MyMaskology Review by Mel – September 2020

A huge Thank you to Xinxin, owner and founder of MyMaskology. This is a brand NEW Mask Subscription service which only launched recently.

The idea behind MyMaskology is that Xinxin wanted to create a community that will enable her to share her vast wealth of experience in the world of premium Asian face masks. Before starting MyMaskology, Xinxin travelled the globe in search of the ultimate face masks, to meet every skin type.

I first discovered Sheet Masks years ago, I honestly could not tell you when. What I can tell you is that it is certain that Korean masks are far superior, and also far cheaper! They are simple to use, and effective. You can use one pretty much anywhere. In bed, in the bath, at work (if you work from home like I do!)… the possibilities are endless. Most of them work the same, pop it on for 15-20 mins, take off and rub the excess serum into your skin. Easy peasy, right?

So, the box arrived via Hermes, which is ideal for me as they actually know where my House is! It was double boxed, so outside was a brown card box with a sticker logo, inside wrapped in tissue to my delight was this beauty! A beautiful box with a ribbon handle and ribbon pull drawer.

Inside there were a couple of advertising slips, and also a cute little certificate that is personalised. A lovely extra touch!

If you missed my live unboxing on our Facebook Group, you can click play below to replay on our YouTube Channel…

So how does it work?

Well, the box is tailored to your skin type, you can even take a Skin Quiz to discover which skin type you are! You fill out which skin type you are in the box when completing checkout. I messaged Xinxin to tell her that my skin type is combination oily/dry so that she could select the masks for me.

How much does it cost?

  • Monthly – £9.95 per month + £3.50 Shipping per box
  • 3 Monthly – £9.45 per month + £3.50 Shipping per box
  • 6 Monthly – £8.95 per month + £3.50 Shipping per box

What is inside my box?

You will receive 4 different masks fulfilling your very own skin needs monthly.

Total Box Value = £19.39

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Time to try out a couple of these masks. I would normally use 1-2 per week, so I have tested 2 for the purpose of this review.

MINON Amino Moist

This was the one I tried out first. It is an entirely new brand to me and my skin has been very dry lately due to the change in weather. It was a fairly thin mask with the cotton being the type to cling to your face well. The serum was a gel consistency which I loved! So much better when they are like this as it doesn’t run down your neck. This without a doubt left my skin nourished and rehydrated. I am very impressed and will lookout for the brand again in future.

Barrier Repair Smooth

I have not yet tested this mask, but again this is an entirely new brand for me.

Dr. Jart Porecting Solution

I am almost sure I have tried this one before. I am already a Dr. Jart fan so I did not test this one for the review as I thought I would try one I have not used previously.

JM Solution Honey Luminous Royal Propolis

This was a very thin ‘skin layer’ type mask, with a water consistency essence. I have to say at first it was a bit slippery, and took a bit to position it onto my face, but I really could feel the moisture seeping into my skin while wearing it! Royal Jelly reminds me of my Gran, she always used to swear by it. This mask contains 3 types of honey. I really felt like I was glowing after use.

My Verdict?

There has been a lot of thought and attention to detail gone into this box. I love the fact it really feels like a treat with how pretty the box is.

It offers real value for money against the RRP, and a chance to try some brands that are new and undiscovered. I love that it is tailored to skin type too.

I would like to see in future them offering boxes with 8-10 masks per month for us mask addicts, I know that it is still early days, but a very promising subscription box!

Mel x

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