Dadoo Box Review October 2020 by Darren

Dadoo box is one of the only gift boxes available in the UK for new dads and I think it is a great idea!  Although Laila is now a year old, I still remember feeling a lost and unsure of what to do when we brought her home from the hospital a feeling, I am sure all new dads have. The concept of Dadoo box is to provide you with some items for both baby and the new dad that will help you settle into the new role and bond with baby. So thank you to the lovely Ruth for sending me this box!

If you our live unboxing, you can catch it here on our YouTube channel:

What is Dadoo box?

A specially designed survival box to help dads-to-be transition into their new role

How much is it?

One off box – £35.00 including postage.

Boxes are sent recorded delivery via Royal Mail within 2 days unless the tracked 24 option is requested.


What I received:

  • Pocket Commando Dad
  • Kokoso Coconut Oil
  • Original Source Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel
  • New Kings Coffee x 3
  • Thumble
  • Mr Men Book
  • Exras:  Aqua Wipes & Gental Eye Wipes

What I thought:

Pocket Commando Dad
This is a great little book that goes through all the basics from birth to 1 year of age in a quick easy to read format. This would have been a real help when Laila was born as it helps to answer the questions I had as a new dad, it has a clear contents and index so you can find what you need in a hurry, always handy when you are trying to figure out what you need to do with a crying baby. This is probably the most useful item in the box and I would recommend it for all new dads.

Kokoso Coconut Oil
This is an 100% natural organic coconut oil which can be used to massage your baby helping you bond with them while moisturising their skin. It left Laila’s skin nicely hydrated after a bath with a lovely coconut scent.

Original Source Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel
I have used this shower gel before so I know how well it helps to wake you up in the morning. It has an amazing fresh smell from the 7927 mint leaves used to make each bottle and helps to wake you up with a tingly jolt, always helpful after a broken night’s sleep helping to look after baby.

New Kings Coffee
I found I needed more coffee as a new dad throughout the day to help wake me up as I adapted to the broken sleep at night. These coffee bags are really handy, similar to a tea bag just add boiling water to the mug allowing the coffee to infuse before removing the bag. In the box I received a selection of 3 bags in the box a light, medium and dark roast, all of them tasted great with the dark roast being my favourite.

One of the things that I was always afraid of doing and left to mummy was cutting Laila’s nails, babies fingers and toes are so tiny that the thought of using nail clippers or scissors was terrifying. That’s where this product comes in, a wearable nail file, it made it so easy to file down her nails. As the file was held on my thumb it left me with two hands to move her fingers around to get all the sharp edges. This would have been great when she was a new born but still comes in handy now.

Mr Men Book
As you could see in the unboxing video Laila loved this book! She doesn’t have any of the Mr Men books yet so this was a new series for her to enjoy. Reading is a great way for new dads to bond with baby and it’s something I have always done as part of Laila’s bedtime routine and we are always happy to add another book to her collection.

Wipes always come in handy with a baby, these are biodegradable plastic free wipes in a sample pack for you to try out before picking up a bigger pack The gentle eyelid wipes were a new product that I haven’t seen before. They are made from the same biodegradable plastic free wipes as the aqua wipes but they are infused with soothing camomile, I found them great to help clean around Laila’s eyes, safe in the knowledge that they are tested safe for use around the eyes.


Everything in this box is great for a new dad and even a year down the line all the items will still come in handy. If you need an idea of what to buy for a new dad this is the perfect box with items for both daddy and baby to help them bond and spend time together building that important relationship. For those of you looking for something a little different to gift to a new dad or for a loved one, it’s definitely worth checking this box out, especially since you can get 5% off with the code boxession5 I have linked the website below, go check them out!


Dadoo Box – The perfect gift box for new dads


Thanks for reading – Darren