolutely ok with that!

Another adorable item, this time Nata Concept Store Fleur Candle (RRP £4.00). This is made with the essential oils of Jasmine, Neroli and Orange Blossom, are hand poured and use Soy wax, which is naturally sourced from soya bean oil. This candle is environmentally friendly and a sustainable alternative to other varieties of wax. Plus- it is absolutely adorable! It has a very subtle floral scent and fills the whole room with delicate fragrance in minutes. Perfect for a pamper evening on the sofa!

Next up, and the perfect accompaniment to the chocolate from earlier is the Pukka Womankind Organic Herbal Tea (RRP roughly 15p based on a box of 20). This is made with organic chamomile, cranberry, rose and sweet vanilla. This is a loving cup of nourishment designed to help stir those flowers within you. I am a huge fan of Pukka teas and have tried this particular blend in the past. I absolutely love herbal teas and this one is gentle, delicate and tasty!

One of my favourite things to do when it is my time of the month is to slap on a face mask and relax for 15 minutes so I was delighted to see the inclusion of Patchology Moodmask The Good Fight (RRP £5.00).  This contains ingredients like Tea Tree and Willowbark to help combat stressed out skin as well as Peppermint to soothe inflammation and slow the production of oil. I absolutely love sheet masks and my skin definitely gets stressed out during my period, so I will be saving this for a relaxing pamper next month!

Finally, the bonus free gift this month is the Blob Box Me Time A6 Notepad (RRP £6.00). This cute little notepad has been designed to help you plan your days and tackle one thing at a time. It is made to encourage positivity and self care in your day. You can jot down a to do list, plan your daily self care ritual, list the things you are grateful for- anything really! You will start the day with a fresh and positive mindset as well as feeling organised- who doesn’t love the feeling of ticking things off your list? I am always using notebooks and this one is so cute that I cannot wait to start using it for my self care planning!

A total RRP of £51.83, not including the price of the sanitary items included!

How it works and Prices

You select a box according to your flow (light, medium or heavy) and select your preferences (pads/tampons and brand) as well as the date you want it delivered (before or after the 15th of the month). You also have the option to add extra liners for a small extra fee (£1 for 5 liners or £2 for 10). The prices are as follows:

  • Light Blobber box- £24.99
  • Medium Blobber box- £25.99
  • Heavy Blobber box- £26.99
  • First Time Blobber box (ideal for young adults just starting their periods): £29.99

All of these options come with free delivery.

We have a discount code too! Enter BOXESSIONBB10 at the checkout for 10% off your first box- but hurry, this is only valid until January 31st!

My Verdict

I think we have all been missing having that special package for our time of the month and Blob Box has arrived to fill that void! I am so impressed with everything about this- from the communication with Eniye, to the presentation, to the items inside- I definitely felt pampered! It is just the treat we need containing a mixture of pamper items, edible treats and those all important sanitary essentials. I can see this box going from strength to strength!

If you want to check them out and place an order, here are the links you need (don’t forget the discount code!):

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Thanks for reading!

Gemma x