Motherflutter Review by Gemma- May 2020

I feel very lucky this month, as I was selected to review a new subscription box which has recently launched. Motherflutter are a false eyelash subscription and were created when their founder became fed up with spending so much money on false eyelashes- branded lashes can cost anywhere between £6 to £35! She continuously stuck to the same brand and style for fear of wasting her money if she branched out on something new and it not suiting her. She knew there must be a way to try different styles and brands for a fraction of the price- and so Motherflutter was born!

Motherflutter deliver 4 pairs of false eyelashes to your door every month and include a mixture of branded lashes and their own brand.

The box is letterbox sized and is printed with lots of eyelashes- no mistaking what is in this box! There is also a branded sticker on the tissue paper, hiding the goodies inside.

I unboxed this live on our Facebook group- check it out below:

So what was in the box?

I loved the little note card from Lottie, thanking me for reviewing the box- the little things like that make all the difference and tells me that she cares about her customers and making a good first impression with her business!

Then there were 4 pairs of lashes, all different styles and brands to try out!

The first pair is their own brand, which look like a nice pair to wear during the day, as they are a natural style and will give some extra length and curl to your natural lashes. They would also be great to pop in your makeup bag for weekends away, as the packaging is really small so won’t take up much space. I love that they are making their own pairs of lashes too- I am sure there will be many more appearances from their own brand too!

The second brand is a pair of Eyelure x Vegas Nay Absolute Allure lashes- these ones are high impact! I would use these on nights out, dates or special occasions. They are a new release and have a featherlight feel despite them being a fuller style. They apply easily and are also easy to take off at the end of the night. I was so impressed with these, they didn’t feel heavy on and definitely helped to make my eyes pop! Adhesive is included too.

The third pair are one I am not sure about yet- Prima Lash Genuine Mink lashes. I only use cruelty free, so I am trying to find out more about these lashes, as it says on the packaging that the mink hairs are sourced humanely and ethically but I am not sure how. I won’t wear these until I know for sure that no animals came to harm whilst they were being made. However, they look stunning, definitely a high impact pair that will give your eyes that flutter and make them stand out. They look very fluffy and wispy, so will blend in with your natural lashes. Adhesive is included.

The fourth pair is a brand I have been wanting to try for so long after hearing many good things! Tatti Lashes TL21 with 3d Brazilian Silk. These look like a great pair to take you from day to night due to them being slightly thicker towards the outside. They are my favourite of the four. I can see why they are so popular! Again, adhesive is included.

The Prices.

You have a few options here:

  • £14.99 per month
  • £42.99 for 3 months
  • £84.99 for 6 months

These all come with free postage and packing and are dispatched on or around the 5th of the month. All the lashes can be used over 10 times, which makes it around 32p per wear. Absolute steal!

We also have a code which will get you £2 off a box! Enter BOXESSION in the promo code section at check out!

My Verdict

I love this idea- especially as I am unable to get my eyelashes done right now! I like to have semi-permanent extensions done occasionally but for those in between times, I am a fan of a pair of falsies and this box has given me the opportunity to try out 4 different pairs in my own time and find some new favourites! Plus, it is a lot cheaper than getting them done! I am really happy with the 4 pairs I was sent- I am hoping I will be able to use the Prima Lash ones once I hear back from them too!

If you want to grab yourself some falsies, here are all the links you need:

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