CandyKiss Pamper Box Review by Mel – July 2020

Thank you to Brigitta, owner of CandyKiss and also one of our lovely members of BoXession! I was very envious when Nazia reviewed this box back in April, and when we were asked to review again I jumped at the chance!

I am reviewing the Pamper Box, which is a mix of items. They also do a Bath Box, and a Wax Box should you want one of those, they are the same price (see further down for pricing). Gemma is reviewing both the Bath and Wax Melt Box this month if you would like to see the contents of those.

Check out the stunning reusable tin! The photos sell the box on this alone in my opinion!

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back either on our Facebook Group, or by clicking play below on our YouTube Channel…

How much does it cost?

£12.99 per month, plus postage.

Postage options are:

  • Royal Mail 2nd class – £3.10
  • Royal Mail 1st class – £3.60
  • DHL Next Day – £4.99

What is inside?

There is a theme this month, can you guess? Yes, Disney Princesses!

  • Mirror Bath Bomb – 90g – RRP £2.50
  • Snowflake Bath Bomb – 72g – RRP £2
  • Wax Melt Slab – Fragrance: Snow Fairy – 60g – RRP £3.70
  • Mermaid Tail Tin Candle – 170g – Fragrance: Smell The Rainbow – RRP £6.50

Box Value = £14.70!

Time to test these treats!

Mirror Bath Bomb

I asked my son, Archie, which Bath Bomb he wanted to use first. He chose this one! This is presumably ‘Snow White’… mirror mirror on the wall.

Archie is in his element when it comes to Bath Bombs, this one has bursts of green and red. Take a look at the photos below of him putting it into the Bath!

It smelt really fresh and fruity, and there was not too much glitter left over, although we do love a bit of glitter! He had a whale of a time, and wanted to use the other one. We are going away for a long weekend, so he will have to wait until next week.

Snowflake Bath Bomb

This is the only one we have yet to try. He can use this when we get home from our trip. I don’t think he will let me have it as he really enjoys using them. This is matched to the Disney movie Frozen I am guessing.

Here is a close up of the colour explosion!

Wax Melt Slab

The theme of this one is undoubtedly Mulan, which is a movie I love! Check out the detail on this slab, it is hand painted! Just stunning!

All wax melts are made using 100% eco soy wax, synthetic mica been used as base colour and top paint to give you a beautiful glittery pool. Fragrance oils are used as opposed to essential oils so that they are safe around pets.

I only use warmers as a rule, burners are extremely dangerous and not safe around my children or pets. I have several warmers in my house, some I have had years and they are cheap to run, reliable and safe.

I do enjoy chopping up the melts when they are a slab, so I had to take a photo for you. The fragrance of my wax slab is in Snow Fairy, which is my ultimate favourite! I adore it, and the smell of this is now wafting through the entire upstairs of my Cottage. Rob knew instantly what it was too, which shows how close it is to the real thing, because he is a Man after all!

Once the piece had melted, there was blue, gold and red glitter. I do love a wax pool. I watch the videos online, they are so therapeutic and mesmerising trust me.

Mermaid Tail Tin Candle

I am almost sure that this is skittles fragrance, if it isn’t then it definitely reminds me of it. I felt a bit sad lighting it and ruining the mermaid tails, which in case you haven’t guessed which Disney movie this relates to then it is ‘The Little Mermaid’. This is huge and will last for ages. it is currently in use in my Dining Room sitting on my Welsh Dresser. I love that the lid has a clear window so you can see the candle still even when it is not lit.

Our Verdict?

The care, detail and attention that has gone into hand making these products is phenomenal. I have no idea how she has the time?! It is a beautifully put together and well-presented box, at a very reasonable price.

You could easily send this as a gift and make someones day. I can’t wait to see how CandyKiss will continue to flourish and grow in future.

I would without a doubt buy or review this again, definitely one to try out if you love an all round mix of Pamper items.

The links are below to their Social Media and Website so purchase or stalk!

Mel x

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