My Cat Grass Santa Paws Gift Box Review by Mel & Lilith – November 2020

Thank you to Bleu, Owner and Founder of My Cat Grass for reaching out and asking if Lilith & would like to review their Limited Edition Santa Paws Gift Box. Of course we love to treat Lilith at Christmas, she is Queen of our House after all!

We have reviewed My Cat Grass once before, as it was included in one of our Gus & Bella Boxes that we reviewed earlier this year in March. I shared the photo of our grown Cat Grass on our Instagram page too. If you would like to read the review, you can do so here.

The box arrived via DPD courier, and the parcel was HUGE. You cannot tell here the size of the box, but if you watch my unboxing, I was struggling to hold it up! It is packed to the brim of goodies. Read on to see what is inside!

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back on our Facebook Group or by clicking play below on our YouTube Channel…

What is inside the Box?

The Santa Paws Git Box contains:

Cat Appropriate Festive Food & Treats for Christmas

Festive Toys

  • Festive Mice On A Rope (three mice)
  • Festive Cat Teaser Toy (18″ Quality Cat Teaser)
  • Festive Cat Toy Twin Pack (Festive plush toy and jingle bell toy)

Cat Grass For A Healthy New Year

Grow your own Cat Grass Kit

We have had one of these before, in a review we did for Gus & Bella, and we loved it! It was so easy to grow. Just add water into the pot, and voila! We shared photos on Instagram. Lilith really enjoyed it, she is always eating the grass in our Garden, this is healthier for her. The Cat Grass is available on Subscription, check out the Website for more details.

Premium Organic Barley Grass Seeds

These are ideal if you want to grow your Cat Grass outside. I think this will be a brilliant idea for us as Lilith is always outside. We have a huge Garden, with lots of different areas for her to hide in. I am sure we can find somewhere for her to have her own Cat Grass patch in spring.

Mice on a Rope Toy

She is crazy for catnip, so she loves this, she was really possessive over it. She takes them and hides them under the stairs. It makes me laugh.

Santa Cat Teaser

She has Santa to match her Reindeer one now. I was actually using this to entice her from under our bed when she was hiding. These are so much fun as you spin it around her head and she jumps up to catch it.

Festive Pudding & Jingle Bell Toy

She loves the jingle bell, we have some on the Christmas tree, and it is always fun (for her not us) when she is pulling it off the tree. I am hopeful she won’t have to now that she has her own.

Webbox Lick-E-Lix Cream

We tried her with one of these, and she devoured it in seconds. It seems she really loves turkey & cranberry, which we never knew before.

Webbox Festive Mousse

We have saved this as her Christmas Day Breakfast, she eats dinner with us at the table. I am not joking, she has her own plate of Turkey every year. I am including photo evidence of this here from last year…

Webbox Tasty Sticks

Lilith can be a bit fussy with these at times. I saw her sniffing at the box so I thought I would get one out and try it. My word, she ate 3 one after the other and I had to hide them. She was actually trying to get into the packets with her teeth. She loved them, I have to buy her more now. I snapped her doing this as I thought it was funny…

Dreamies Christmas Mix

Dreamies are her favourites, but seemingly from the above photo, now second to Webbox Turkey & Cranberry sticks! She will not eat Supermarket version brands of cat treats, she can tell if you even try to pass them off. She sniffs and walks away. She loves these, another thing I have to hide now.

I love My – Stocking Filler Box

We have decided to save these to wrap and put under the tree. She cannot have everything all at once after all!

Our Verdict?

This is a fantastic box, full to the brim of Christmas treats for your Cat, or Cats. I do really think this would be great for people with more than one Cat too, as there is so much in it. I know plenty of crazy cat people out there, this takes the hassle away from you ordering all of the bits yourself too. It is certainly value for money!

Thank you for reading,

Mel & Lilith x

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