Roccabox Review by Mel – September 2020

For any of you who watch my unboxing’s or read my reviews, Roccabox is a box I am kindly gifted every month by Tia, founder and CEO!

This months edit is BOSS!

A huge personal Thank you to Tia and her team for continuing to send this to me. I love to support small businesses, I am almost as passionate about that as the boxes themselves! I love the eco friendly and recyclable box design, every month has different quotes and slogans…

The inside of the lid has the quote ‘Good things come to those who take their makeup off before bed’. Skincare before Makeup, the golden rule! The great thing about subscription boxes for me is that they are a treat to ourselves that we DO deserve. Roccabox is affordable, and will bring a smile to your face when delivered.

Speaking of delivery, this comes via Royal Mail, and is always covered in a durable mailing bag to protect it from the elements. The bonus of this is I recognise that pink bag and know what treats have landed straight away.

If you missed my unboxing, you can either watch it back on our Facebook Group or by clicking play below on our YouTube Channel…

How much does it cost?

A monthly recurring subscription costs just £10 plus £3.95 postage!

You can buy a 3, 6, or 12 month upfront too.

Thank you to Roccabox, who have now given us an exclusive discount code, just for BoXession members! A huge 20% off your first box, making it just £8 plus postage. You would be mad not to order at that price!

What is inside the box?

Total Box Value = £59.34!

Time to test out these treats!…

Douvall’s Lip & Cheek Colour Oil

Full disclosure, I have had this before. I couldn’t remember which box, it was Roccabox May 2019. It was a different colour though so I was happy to receive it again. It is an excellent product, multiple uses and a handbag must. I prefer this shade as I suit darker colours.

Oh K! Tech Neck Mask

I have had so many Oh K masks,  I am a fan of their brand. I have never yet had this though, it is unusual to say the least. I work full time from home and most definitely have tech neck, although I think mine is related to the extra cake I have eaten during lockdown. It did feel a bit weird at first being on my neck and not my face, and I suggest lying down while using it!

STYLondon Eyeshadow Palette

Well, the photos absolutely do this justice. What a stunning little palette, perfect colour for the Autumn months ahead. I love that there are a mixture of matte and shimmer. I especially love the reds. I don’t use eyeshadow much as I am not a makeup person, I am hugely into my skincare. But I really do like this so I am keeping it. Apologies to my Sister who usually claims most of my makeup!

Brushworks HD Eye Brush

This is the ideal accompaniment to the eyeshadow palette. Brushworks are a brand I have used before, I have tried their sponges that have been in other boxes. This is a multiple use brush, and in my favourite colours too! Their pricing is very reasonable for repurchasing.

Caleno Non Alcoholic Spirit

I do like a sip of Gin every now and again,  but in all honestly I cannot deal with the hangover so I don’t get drunk anymore. Kids and bad heads do not mix. I have to say, as the extra freebie in the box I am very impressed by this. It tastes amazing, and I can have it on a School night! I would buy a full size bottle, you can buy on Amazon too.

Like it on Top Lip Scrub

This is a clear winner for me. I love lip scrubs. Anything sweet and edible is ideal so I can sit there licking it off. This is a new and unheard of brand for me, which I always get excited about. I love it, and I would gladly eat, ahem I mean try, more of these. The brand name is very quirky I may add!

My Verdict?

I think that my favourite product this month is without a doubt the lip scrub, maybe that should be my vocation in life, testing lip scrubs. I would happily do that!

Roccabox you nail these boxes month after month. Your Limited Edition Boxes are the best I have ever seen (I have bought them both!). I have signed up to the email for the launch of the very first Roccabox Advent Calendar which launches on 18.10.20. To say I am excited would be an understatement!

At £10 a month, this is one of the best boxes on the market. It is a pocket money priced treat box that offers the excitement of surprise. What are you waiting for?

If you are a member of the BoXession Group, you will know that you can swap or sell any unwanted items from Subscription boxes, so make sure you join us. Be warned, it may cause addiction haha!

Mel x

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