Latest in Beauty Review by Mel – January 2020

Thank you to Dean and the Team from Latest in Beauty for our continued successful collaboration! I know that so many of our members buy this box from our recommendations and reviews because they come back and tell us. I love that we can promote honestly and gain great feedback from members. I have always been a fan of this box and have been buying from them for years now.

Why? Because this is a fully customisable, pick your own items Beauty Box. So you will never be getting anything you will not use. Some of the boxes I have had in the past have been in excess of £100 value and I have paid just £10!!

This months edit says ‘Beauty’ SOS; your beauty, your choice. Both Nazia and Gemma have been reviewing these too, you can check out their reviews just by searching ‘Latest in Beauty’ on our Website. We have just agreed a further 12 month collaboration, so you will be seeing plenty more of our reviews!

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So what did I choose?

Total Box Value = £101.73

That is a huge saving of £86.73!!

You have 3 options with a LIB subscription:

  1. Beauty Novice – 3 items with free P&P £9
  2. Beauty Enthusiast – 6 items with free P&P £15
  3. Beauty Guru – 9 items with free P&P £18

There are usually around 150 items to choose from, with a new item added daily. You are literally spoilt for choice!

You can cancel your subscription, upgrade or downgrade. This makes this box fully flexible and pocket friendly.

Time to test out the treats…

Jo Hansford Voluminous Spray

I am a fan of anything that will add volume to my limp, lifeless hair. The condition of it is excellent, but it is so fine and flyaway it drives me potty. I used to have really thick hair, and since I have had kids I don’t know what happened?

I really like the nozzle on this bottle, and also that it doesn’t leave a residue on my hair. Yes I feel like it did add some volume to it, without it being weighted down, so I will continue to use this. I do really like the scent too, very fruity/citrus smelling.

Charles Worthington Grow Strong Scalp Tonic

I was a little bit scared of using this. My scalp is super sensitive. I applied it easily using the precise nozzle to sections of my scalp. I then massaged it in. I left my hair to dry naturally and applied no heat so I could really see if it works. I was pleasantly surprised. It was really cool and soothing on my scalp. For hair growth effects I would need to continue to use it. For re purchase, it is cheap enough so if it works I will pop into the local shop and buy one. It is a well known brand so easy enough to source.

African Black Soap Body Wash

This is a brand or product I have never seen before, so it intrigued me. At this time of year due to the cold, I do get dry skin. I have used body wash bars, but in all honesty I do prefer a liquid body wash. The colour doesn’t look too appealing, but as we know, looks are not everything!

This is weirdly satisfying on my shower puff. The black tar looking liquid may not look pretty, but it certainly does what it says on the bottle! Goodbye dry skin, I could feel this for hours afterwards. It does actually smell nice. Try some!

Beauty Cubes

I am an advocate for Shampoo bars. If you have never used them before then I urge you to try them. You won’t look back, I cannot even bear to use the liquid type anymore. It has changed my hair, it is now healthy, soft, and I don’t need to colour it as often. The last time I had my hair dyed was June 2019!

I was keen and eager to try these, having heard excellent things about the brand. I have to say I did struggle a little with how tiny they are! I am used to using a massive bar, and I have long nails. But I am impressed with the quality. I am going to continue using these to see how long they last vs my usual brand. If they work out more cost effective I think I will re purchase them.

NUXE Ultra Comforting Face Balm

This is the ‘Hall of Fame’ item for this month’s box. I have used a lot of different NUXE products in the past, and more than happy to test out a new one. It is a pricey brand, so being able to receive it to try before shelling out on a full size is great. To be honest, it is not far off a full size too and will last me a good while. For me this would not be a daytime skincare item, but an overnight one. It is absolutely perfect for that deep nourishing treatment that my skin needs. A little goes a long way, and you can add extra to those really dry areas.

Science + Wellbeing Omega 3 Plus Gel Capsules

I was wrong in my unboxing, this is a 1 month supply. You take 4 a day! I was quite surprised at that, but after reading the information leaflet it is so you get 3000mg of oil, of which 975mg is Omega 3 fatty acids. There is also Vitamin D added. Omega 3 are the ‘good’ fats that your body cannot produce. There are said to be many health benefits including helping you sleep, minimising the risk of heart disease, and lowering blood pressure to name a few.

I could not tell you the long term effects without waiting a while, I have only been taking them for a few days but I will continue to take them.

My Verdict?

Are you kidding me? You are still reading this and haven’t already subscribed? This is one subscription I tell everyone about, you absolutely MUST try it out. The value of my box is over £100, and this is not a one off occasion that their boxes are worth that. You really can find some hidden gems!

The links to buy are below, and all of their Social Media handles…

Mel x

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