Secret Scent Box Review by Gemma- March 2020

I would first of all like to say a big thank you to Anil and the team at Secret Scent for sending this box to us to review.

For anyone who is not familiar with Secret Scent, they are a monthly fragrance subscription box that lets you discover new designer perfumes or aftershaves. They send a 30 day supply of 3 surprise fragrances- they only use 100% authentic designer and brand name fragrances.

If you missed me unboxing this on our facebook group, you can catch it here on YouTube:

As you can see from the picture, this box is letterbox friendly and comes in an outer box to protect the packaging inside. The box itself is very sleek, almost like a jewellery box! I think that is what I will use it for once I have used all the fragrances. And what is inside?

The first thing I took out was the month card, followed by a card advertising a new mens subscription service called Secret Style Co, with a discount code. Then the 3 fragrance description cards to correspond with this month’s offerings. These cards give details about the fragrance and the inspiration behind it, as well as the top, middle and bottom notes. This way, if you like a particular fragrance, you can shop around for others with similar notes in them.

Obviously, scent is very subjective so the following is my opinion on them based on my personal tastes- yours may be completely different!

The first scent was Juicy Couture- I Love Juicy Couture. This is a bold new statement fragrance, the glamorous rebel is back to declare her passion for life and all things Juicy Couture. It has the following fragrance notes:

Top notes: Mandarin, Apple and Redcurrant.

Middle notes: Tiger Lily, Jasmine and Pink Honey Suckle.

Base notes: Patchouli, Amber and Musk.

I love a musky scent, and this also has a really fruity scent on first sniff! A really warming fragrance, I really liked this!

The second scent was Armani- Si Passione Red Maestro. This again is a brand new scent, an invitation for women to drape themselves in passion as a declaration of desire, love and life. It has the following fragrance notes:

Top notes: Blackcurrant Nectar and Pink Pepper Essence.

Middle notes: Solar Jasmine Accord.

Base notes: Vanilla and White Musk.

Vanilla is my favourite fragrance note, so this made me happy. I really liked this too, the vanilla is really prominent and I think this is my favourite of the three!

The final scent was Police- Dark Pour Femme. This is a classic scent and is an exotic and mysterious fragrance, perfect to live evening and night in the name of passion and seduction. It has the following fragrance notes:

Top notes: Violet, Bergamot and Blackcurrant.

Middle notes: Iris, Jasmine, Gardenia and Rose.

Base notes: Vanilla, Resin, Virginia Cedar and Sandalwood.

This is my second favourite, again due to the vanilla. The reason it isn’t my favourite is that the floral notes were not quite to my taste, but a really nice fragrance none the less.

The Prices.

Secret Scent offer both women and men’s boxes and they also make the perfect gift. The prices are the same across the board and are as follows:

  • £15 Per Month
  • £84 for 6 months prepay
  • £156 for 12 months prepay

All of these options include Free Delivery within the UK.

But wait, there’s more! We have an amazing discount code- use BOXESSION50 to get your first box for just £7.50! Absolute bargain!

My Verdict.

I am a huge fan of this concept and love that you get to test out 3 designer perfumes at your leisure, rather than feeling under pressure at a fragrance counter, using the little cards and buying based on first impressions to then end up with a fragrance you don’t actually like because your sense of smell has dulled due to the amount you have just tested. This way, you get to try them risk free for 30 days each and judge how well they react to your natural pheromones and how the scent wears throughout the day. It is just a great idea, and the packaging makes it look so sleek and sophisticated too! All three of the scents were beautiful and I love the idea that I get to try them out in my everyday life and try perfumes I wouldn’t normally think to try out!

If you want to get your own, here are the links you need:

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Thank you for reading!

Gemma x