The Botanical Therapy Box Review by Gemma- Autumn 2020

I want to start this review by saying a huge thank you to Kay over at The Botanical Home for sending me one of her therapy boxes over to review!

Kay is a Holistic Therapist and the idea behind the boxes came during lockdown when she was unable to see her clients. She wanted to send them wellbeing boxes to help them, and The Botanical Therapy Box was born!

They provide unique and thoughtful botanical home therapy gifts, crafted with bespoke items such as oils, herbal compresses, spiritual wellness sprays, meditation guides, crystals and smudge sticks along with self help guides to help you regain emotional, physical and mental strength when you need it the most. All the products included are Vegan, Natural and tailored to the condition you wish to treat- as there are a few different options! The one I was sent was Calm, which is designed to help you keep emotionally calm after periods of stress. I will talk you through the others, and the prices, shortly!

If you missed me unboxing in the facebook group, you can catch it here on our youtube channel:

As you can see from the unboxing, it was wrapped up beautifully- like a present, meaning it would make the perfect gift to yourself or someone special! Once I unwrapped it, here is what I found:

A really interesting array of products that I couldn’t wait to dig into and try out!

One thing that I really loved was the self help guides included, which had information on crystals, reflexology, healing bathing rituals, chakras and much more, with links to the items included and how you can use them as part of your holistic, botanical experience. I love it when a box is all linked together like this instead if it being just random items thrown in with no real thought- you can see the care that Kay has taken to ensure all the items will be useful and helpful!

As I mentioned above, this was the Calm box, so I was expecting a lot of items that were designed to help me relax and wind down- I wasn’t disappointed!

The first item I pulled out was a cute little blue notebook with gold lettering spelling out ‘You Got This’ on the front. This can be used as a journal to keep track of your wellbeing, as suggested by the attached tag, or for anything your heart desires! I might make it a ‘Positive Book’, where I write down 3 good things that happened every day to look back on when I’m feeling low.

The next item was one that needs no introduction- a Space Mask! These are an absolute god send on those nights where sleep is hard to come by! It is a self heating, jasmine scented eye mask that is so relaxing that you will find yourself drifting off into the land of Z’s before the heat wears off! An amazing inclusion for a Calm themed box!

Next was a sprig of lavendar- synonymous for it’s relaxing and calming properties! This was dried lavendar, so the scent was more subtle- good job, as my hayfever would definitely have protested otherwise- but this is currently filling my living room with a delicate, calming scent.

I was also really excited to see some incense cones with a holder. I am such a huge fan of anything ‘smelly’- candles, wax melts, incense- you name it! These are Blackberry scented and are linked to the crown chakra to help keep everything connected. There are 30 of the cones included in the little tube, but I know that incense usually lasts a while and even after it burns out, the scent lingers for hours, so I know I will get plenty of use from these! I absolutely love the fruity smell, it fills my entire flat with the gorgeous scent.

There was a beautiful Amethyst crystal included too- which is my birthstone and my favourite colour! It is linked to the throat chakra and it helps you to gain peace of mind and feel anger and frustration leave your body. Absolutely beautiful crystal and one I am proud to display in my home!

I was really intrigued by the next item (or items), as they are not something I have ever really tried before. They were feel good essentials by a company called Findhorn Flower Essentials. It was a pair of ‘Calm Me Down’ items- an aromatherapy mist and a flower essence. The spray mist is used by simply pumping a couple of sprays into the air around you. The flower essence, you spray under your tongue. Flower Essences are effective in positively transforming your mood by ridding those pesky negative emotions, attitudes and behaviours that can plague us. The Calm Me Down duo help you to feel emotionally and mentally calm and composed, in control of your behaviour and actions and able to pay attention, think clearly and concentrate. They smell beautiful, and the essence doesn’t taste half as bad as I was expecting- I’m not sure what I was expecting at all to be honest!

The next item was wrapped in a muslin cloth and tied with string, but the tag labelled it as being a Mabon Bath Soak. The attached guides told me that Mabon is also a name for Autumn Equinox, which recently happened on September 20th-24th. This soak contains a mix of Frankincense, Chamomile, Sage, Red Clover, Rose Petals, Neroli, Dried Orange, Coconut Milk, Epsom Salts, Amethyst and Rose Quartz to help you relax for 20 minutes as you welcome in the new season. I don’t have a bath at my flat, however I will be sneaking this over to my mums place to use it there as it smells absolutely incredible! There is also loads of information in the attached guides on how to make the best of your soak and make it a ritual for healing!

Something you can use alongside the bath soak is the next item, a True Clarity Turmeric herbal tea infusion from Dragonfly Tea. This is an organic, restorative and caffeine free blend of Turmeric, Ginger and Thyme. I absolutely love herbal tea, however I have never had a Turmeric one as I am not a fan of anything spicy, which is what I have always associated Turmeric as being. However, one sip of this tea made me feel so warm, calm and soothed- the hit of ginger was particularly warming and fragrant for me! I may have to source more of these!

Another bath item now, this time from a brand called Autumn Moon. These are Orange, Wild Rose and Frankincense. They also contain Epsom Salts, known for their muscle soothing properties as well as their ability to lift the mood and soften the skin. There is enough here for a few baths- I may even use them as a foot soak after a long day too!

Finally, one of my favourite brands also made an appearance in this box! Bloomtown Botanicals The Woods Sugar Scrub, with Vetiver, Cedar and Green Clay. I absolutely adore Bloomtown, I have so many of their products- including another one of their sugar scrubs in a different scent, The Meadow. These scrubs are so gentle- not at all abrasive or harsh like some other scrubs can be, and they leave your skin soft, smooth and radiant! An absolute winner!

The Prices

As I mentioned above, there are a few theme options to choose from for your autumn box. The one I was sent is Calm but the others are Confidence and Balance (great for the menopause).

The larger boxes, as shown above are £29.50 and they are seasonal, so there will be 4 boxes a year. You can also pay upfront for £120, which will also include an extra gift every month and free shipping.

If you would prefer to ‘dip your toe in’ before taking the plunge, there are also some mini boxes available, with themes such as Stress, Heart Support and Sacred Space and these are priced from £18.50-£19.50 depending on which one you choose.

My Verdict

I am a big believer in self care and making sure we take time for ourselves. I am a very busy person, however I know that if I don’t take care of myself, there is no way I will be able to take care of anyone else- you cannot pour from an empty cup! I love that this box contains all you need for a truly holistic healing experience, using the power of botanicals to help you achieve that state of calm. It feels very put together rather than thrown together- you can feel the passion that went into it and I love how you can use all the items together or separately to create the exact experience you want!

If you want to check them out and make a purchase, here are the links you will need:

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Thanks for reading,

Gemma x