Roccabox Review by Mel – February 2020

For any of you who watch my unboxing’s or read my reviews, Roccabox is a box I am kindly gifted every month by Tia, founder and CEO!

A huge personal Thank you to Tia and her team for continuing to send this to me. I love to support small businesses, I am almost as passionate about that as the boxes themselves! I love the new eco friendly and recyclable box design, every month has different quotes and slogans on…

The inside of the lid has the quote ‘The Beauty Box that’s more than just skin deep’. The great thing about subscription boxes for me is that they are a treat to ourselves that we DO deserve. Roccabox is affordable, and will bring a smile to your face when delivered.

Speaking of delivery, this comes via Royal Mail, and is always covered in a durable pink mailing bag to protect it from the elements. The bonus of this is I recognise that pink bag and know what treats have landed straight away.

If you missed my unboxing, you can either watch it back on our Facebook Group or by clicking play below on our YouTube Channel…

How much does it cost?

A monthly recurring subscription costs just £10 plus £3.95 postage!

You can buy a 3, 6, or 12 month upfront too.

What is inside the box?

Total Box Value = £80.45!!

I still don’t know how they manage it? 6 Items in the box that are full size, plus a free sample… the box is rammed full and worth 8 times what you pay!

Time to test out the goodies in this months box…

Sugarbearhair Hair Vitamins

Not only do these look cute, they taste delicious! Only 2 a day? I could eat the tub of 60 if I am honest. Not advisable by the way though! As with all vitamins, these will take a while to show any effect, but I am really tempted to shell out if I start to see results. I do genuinely struggle with my hair, or lack of it. The reviews for these online are 5 star and in the thousands! Can’t all be telling fibs can they?!

Shower Cap

I love that these vitamins came with this free item. I use shower caps all of the time as when I use hair treatments they are very handy. I have a vintage cosmetics one that is super cute, but look at the design on this one! I absolutely love it and the quality of it, well you would need to have one to understand what I mean. It is not cheap feeling at all.

Starry Eyes Self-warming Eye Mask

I am more than happy to try another brand of these. I have been using a certain other make for a while now and they are extremely popular with our members. They are simple to use, just pop on before bed with the elastic over ear bands to keep the mask in place. They warm up to really relax you after those long days. I find that these really do work a treat.

Dr. Lipp Moisturising Colour Lip Tint

Yes! I was so happy to see this, I already use just the normal Dr. Lipp, the nipple balm one, ha! It is brilliant stuff. My other half even likes it. So, now I have one that makes my lips look pretty too! I love that plant pigments are used for the colour too.

Danielle Lifting Sheet Mask

I have tried hundreds of Korean sheet masks, they are undoubtedly years ahead of the UK with Skincare. Their sheet masks are affordable, and work! This is a new brand for me, so great to try out a new one. Really inexpensive to repurchase too. I am very impressed!

MONU Skin Revitalising Moisturiser

This made my day, I actually buy this! I knew it was not cheap before even looking at the card for the price. Roccabox have made me a very happy Mel and saved me a few ££’s! I am almost out of another moisturiser I am currently using, so I will be using this again very soon. I am a self confessed skincare addict, with expensive taste!

Teapigs Cold Brew – Cucumber & Apple Tea

This is just an extra freebie in the box this month. I have never tried this but I do love the cold peach tea in Costa, so I am sure I will enjoy trying this. Bit too cold at the minute though, brrr!

My Verdict?

What can I say to this box? You have smashed it this month Roccabox! It is like my own curated Beauty Box this month, I am genuinely blown away. I can’t even decide on a favourite item, that is how much I love it. Too many to choose from!

At £10 a month, this is one of the best boxes on the market. It is a pocket money priced treat box that offers the excitement of surprise. What are you waiting for?

If you are a member of the BoXession Group, you will know that you can swap or sell any unwanted items from Subscription boxes, so make sure you join us. Be warned, it may cause addiction haha!

Mel x

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