The Ki Retreat Review by Gemma- June 2020

Something a little different for today’s review- but we like different! Don’t get me wrong- I love the skincare and makeup items that I receive in boxes and it is definitely a monthly treat, but I like to change things up sometimes and this box is perfect for that!

The Ki Retreat is a monthly Wellbeing subscription box promoting wellness, mindfulness, inner peace and balance and is designed to make meditation and self-healing accessible to everyone. They provide you with the tools you need to take charge of your own holistic wellbeing and spiritual development, with different themes every month with featured elements such as crystals and candles, meditation and reiki healing videos (via an exclusive link) and other curated items. In these trying times we find ourselves in, it is perhaps more important than ever to take care of our emotional and mental health and take some time for ourselves- and that’s where this box comes in!

The box arrived via royal mail and was packaged with their logo sticker and some cute plaited rope with plastic leaves woven through it- very authentic!

If you missed me unboxing this in our Facebook group, then check out the video now on our Youtube channel:

So, let’s get into the contents! As you can see from the picture, the items were a little different to what we expect to find in our everyday subscription boxes, but I like to think they are just as pretty! The theme for June was based around Summer Solstice, which is also known as the longest day of the year or the start of summer and takes place on 21st June in the northern hemisphere. The solstice has been celebrated for centuries, with people often flocking to Stonehenge (a place I have visited and loved!) to perform rituals and celebrate the sun. The solstice means ‘standing of the sun’ due to the fact that the sun appears to stand still within the sky and is a celebration of light, life and the completion/beginning of a cycle. The unique link sent to me in the box (more on that later) included lots of information about this and ideas for how to celebrate, which was a lovely touch!

Upon opening, there was a gorgeous smell that immediately made me feel much more calm and content- I have been having a stressful time of late so it was lovely to feel so relaxed! There was a little card welcoming me to the box and it included my url link that I could use to access a google drive which contained the guided meditation video, distance healing video, moon rituals, information about summer solstice, an affirmation and information about some of the other items in the box. I really like this idea- it is something unique and different, as you are getting far more than just the items in the box!

When I watched the distance healing video, I wasn’t sure what to expect as Reiki is not something I have experienced before but the video, which was 19 minutes long, was the perfect length to get a great taster for what it is like and I found it so relaxing! I almost fell asleep, which is fine, but this was at 2pm on a Sunday ha ha.

The meditation is something I have a little more experience in, as I practice often and teach it as part of my yoga classes. This was centred around gratitude’s and giving thanks, which I think is so important, as we tend to focus on the negative day to day. I work in the mental health sector (I’m a junior psychologist) and this is something I often do at work too. This is another 19-minute video that you can do at any time of day- there is no right or wrong time, place or way to meditate!

The next item was an affirmation card, which simply states ‘In Stillness, I Receive’. Affirmations are something that I try to practice as much as possible, especially when I am having a bad day. Affirmations help us to eliminate something, or create something new and are ways of opening the door to positive thinking. This has now joined my other collection of affirmation cards on my fridge, so I can see it every day when I need it the most!

The next couple of items were scented, which is definitely what I could smell on opening! The first was a beautiful Midnight Rose Soy Candle in a gorgeous pink colour. It was housed inside a little glass jar with a cork in the top- definitely something I could reuse once the candle burns out! It also smells divine, really subtle but enough to fill the room with a lovely scent. I am not usually a fan of rose scent, or anything too floral, due to having quite bad hayfever but because this is really subtle, I really like it!

The next scented item was a box of incense, aptly named ‘Sunrise’. I have to say, I am loving how everything fits in to the theme! It is by a brand called Satya, and I have a few of their incense items already, I am a big fan. You can have this burning as you meditate, or just as a way to fragrance your room- they smell absolutely beautiful!

The next item (or items) are linked in to each other and can be used together or separately. The first was a little drawstring organza bag containing 4 different types of crystal- something that I have to admit, I don’t have a lot of experience with and have always been a little sceptical of- but open to! I am by no means an expert on crystals, but luckily, there was a very in depth information guide in the google drive link! The crystals included were:

  • Citrine- carries the power of the sun to provide warm and cheery energy, whilst being a great cleanser and regenerator. Helps to relieve stress and anxiety, bringing joy and happiness to balance the emotions. It raises self-esteem by turning negative energy into positive feelings. It helps to create abundance and attracts money, health and happiness.
  • Pyrite- also known as fools gold, invites abundance (maybe I should stick the lottery on!) prosperity, success and wealth. It also increases willpower, motivation and personal power. It can provide encouragement, positivity and uplifting. It is a stone of manifestation to draw in high frequency energy.
  • Sunstone- known for it’s powerful connection to the sun. It brings light to all situations and can help you to shine everyday. It can help with SAD (seasonal affective disorder), depression, aches and pains by flooding darkness with light. It also helps to provide strength, mental clarity openness and warmth.
  • Clear Quartz- known as the master healer, it can amplify the abilities of other crystals and whatever energy or intent is programmed into it. It can accelerate the fulfilment of one’s prayers, intensify healing and spiritual growth, and allow manifestation of a goal to occur. It opens the mind and hear to higher guidance.

As I mentioned, I am not totally sure if crystals can do this, but I am certainly open to the idea and will be giving them a go to see what happens. If all else fails, at least they look very pretty!

The final item is something I mistakenly labelled as a tealight holder in my live (although I was sort of right!). It is actually a crystal grid, which can be used to arrange your crystals (and tealights, should you wish) onto in order to help them work harmoniously and combine their energies together. This is perfect to use during a meditation or healing session and you can arrange the crystals in any way you like- I followed the guide given to me on the google drive file but there are infinite ways you can do this. You could even add in other crystals depending on what your goals or meditation is. It really is a lovely item, made from solid wood and is definitely different to anything else I currently own! You could also burn your candle or incense to add to the experience.

I love how everything fits together so well and with the theme!

The Prices:

This box has a very simple subscription structure. It is £30 per month plus postage and packing, which, when you consider that a meditation class or reiki session can often cost that on its own, is very reasonable!

We also have a discount code- BOX10 gets you 10% off your first box!

My verdict:

I love subscription boxes- as we all do- and while it is lovely to receive beauty products such as skincare, haircare or makeup in boxes, sometimes it is nice to get something a little different! I like lifestyle boxes and boxes where the items will keep for much longer than your standard cleanser or lipstick and these items will last forever (or a long time in the case of the candle and incense!). I think this is a very clever concept and one that is pulled off very well with items that can be used together as part of a full ritual, or separately depending on our wellbeing needs. Working in this area and also suffering from mental health issues myself, I cannot stress enough the importance of taking care of our wellbeing and boxes like this really facilitate that. I am super impressed with everything that was included and will continue to explore the area of reiki and crystals further!

If you want to find out more, here are the links you need:

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