Ink Drops Stationery Review by Mel – February 2020

Thank you to the lovely Carla and Anastasia for sending me the February edition of Ink Drops Stationery. For all of you Stationery addicts, this really is a mix of everything. I always find items in this subscription that I use in my day to day life. My kids even get use out of it, not that I have any choice in the matter when they see something that they want!

This Subscription for me teams fun, organisation, and convenience. Do I have the time to shop for most of these items? Very rare! It also means that I always have some essential stationery items to hand just when I need them. It is letterbox friendly for most of you (my letterbox is too small), so most of the time you won’t need to be home for Mr/Mrs Postie.

This Months edit arrived via Royal Mail in the usual boxelope (Box Envelope), and when you open that there is a further envelope inside which looks like this…

If you missed my live unboxing on our Facebook Group then click on the link to go there, or click play below to watch back on our YouTube Channel…

How much will it cost?

Just £15 including postage, delivered!

There is no minimum term on a subscription, and it is simple to cancel via PayPal. You can also buy their monthly edits as a one-off via the online shop.

What is inside this Month?

  • A glorious set of pop-up gift boxes, perfect for sending February presents with a pop of springtime promise.
  • A retro & colourful birthday card which will cheer up the blustery, dull days.
  • Letter stickers to perk up your parcels and personalise your notebooks.
  • A rather lovely pocket notebook featuring a thoughtful bear on a rainy day.
  • A fab stripey card, for all sorts of occasions.

Time to talk about the treats inside this months edit…

Stripey Greetings Card

I was happy to see this in the box, as I am often short on cards to gift Men. This is blank so can be used for any occasion from Birthday to Fathers Day, or even just because!

Happy Birthday Card

This has a real retro theme, and again could be used for anyone. It could be any age or gender. It reminds me of the sixties with the colours and print.

Letters Sticker Sheet

My Son, Archie, is obsessed with letters and numbers. If he sees this he will have it. I think I will use these for my notebook to personalise it, and I might let him have a few if he is a good boy!

Pocket Notebook

This is super cute! I get through a lot of notebooks working in recruitment, I am forever jotting things down. This one is perfect to pop in my laptop bag, or handbag. The quality of it is excellent, and the bear on the magic carpet is so unusual.

3 Gift Boxes

These are the perfect size to put a large bath bomb in. I have decided that is a really good idea for them, or even to make Easter gift boxes and fill them with little chocolate eggs and tissue paper. The design and quality is beautiful, these are by the same company as the little notebook. I have never heard of the brand before but I am impressed with both items so I will be searching them out on Social Media to see what else they do.

My Verdict?

My favourite item from this Months edit is the cute little gift boxes. I can’t wait to use these very soon!

I genuinely look forward to my Ink Drops delivery each month, sometimes it is nice just to enjoy useful items that I use each day, rather than spending every night with a different facemask on. If you are a Stationery Addict, then this is one I highly recommend you subscribe to. You really cannot go wrong for just £15 each month delivered.

It is definitely worth browsing their Website for gift ideas, they have a Mini Subscription priced at just £30 for 3 months. There are themed bundles such as I love to be beside the Seaside (£13.50), and I Love Fairytales (£7).

It is also worth checking out their Blog. Lots of Articles have been written by the owners of this Subscription!

Thank you as always for reading, you can subscribe via the link below, or follow Ink Drops on their Social Media…

Mel x

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