Life Sucks without Succs Review by Mel – September 2020

A huge Thank you to James, owner and founder of Life Sucks without Succs for reaching out and asking BoXession to review their brand new Subscription Box!

This subscription is a monthly Succulent Surprise box. A random succulent, a ceramic pot and several adorable cactus-related gifts, securely packaged and rushed to your door.

I have to say, this idea is a unique one, and completely new to me, and I have been buying or reviewing boxes for a long time now. I am all for unique, and a bit quirky. When James emailed me I checked out their Website and I have to say, kudos to whoever wrote all of the content. With quotes such as ‘Thistle be great’ and ‘Does this prickle your fancy?’, it did genuinely make me laugh!

My box arrived via Royal Mail, and was wrapped in brown paper on the outside. I believe that this was extra for me so that I could take you lot some lovely photos, much appreciated of course! When you lift the lid, you can see the extra care and detail taken to protect the contents inside…

If you missed my live unboxing on our Facebook Group, then you can watch it back below on our YouTube Channel…

How does it work?

This is a really simple, no nonsense subscription. It costs just £13.99, postage is FREE, and you can cancel or pause at anytime. You are sent a new box every 30 days.

What is inside the box?

  • Succulent Plant
  • Ceramic Pot
  • Cactus Focus Drip Feeder
  • Cactus Pen
  • Cactus Pin Badge
  • Cactus Sticker
  • Cactus Socks

So, lets talk about the treats…

I don’t think this one needs a title, how sweet is this cute little Succulent!? The ceramic crackle blue pot is a perfect match, and really shows it off. I am a fan of these due to not having to remember to water them so much, and even when you go away on holiday (not that we can at the mo), you arrive back home and they are still alive! We have a few dotted about the house. My Teenage Son has them in his room too. This one is sitting pride of place in the bay window of my Cottage.

Drip Feeder

I have never seen these before, but after doing a bit of research I can see why people buy them. They contain all the essential nutrients for your Cactus or Succulent, you still water as usual though. I have read the reviews which are excellent. If this works well I will purchase more for my others as the one on my Kitchen windowsill is looking a bit worse for wear!

Catcus Socks

Well, you all know I love socks as you have seen me review Sock Boxes before. These remind me of Christmas, which is my absolute favourite time of year! They are also the perfect size for me, and I thought if they were too big I may have to gift them to the Man. He will be sad, as he also loves socks. Tough luck this time, all mine.

Cactus Pen

This reminds me of an Aloe Vera leaf. I do not do boring Stationery, since I am also a fan of Stationery subscriptions as well as Socks! This will undoubtedly be the talk of my next MS Teams meeting at work. I am really embracing the working from home, and have an enviable Stationery collection. This will fit right in!

Cactus Sticker & Pin Badge

Cuteness overload! I tend to put badges on my coats or handbags, purely on the basis that neither go in the washing machine too often and therefore I cannot do damage to my washing machine.

My Verdict?

Honestly, I would buy this. Firstly because I already buy Cactus and Succulents, and even at IKEA prices, they are not that cheap. Secondly, because I am not the Garden centre type. The fact that it is chosen for you and comes with the matching pot too just takes the hassle out of that process for me, and turns it into a pleasurable surprise. The themed extra treats just make you smile! When life is so serious all of the time lately, this box is exactly what you need landing on your doorstep. I 100% recommend it!

With Christmas fast approaching, I always mention how Subscription boxes are the gift that keep on giving. I do it a lot and order things by suitability, this is a great all rounder as it will be suited to lots of friends and family members, and a broad age range.

Don’t forget to use the code ‘boxession’ for 10% off your first box, links are below to their Website and Socials,

Mel x

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