Aura Kits Review by Gemma – July 2020

Thank you to Charlene from Aura Kits for sending this over for review! This is a new box for us here on Boxession.

If you have never heard of Aura Kits, they are a must have subscription box for self care, wellbeing and mindfulness. They provide luxury self care kits designed to help you unwind with natural materials and widely used practices. It includes a hand picked curation of candles, incense, healing crystals, guides, bath salts, positive visualisation and affirmations.

If you missed me unboxing this on the facebook group, then check it out here:

The box arrived via royal mail inside a postage bag to protect it from the elements. It is larger than letterbox size, so you will need to be in to receive it. The box also has the logo and website details on there, so there is no mistaking where it has come from! I was intrigued by this box, as I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I was pleasantly surprised:

It smelt amazing as soon as I opened the box! There was a little thank you note and business card from Charlene, as well as a leaflet explaining all about the items and the theme for the month- Cleanse, Heal, Balance. There was also a meditation and some positive affirmations in there too.

The first item, which was actually laying on top of the tissue paper, was a beautiful white feather. Feathers are symbolic for a lot of people, as it symbolises that a lost loved one is nearby. I love that this was included, as white feathers are something that brings me comfort.

The next item was a bottle of Bergamot 100 pure essential oil from a brand called Nikura. I have quite the collection of essential oils now, and I like to use them in my oil burner sometimes- you don’t need a lot to fill the whole house (or in my case, flat) with scent. I also like that scent can affect our emotions and bring back memories. Bergamot is quite an uplifting scent, which could be great for morning pick me ups, or those days where we feel a little sluggish!

The next item was a very pretty Pyrite (Fools Gold) stone inside a little drawstring bag. There was also a little laminated card that explained some of the supposed benefits of Pyrite, which include boosting your self worth, deterring negative energy, providing emotional healing and inspires confidence and persistence. I have a few crystals lying around from other boxes too, and while I am still not totally sold on their benefits, I am definitely open to the idea! And they sure are pretty too!

The next item was something I daren’t open properly on camera for fear of spilling them everywhere- it was a large hessian drawstring bag full of Himalayan Bath Salts. I explained on my live that I don’t actually have a bath in my flat- just a shower- but that I sometimes use these as a foot soak after a long day. I also house sit for my mum on occasion and she has a nice bath at her house, so I will definitely utilise these! Himalayan salts are said to help you cleanse, clear and balance your energy- as well as being great for achy muscles!

The next item was a beautiful pink Chakra Candle. It was Rose scented (and bright pink), for the Root Chakra. I have to admit that I am not up on Chakra’s, which I know are dealt with in Reiki and Energy Healing sessions, but I do love a good scented candle and this one comes in a cute glass pot with a lid. It also has a burn time of 35 hours, which is a decent amount!

The final item is definitely something I have never used before- but have seen them used in reiki, meditation and energy healing sessions. It was a Sage smudge stick. Essentially, what you do is light it and let it burn for just a few seconds, then you wave it around the area you want to cleanse- the smoke acts as a cleanse for the air around you to help clear away negative energy and spirits. I am sure I will be giving this a try, as I am into my meditation and yoga too!

The prices.

The boxes are priced at £25 per month and are shipped between the 24th and the 26th of the month.

If you use the code empowerment30 at the checkout, you will get 30% off your first box too!

My verdict.

I love anything that allows me to take some time for self care! I have seen a few of these spiritual wellbeing boxes pop up recently, as mindfulness and meditation is starting to become more well known and more people are giving it a go. I love that there are now subscription boxes like this that can help people to tap into this and give it a try without making a huge dent in their bank balance! Everything you need is all there for you in the box- you just need to find the time to practice and recharge! Our wellbeing and mental health is so important and we must look after it- I can’t stress that enough! If you don’t take that time to look after yourself, you risk burning out! Boxes like these remind us to do to make that time, and more importantly- that it is ok to do that!

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