Wuf Wuf Review by Nazia & Jasper – January 2020

Jasper is a rescue dog that we’ve had for 7 years now and we all simply adore this good natured softy. Everyone in our house receives a subscription box so there was no excuse why our four-legged fur baby couldn’t have one too! Kicking off the year with our first Wuf Wuf box of 2020 which Jasper has been really looking forward to receiving! A special thanks to Ece for sending this box out to us.

If you missed mine and Jasper’s live unboxing, you can catch it here on our YouTube channel:

What is WufWuf?

Wuf Wuf is a monthly joy box for dogs and subscribers get a surprise box every month. They always have a monthly theme for their boxes and each box contains a mix of treats, toys and accessories that make your pooch feel special. They produce most of the toys at Wuf Wuf which are mostly handmade and always natural. They find safe and attractive treats and toys to ensure satisfaction for every one of their K-9 family members… because their pooches are their family, and family is everything to them!

When you subscribe you will be asked for your dog’s name, size and if they have any allergies to make sure the items, they send are suitable for your dog.

How much is it?

£18.90 & shipping within the UK is free – and you can cancel at any time!

Your first box ships immediately – next business day after subscription via Royal Mail and the next payment will be on 7th of the following month and next shipment will be before 15th of the month.


What did we get?

  • Contents Leaflet
  • Purely Fish Mackerel & Potato Treats 100g
  • Earth Rated Eco-Friendly Bags x 120
  • Sweet Dreams Fleece Blanket
  • Wagg Tasties Treats 150g
  • Snow Mates Suri Snow Owl
  • Smart Choice Strong Rubber Dental Toy

What did we think?

This month’s theme is Winter Tails – the items are packaged in a medium sized recyclable box that has the WufWuf website printed on the top and along the sides. The products are wrapped in doggy wrapping paper, and inside the box I found the contents letter detailing the products within.

Purely Fish Mackerel & Potato Treats

Purely Fish Mackerel & Potato Treats are 100% natural, nutritious rewards for your dog, packed in a handy resealable pouch, to maintain freshness. Made from 85% Mackerel and 15% Potato, these treats are packed full of natural goodness for the health of your dog. Jasper has never been one to shy away from a treat especially the fishy kind, he gobbled these up without hesitation and kept pawing me for more!

Earth Rated Eco-Friendly Bags

Earth Rated Dog Waste Bags are made from high-quality materials that are biodegradable and recycled. They measure 9 x 13 inch and are bigger, thicker and tougher than other poop bags on the market. These bags are very durable and of a high quality. Strong enough that I do not have to worry about my fingers poking through whilst picking up poop, something which has happened in the past and was rather unpleasant! The lavender scent is very welcomed and although doesn’t always mask the smell completely it does help make it smell better than it usually does.

Sweet Dreams Fleece Blanket

The Sweet Dreams snuggly pet blanket is made from soft cosy fleece, helping to ensure your pet feels warm and secure while snoozing. This large blanket has a cute paw print design on both sides leaving no one in doubt of its animal owner! Jasper’s current blanket is very tattered and full of holes so this item arrived at a convenient time! He loves to burrow and take naps in his bed with the blanket wrapped around him.

Wagg Tasties Treats – Chicken & Liver

Great little treats that are perfect for rewarding or training, and adored by Jasper. Enriched with vitamins and minerals to help keep your dog healthy. My dog really likes these treats and always wags his tail when I get the bag out of the cupboard. The bag is resealable so the treats don’t dry out or smell. The treats are the perfect size to keep a couple in your pockets, making them very convenient for an impromptu reward when out and about or at home.

Snow Mates Suri Snow Owl

A great toy for your dog to snuggle up to, this toy is made from a premium, super soft fabric and include a squeaker for maximum entertainment. Suri the Snow Owl will provide hours of interactive fun for you and your dog. As well as snuggling up to, Suri is ideal for playing and fetching. What dog doesn’t love a squeaky toy? Jasper loves anything that squeaks, he has had a lot of fun running around with this in his mouth and sitting chewing it in his bed.

Smart Choice Strong Rubber Dental Toy

This long-lasting tough toy is suitable for bigger dogs and is great for fetch and playtime. Jasper has had so much fun chasing and throwing this toy around! This toy is brilliant for keeping Jasper’s teeth clean, strong and healthy.


In each box you receive will contain a brilliant assortment of handy treats, toys and accessories to keep your dog happy and entertained. We love receiving this box because my doggo is thoroughly spoiled and we love seeing how excited he gets opening and exploring the contents! Definitely one of the best value doggy boxes on the market!

If you’d like to know more about WufWuf, you can visit their website or social media accounts:

Website Instagram Facebook

Thank you for reading…

Nazia & Jasper xx