Wuf Wuf Review by Nazia & Jasper – April 2020

During this lockdown this box has been an absolute god send for us, as we get a regular supply of treats and surprises to keep my fur baby happy. Without his usual two walks a day Jasper was becoming restless, but the beauty of this box is you receive a mix of items guaranteed to keep your pooch entertained for hours. Jasper loves his WufWuf box, so I’d like to say a big thank you to Ece for sending them out to him each month.

If you missed mine and Jasper’s live unboxing, you can catch it here on our YouTube channel:

What is WufWuf?

Wuf Wuf is a monthly joy box for dogs and subscribers get a surprise box every month. They always have a monthly theme for their boxes and each box contains a mix of treats, toys and accessories that make your pooch feel special. They produce most of the toys at Wuf Wuf which are mostly handmade and always natural. They find safe and attractive treats and toys to ensure satisfaction for every one of their K-9 family members… because their pooches are their family, and family is everything to them!

When you subscribe you will be asked for your dog’s name, size and if they have any allergies to make sure the items, they send are suitable for your dog.

How much is it?

£18.90 & shipping within the UK is free – and you can cancel at any time!

Your first box ships immediately – next business day after subscription via Royal Mail and the next payment will be on 7th of the following month and next shipment will be before 15th of the month.


What did we get?

  • Harringtons The Natural Choice Fresh Bakes – Baked Salmon Fish Bites 100g
  • Noisy Paw Crinkle Filled Rabbit Toy
  • True Instinct Meat Bites – Beef 20g
  • Suction Rope Toy
  • Harringtons The Natural Choice Fresh Bakes – Lamb Chunks 100g

What did we think?

This month’s theme is Happy Easter – the items are packaged in a medium sized recyclable box that has the WufWuf website printed on the top and along the sides. The products are wrapped in doggy wrapping paper, and inside the box I found the contents letter detailing the products within.

Harringtons The Natural Choice Fresh Bakes – Baked Salmon Fish Bites 

Jasper goes crazy for these treats! They may be healthy and low in fat, but they’re definitely not lacking in flavour or taste. The treats aren’t too crumbly so they don’t make a mess, and they’re not too smelly either like some fish treats can be.  I like that the ingredients are all natural instead of containing fillers and unnecessary preservatives, which makes these treats kinder on his stomach.

Noisy Paw Crinkle Filled Rabbit Toy

Fitting in perfectly with this month’s Easter theme, this rabbit is soft and cuddly on the outside while containing no stuffing on the inside which means no mess to clear up! The body, ears, legs and arms consist of a crinkle material that Jasper really seems to like. He sits with it in his bed nudging it around with his little nose it’s so cute watching him do this!

True Instinct Meat Bites

These pocket-sized treats are made from 100% premium quality beef with no grain, no gluten and absolutely no bulking agents, just wholesome ingredients that provide naturally-derived nutrients. We had the turkey flavour in last months box which Jasper didn’t take to straight away but he had no issue woofing down this pack of beef flavour! This deluxe sample pack is great for sampling new brands and flavours and contains good ingredients like all edible treats in this subscription.

Suction Rope Toy

This toy can be attached to any clean flat surface, which means your dog can pull, drag, and chew freely without losing grip. Ideal for wooden floors, tiles and windows. It seems to be withstanding my dog’s penchant for destroying every toy he owns and keeps him busy and happy for a while. He growls while tugging and pulling with all his might and when he’s had a enough he’ll sit chewing the rope and handle.

Harringtons The Natural Choice Fresh Bakes – Lamb Chunks

Lamb treats always go down well with Jasper; he really liked these chewy little bites. They are really easy to store, no need to decant due to the resealable pack so they keep well and there are no artificial colours or flavours, just loads of natural ingredients which is how we like his treats to be.


Another month and another fabulous box of items from Jasper’s favourite subscription! So far Jasper has loved all of the item from this box (luckily, he’s not a fussy dog!) and nothing ever goes to waste. During such uncertain times I’m glad that Jasper is still receiving the treats and toys he deserves. We can’t take him out as often as we’d like but at least he’s happy being at home with his box of goodies! Overall, this box is amazingly good value for money, you get lots of items all for less than £19 per month.

If you’d like to know more about WufWuf, you can visit their website or social media accounts:

Website Instagram Facebook

Thank you for reading…

Nazia & Jasper xx