Wave Box Review by Gemma- September 2020

I want to start by saying a big thank you to the team at Wave Box for sending this over to review!

Wave Box is a mental health subscription box for those who are struggling with depression and anxiety. They use CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) based ideas in terms of good hydration, sleep, diet, exercise and socialising whilst also being treated, comforted and reassured that you are never alone. I am very passionate about mental health, both in my role as a junior psychologist and as a person who lives with anxiety, so I jumped at the chance to review this!

If you missed me unboxing this on our facebook group, you can check it out here on our youtube channel:

The box came by royal mail and delivery was really fast too! I couldn’t wait to get inside and see what awaited me!

I love boxes that are a little different from the normal makeup and skincare (as much as I love those items!). The little envelope was sealed with their logo on a wax seal and I was greeted with information about their youtube channel, information about one of the concepts included (more on that later!), the contents card and a welcome card. I was already impressed!

The first item I saw was an affirmation poster with the phrase ‘ Has anyone told you that you’re flipping fantastic?’ on it. I absolutely love these, I have loads of them and they are all pinned to my fridge for that much needed boost!

There was also a wristband with the phrase ‘Let’s ride the wave together’ on it. This is a great visual reminder that you are never alone and that Wave is a community of individuals who also struggle with similar mental health issues. In times of panic, anxiety, stress or low mood, this band aims to help you re-centre and remind you that we are all in this together. I really love this idea- mental illness can feel like a very lonely place and as if you are swimming against the tide so having a reminder that it is ok not to be ok and that there are others out there who are having the same experiences is a great reminder that we are only human but we are not alone.

I was really happy to see Teapigs Snooze Sleepy Tea in there too- a little box containing 2 tea pyramids. This tea is amazing, and so relaxing as well. It is a blend of apple, lavender and chamomile to help you drift off to sleep and calm you overactive mind.

The next item was always going to go down well with me too- a milk chocolate umbrella! This is for one of those bad days when everything feels a bit too much. Enjoy this little treat, remind yourself that you are doing great and be kind to yourself. This didn’t last much longer than having the picture taken- it was delicious!

An amazing concept from CBT is the idea of Ebb and Flow, so Wave have included a small wooden box with a slit in the top and a key to lock it. There are also some stickers that say Ebb and Flow on them for you to stick on it- or you could get creative with paint if you wanted! The idea is that you can use this in 2 ways- either to write down your negative thoughts and post them in the box in order to separate yourself from them (Ebb) or posting positive thoughts or gratitudes into the box to look at when you need cheering up (Flow). Such an amazing idea and something I have tried before- I definitely found it helpful!

The final item got me far too excited for a 29 year old woman! It was some Aromaplay Dough. This is amazing for occupying restless hands and as it is infused with Grapefruit essential oils, it is also great for enlightening the senses too. You can release your inner child by being creative and making models out of it, use it as a stress ball or just rhythmically moving the dough in between your fingers- repetitive motions can be very calming in times of stress. The fragrance will also remain on your hands even after you are done using it for a long lasting sensory experience and the opportunity to focus on the present. I absolutely love this- play dough was one of my favourite things as a child and this has definitely brought that out in me!

The Prices

There are a few options here depending on what you want.

They have a smaller box called the Wavelet and then the full size, which is what I have here.

  • Wavelet One off Box- £11 plus £4.95 postage
  • Wavelet 3 month subscription- £33 plus £4.95 postage
  • Full Size One off Box- £25 plus £6.95 postage
  • Full Size 3 month subscription- £75 plus £6.95

My Verdict

I absolutely love this idea and anything to do with mental health is an automatic winner for me- I don’t think we can ever take enough care of it! Times are hard right now and it can be difficult to take time for yourself to manage your mental health and that is where Wave box comes in and does such a good job of reminding you that you deserve to have some me time! If any of you ever need to talk, please reach out to me on facebook- my inbox is always open!

If you want to check them out for yourself, here are the links you need:

Website Facebook Twitter Instagram

Thanks for reading,

Gemma x