CandyKiss Bath Bombs and Wax Melts review by Gemma- July 2020

I would first of all like to thank our lovely member Brigitta for sending these gorgeous boxes over for us to review. She has her own business, CandyKiss, where she handmakes bath bombs, candles and wax melts and offers a few different subscription options too- but more on that later!

Brigitta is a member of our facebook group and contacted us a few months ago asking us if we would like to review one of her boxes- Nazia reviewed first (you can find that review by searching candy kiss in the search bar) and then Brigitta very kindly sent myself and Mel some boxes to review too (check out Mel’s review too). I was sent 2 boxes- one of bath bombs and one of wax melts. If you missed me unboxing them, check out the video here:

So as I mentioned above, I received 2 boxes- one with bath bombs and one with wax melts. When I tell you that the smell from them is incredible, I am not lying! One of the things I loved is that Brigitta sent us a little questionnaire to fill out beforehand, asking what our likes and dislikes were when it came to scents and if we had any allergies etc. This is great customer service and impressed me from the get go!

The boxes both arrived via DPD in a large cardboard box labelled fragile and I was instructed by Brigitta to check that everything was still intact before my unboxing- which it was! The theme for this month is Princesses- I think you can guess what type from the pictures!

The bath bombs were in a cardboard box and were individually wrapped in tissue and bubble wrap to add that extra layer of protection. As soon as I opened the box, I was hit with an incredible smell and I was so excited to get into them.

The first one was blue in colour with a pinky/purple mermaid design on the top. This bath bomb is easily as big as the palm of my hand and all of them are hand painted by Brigitta herself. This one smells like Snow Fairy and it is absolutely beautiful. I have to admit that I have never really tried or used Snow Fairy before but I adore the smell of it. This is big enough to chop in half and use twice should you wish to prolong the scent- or you can use it all at once for the ultimate treat. I have not yet used this one, but everytime I go into my bathroom, I can smell this!

The next one was slightly smaller and was a green colour with a silver snowflake on the top. It is Lime and Coconut scented and definitely smells very tropical and exotic- despite me being in not so tropical South Yorkshire! This one turned my bath water a sparkly green colour and left me smelling like a tropical island for hours after!

The third one was absolutely stunning- shaped like a mirror and hand painted perfectly (seriously, the attention to detail is incredible) and it is named ‘Sleepy Head’ which is based on the Sleepy range from a well known high street store. This is such a relaxing scent and it is too beautiful to use- although I know I will have to eventually!

The fourth bath bomb was shaped like a mushroom/toadstool and is very bright and colourful, with the scent is Gummiberry Juice, which I think it actually my favourite scent. It is so fruity and beautiful, I cannot describe how nice it is. I may have to use this one next!

The fifth and final bath bomb was HUGE! It was a blue mermaids tail and is Lilac Blossom scented. You could definitely chop this up to use 2 or 3 times, however I decided to throw it in all at once- wow! The bath water turned a deep blue/purple colour and smelt very subtly floral. I am not a fan of strong floral scents due to my hayfever but this was gentle and really lovely.

So, five stunning bath bombs all perfectly fitting around the theme of Princesses and all smelling incredible!

The wax melts came in a little tin with the Candy Kiss logo on the top- you can definitely use the tin for other storage, or to store more Candy Kiss wax melts! Sticking with the theme of Princesses, here are the five wax melts I received:

The smell is unbelievable, honestly! The first wax melt was a crisp white colour and was shaped like a stiletto shoe, with the scent of Exotic Islands. And wow, does this smell exotic! I felt like I was on a tropical island when I melted this in my burner- and the scent lasted for hours! You can chop these up to get more use out of them too, so you can enjoy them for longer!

The second wax melt was shaped like a half bitten apple with the scent of Tropical Rainforest- I definitely need these exotic scents to make up for the fact that I won’t be jetting off this year and this smells absolutely incredible. This would fit in my warmer in one piece, but I am still going to cut it in half to get more use out of it.

The third wax melt is the face of Ariel’s dad in that famous mermaid film, and the detail is unbelievable! The scent is Velvet Fatale, which is quick a musky, amber scent- I love this! I actually think this would suit both males and females as the scent is quite masculine- in a very good way!

The fourth melt- wow, what can I say about this- it is beautiful! Shaped like a classic princess castle with lots of little extra snowflakes melts, this was absolutely the prettiest of the bunch. The scent is Smell the Rainbow and it smells like my favourite sweets- Skittles! I used one of the little snowflakes in my burner and the scent made my mouth water- so fruity and sweet!

The fifth and final scent, however, was my favourite. I mentioned earlier that Brigitta asked us what our favourite perfumes and scents are and the final melt is a reflection of what I told her. A green wax melt with a chameleon design, the scent was Alienne, which is based on my favourite perfume, Alien. Those of you who know what Alien smells like- this wax melt smells exactly like that! I love it and am saving this as a treat!

It is also worth mentioning that the melts are made using 100% eco soy wax and the mica is also synthetic (meaning that there are no issues with child labour). She also uses fragrance oils instead of essential oils so they are safe to use around pets too!

The prices:

There are a few options here:

  • Monthly Pamper Box (2 bath bombs, 1 large candle and 1 wax melt slab) £12.99
  • Monthly bath bombs (5 bath bombs): £12.99
  • Monthly wax melts (5 wax melts): £12.99

Postage prices vary depending on your choices:

  • Royal Mail 2nd class- £3.10
  • Royal Mail 1st class- £3.60
  • DHL Next Day- £4.99

My verdict:

This is the first bath bomb/wax melt subscription I have reviewed and I was absolutely not disappointed. I only wish that I had a bath in my flat so I could enjoy them more often- I have to ‘borrow’ my mums bath to try them out! The attention to detail in the designs is absolutely stunning and the scents are beautiful too- definitely a pampering experience! It is even better that this company is a small business run by one of our long standing group members- we are always happy to support that!

If you want to get your hands on one, and check out Brigitta’s beautiful work, then here are the links you need:

Website Facebook

Thanks for reading,