Piñata Pantry Review by Mel & Archie – May 2020

A HUGE Thank you to Lucy, Founder & Owner of Piñata Pantry for sending us this box to review. We all have a sweet tooth in this House, in fact most of my Family in general! My Dad has a secret stash cupboard that as Children we could never reach as it was too high. I often find myself doing the same with my own Kids now.

This is the kind of subscription that is a lockdown essential! We love a trip out and often will shop in traditional sweet shops. That just is not possible at the moment as you all know. Even when we get past this, I can see this being a hit with anyone who loves a monthly treat. I always say that the best subscriptions are those that you need to refill, as in eat and refill, ha!

The box arrived very swiftly via Royal Mail, as soon as I opened the lid you can see how packed full it is. There was some paper shredding to secure the products, but not much space was required for that!

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back on our Facebook Group, or by clicking play below on our YouTube Channel…


What is inside the Box?

How does it work?

There are 3 subscription options on their Website:

All options are inclusive of P&P! We were kindly sent the Piñata’a Favourite box.

There are also other options including package boxes, Piñata packages, pick & mix boxes, sweet bouquets, giant sweet jars and more. You can even just select items you want individually.

Time to test out all of these treats (the best part)…

Hersheys Gold – Peanuts & Pretzels

I gifted this to my other half as I am not a peanut fan, but I was intrigued to see if it tasted like Caramac so I nibbled the corner. I would say a little bit, but sweeter. Not something you could eat all at once.

Moon Pie Chocolate

I took a mouth sized shape out of this and then Archie clocked it. I didn’t realise it literally is a triple decker of cake and marshmallow all in one. I have never tried these before. Archie definitely demolished it.

Bon Bon Mix

Well so far I can figure out Bubblegum, Toffee, and apple. Not sure about the rest but they are really nice. Bubblegum is my favourite by far. I like that they are smaller as they don’t ge stuck in my teeth.


My favourite in the box, I have been nibbling away at these whilst working. I spent an hour on a video call on Microsoft teams earlier and I had to mute because they are crunchy. I also love the oversized version of these which I spotted on their website!

Jolly Ranchers Gummies

I have saved these for my eldest Son. He has gone away to see his Dad for a month, and I know he loves these because he has bought them before. I would feel bad if we did not save him something, so these are safely tucked away for his return home.

Assorted Dobson Lollies

The Lolly monster (otherwise known as Archie), has already had ALL of these. Yep, and he hid them when I tried to take them too. He absolutely loves lollies and these were no exception. They are big chunky ones which lasted a good while, I was grateful for the quiet time.

Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Fudge

My other half loves fudge, so he ate this, he scoffed 3 cubes and left the last one. He said it is yummy but you can’t eat too much as it is very sweet.

Drumstick Chew Bar

I ate this! I already buy these often. We also love the soft chewies.

Wham Chew Bar

This is my favourite chew bar, so I also ate this. Not sorry at all!

Fizz Wiz Cherry Flavour Popping Candy

Also something I love. I always wish that the bags were bigger as I could sit there eating this to my own amusement.

Laffy Taffy Chews

I feel like a piggy now, as I also ate these. You can tell I like chewy sweets, right? I would buy more of these, they were very big in flavour.

Jolly Rancher Lollies

I ate the Cherry one, and gave the grape to Archie. The Cherry one was really tangy and I love Jolly Ranchers already.

Our Verdict?

We absolutely LOVED our box, I think that the pricing is very fair considering that postage is included. There is definitely value for money in the box, plus the element of surprise and a much needed treat. You really cannot go wrong here, gift one to a loved one even, I am sure they would appreciate it, I would!

I would definitely buy more from Piñata Pantry, I have already been eyeing up some of my favourites on their Website whilst typing this review.

Mel x


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