Little Fawn Box Review by Nazia – November 2019

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing being a mother is, it is honesty the best feeling in the world but nothing could have prepared me for this life-changing experience. Life definitely has its ups and down and finding the right balance can be difficult. My little one is just over 10 weeks old and it’s been a truly wonderful, although sometimes challenging, 10 weeks so far. Finding time to treat myself is low on my list of priorities as all my time and effort goes towards making sure Laila is happy and cared for – her smiles are what get me up in the morning! The beauty of a subscription box is that with just a click of a button surprise goodies are delivered to your door so even the busiest mums can have a little something to look forward to. So, I’d like to say a big thank you to Rachel for specially sending this box of treats to me and my little one!

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What is Little Fawn Box?

Little Fawn Box is an award-winning monthly subscription box for Mum and Baby. Each month you will discover a heap of new products for yourself and baby, from some well-known brands as well as some smaller brands you may not have known existed! Their boxes will be handpicked for you and baby from your 20th week of pregnancy, right up until your baby is 18 months old; every time with goodies worth over £30! They firmly believe they can brighten the days of mamas up and down the country. Their boxes of goodies gives a, ‘you’re still you’ feeling while at the same time discovering a whole heap of cool baby products.

How does it work?

  1. Choose your subscription plan – whether you want to pay monthly, or pay for several months upfront.
  2. Provide some more information – tell them how many weeks pregnant you are or the age of your baby, that way they can send you the best products for you and your little one.
  3. Wait for your box to be delivered to your door!

How much is it?

  • Pay monthly – £12.99 plus £2.99 for postage
  • Three Month Gift Subscription – £46.00 (includes postage)
  •  Six Month Gift Subscription – £90.00 (includes postage)

What’s in the box?

The items are packaged in a small recyclable cardboard box that is covered with a sleeve adorned in a pretty leopard print pattern and the Little Fawn Box logo printed on the front and the website on the back. Inside I found:

  • Wilberry Patches Rabbit RRP £7.50
  • Afterspa Amazing Makeup Remover RRP £8.95
  • Babytown On The Move Book RRP £2.99
  • Daily Concepts Exfoliating Dual Texture Scrubber RRP £6.00
  • Fifi & Friends Cleansing Wipes RRP £5.00
  • Oh K! Reviving Gemstone Mini Mask RRP £5.00
  • Sass & Belle Nail File RRP £1.00
  • Inspirational Quote Card
  • Celebrity Baby Name Game Card

What I thought:

Wilberry Patches Rabbit

This adorable toy rabbit is super plush, really soft to the touch and makes a beautiful addition to Laila’s ever- growing toy collection. There are green and white patches on the bunny’s ears and belly which add a lovely splash of colour. It also has long ears, arms and legs which are perfect for little hands to grab hold of! I like that you can also print off a birth certificate and give the bunny an official name!

Afterspa Amazing Makeup Remover

Although I’d heard positive reviews of this makeup remover I wasn’t convinced it would work that well however, to my surprise it is excellent at removing all my make-up! It is so simple to use – just use with water, that’s right just water! The worst part of wearing makeup is having to take it off, using several wipes to take off as much as you can and then double cleansing becomes such a long tedious process. With this cloth you cut that process down to less than half the time AND you don’t have to waste money on products that just push the makeup around your face. The best part is that it is reusable just pop it in the washing machine and it’s good to go!

Babytown On The Move Book

We’ve been reading to Laila ever since I was pregnant with her and we still continue to read to her now. This book although simple, is beautifully illustrated with bright and bold modes of transports. Laila is still too young to understand what we’re reading to her but she takes a keen interest in the eye-catching pictures and watching us read to her.

Daily Concepts Exfoliating Dual Texture Scrubber

The next item in the box was this exfoliating dual texture scrubber which is the perfect exfoliator for the body. Choose between a soft side for gentle cleansing or the rough side for exfoliating. The scrubber is great for lathering up with body wash, I use the textured side more than the soft side, as it provides great exfoliation without feeling too harsh on my skin.

Fifi & Friends Cleansing Wipes

I really like that these Fifi & Friends wipes are made with natural ingredients which make it gentle on my little one’s behind, a really big plus is that they’re made with 100% biodegradable organic cotton which is also kinder to our planet. They’re also suitable for sensitive skin so if your baby has had bad experiences with other brands, I highly recommend trying these! They mop up messes with ease and have a lovely delicate scent to them too. An essential for your baby bag as this pack size contains 32 wipes so enough to last you a while.

Oh K Reviving Gemstone Mini Mask

I am a big fan of Oh K masks, so when I saw this mask in the box, I was really looking forward to testing it out! Each pack contains eight small diamond shaped masks and I love that they’re specially designed to target specific areas of the skin. These masks are super hydrating and my skin feels soft and smooth after use. My small grumble about this pack is if you don’t want or need to use all the masks in one go you can’t really put them back into the pack, resealable packaging would have been better.

Sass & Belle Nail File

No well-groomed man or woman should be without a nail file, keep your nails in tip top shape with this fabYOUlous Sass & Belle nail file! I have popped this into my handbag so I have a file on hand to tidy up those pesky nail breakages which has come in very handy.

Inspirational Quote Card

This pocket-sized inspirational quote is a great reminder for mums that have had one of those days where nothing has gone to plan, that anything is achievable with a little perseverance!

Celebrity Baby Name Game Card

A fun little distraction from your everyday mum duties, play on your own or with your other mummy friends!


I must admit this box has me truly blown away and I will definitely be subscribing! I didn’t expect to receive as many items as I did and for such an amazing value too! The items come to a total value of £36.44 which is more than double what you pay for the box and all the items were full size! Not a single item in this box has gone unused and that’s saying something as I haven’t had a box recently that I’ve been 100% satisfied with! Fantastic to gift to an expectant mother or someone with a young baby…so what are you waiting for subscribe now!!

If you’d like to know more above Little Fawn Box you can check out their website or social media here:

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Thank you for reading,

Nazia x