Smartass & Sass ‘All The Feels’ Review by Mel – February 2020

A huge Thank you to Abby from Smartass & Sass for sending me this box to review! This has to be the box I get excited about the most when it arrives. I stay away from the spoilers as much as I can as I like to be all giddy when I open it.

Smartass & Sass is the box baby of Kim & Abby, who have been besties for 25 years. These fun and sassy boxes contain 5-7 unusual treats every month. They also do a Shirt only subscription, and a Big Box version which is basically the 2 boxes combined. All subscriptions ship between 16th and 18th of each month.

This months edit is…. ‘All The Feels’

I have to say, being out of action a little this month and not being my usual over organised self has taken me to my bed and rest on Doctors orders. So there are a lot of feelings and emotions for me this month. This box is what the Doctor ordered, I am sure!

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back on our Facebook Group, or by clicking play below on our YouTube Channel…

What is inside this Months Edit?

Total Box Value = $78.99 (£61.86)!!

How much does it cost?

The prices are in USD, so I have converted them to GBP below:

  • Monthly – $34.95 (£27.37)
  • 3 Monthly – $101.85 (£79.76)
  • 6 Monthly – $197.60 (£154.74)

Postage to the UK is $16.95 (£13.27)

Use the discount code ‘NEWSASS’ for 15% off any Subscription!

Even with the postage to the UK, the box contents are worth much more than what you have paid, and lets face it, they are unique so you will be the envy of everyone!

Time to talk about all of these goodies!…

Lip Glaze

At first I thought this was was a perfume! The bottle is just so posh looking. It has real rose petals inside. It is stunning, it has a tiny roller ball to apply the gloss. You can use it as a top coat over your favourite lipstick too. I just cannot stop playing with it and watching the petals float around inside.

Oven Mitt

I have had an item from this brand before as I recall scouring their website, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was. I do love receiving more quirky items for my kitchen, and I use them all too. I have a rail on my wall with little hooks and this is already hung and being used.

Faux Leather Journal

In my unboxing I said Month instead of Mouth, ha! I could not figure it out and now after looking at it properly I have. This is a stunning journal, I am so impressed with it. I get through a lot of stationery with my job, so this is now my new favourite. It definitely suits me, I have a big mouth, what can I say?! ha!

Water Bottle

I have now been able to finally send my Dirty Dancing Water Bottle to the recycling. I had used it for quite a while, and it has been dropped a lot and has seen better days. I now have this absolute beauty! I am so happy and I will be taking it to work and in the car with me every day. I will await someone asking me ‘where did you get that from?!’.

Feeling Prickly Bic Clic Pen

Another beauty to add to my pen collection. This one is fairly tame so I can take it to work without offending anyone.

Peachy AF Vinyl Decal

Since my live unboxing, I cannot find this! I am strongly suspecting that my Son, Archie has swiped it because he has a thing about stickers. When I find it I will add it to my laptop case.

Good Vibes Only Candle

This is seriously zesty! It has a cotton and lead free wick. I do love a candle to help me relax in the evening. I have a few in my top drawer that I keep out of the way of the kids. My bedroom is my lovely space where no kids are allowed. I sit here now typing and watching the flicker of the flame.

My Verdict?

I have to say the most used item for me will be the Water Bottle. But also I do love the Journal and the Lip glaze. This is yet another exceptional box, with items that are of such a high quality. This is without a doubt the best lifestyle subscription box on the market.

The March Theme is: ‘Hot Mess Express’. Next month we’re all aboard the hot mess express! Listen, sometimes we don’t have our shit together, and that’s okay. March’s goodies will celebrate the imperfect, complicated, badass human you are. Click below to order…

Don’t forget the discount code ‘NEWSASS’ for 15% off any subscription!

Mel x

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