Teeny Bobeenie Boutique Review by Mel – March 2020

Thank you to Nicole, owner of Teeny Bobeenie Boutique for sending this box to review.

The box I have been sent is their monthly subscription, but they also have an online shop offering an array of wax products, also gifts, bath & body products and more! You can also create an open box order where products are added into your box until you are ready to ship. This is a great idea if you like to keep your stash stocked up!

I have been a wax melt addict for years now. I have a wax warmer in every room and do not use tealight melters as I know warmers are much safer when you have children. I have one in every room of my house! I only wish I had more rooms!

The box arrived via Royal Mail, and is letterbox friendly. Outside is plain white, but inside is beautifully wrapped using printed tissue with the Teeny Bobeenie logo…

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back on our Facebook Group, or by clicking play below on our YouTube Channel…

What is inside the box?

Cost of the Box = £12

RRP of all product = £14.35, plus FREE postage! 

Time to test out some of these and see what I think…

Be Kind Brittle

This is one I have not tried just yet. Don’t laugh but I am scared to break up the ice cream cone design! It is so cute!

Easter Bunny Ornament

This is so cute, and while the focus is off Easter at the moment with everything going on in the news this is a reminder to me. I love Easter, and not just for the chocolate. I have put this on my welsh dresser for decoration.

Olympean Bows

I knew I was right, these are similar to the fragrance Olympus. This is a very sensual and oriental fragrance. I used this in my bedroom as it is a very feminine scent. It is very powerful but I really like strong waxes, this is a personal choice but I have always been the same. Stronger the better!

Sleepy Bows

Out of the whole box, these are my favourite! I am a huge fan of LUSH Sleepy lotion, I use it on myself and my little boy. It is the tonka bean added to the lavender that I just love as a scent combination. I have has this in my room now for 3 days and it is still going strong. I can even smell it when the warmer is off!

Relax & Unwind Clam Shell

I have not used this yet because I have Sleepy in and I want to try this next in my bedroom. It does smell a bit more of a punchy and stronger than Sleepy, which I don’t mind.

Be Happy Snap Bar

I used this in my Dining Room, it is very resfreshing and quite sherbet like. My partner really liked this one too, which is unusual for him to even comment!

Stress Less Snap Bar

I used this in my living room, hoping for a calming effect on my Children! Well, I think they have cabin fever from being indoors too long now, ha! It is a more subtle relaxing fragrance this one.

My Verdict?

This is a beautifully put together box, with a real emphasis on this months theme being kindness and relaxation. We all need that in our lives, especially with what is going on in the world and being reported on the news. I will be continuing to use these melts, they are highly fragranced and I have been able to get 3 days minimum out of the ones I have tried, that is always a good sign!

At the moment, the website is up and running but you can only add items to an open box order. There are no items being shipped due to wanting to minimise the spread of the virus Nicole has chosen this which I believe is admirable. If you want to support her small business, please follow her Instagram and Facebook pages below, where you will be updated when she is back up and running with shipping orders.

Mel x


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