Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box review by Gemma- November 2019

First of all, can I just say a huge thank you to Paula from Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box for sending this box out again- I reviewed this box a year ago and it made such a good impression on me that I am delighted to be able to review it again!

This box contains carefully selected, luxurious, organic and 100% natural beauty products. The products are a mixture of full and travel size, and range between skincare, body care and beauty products. The box itself is beautiful- clean, crisp and white with the box logo on top, which fits the company’s image perfectly.

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A few things have changed since my last review- for a start, the box is smaller now, but equally as cute and absolutely crammed full! It comes in an outer box to protect it and doesn’t quite fit through the letter box, so you may get carded for it (as I did!) but it is worth the trip to the sorting office!

The theme this month is Sleep Retreat, which is perfect for this time of year!

The first item I unboxed was from a brand I have heard of, but never tried- ILA Spa Inner Peace Bath Salts (RRP £20.00). These came in a cute drawstring bag and are a peachy pink colour. They are deeply nourishing and allow you to let your troubles float away as your body soaks up the rich healing minerals. They are Himalayan Salt Crystals that are rich in ionic minerals and trace minerals for easy absorption. They also contain essential oils including Sandalwood, which has meditative and soothing properties for the nervous system and Jasmine to relax and uplift. You simply use one to two tablespoons per bath, so you would get a few baths out of them! I don’t actually have a bath in my flat (boo!) but I am sure my mum won’t mind me ‘borrowing’ hers to try these out as long as I let her try them too!

The second item was a brand I am very familiar with- Ezape Naturals Ylang Ylang Lavender Body Oil (RRP £13.00). I actually already have one of these- I am a big fan of this brand and have collaborated with them on my own blog in the past. I am a huge lover of body oils, I find them so pampering and relaxing to apply. This body oil contains many fatty acids like Oleic, linoleic and palmitoleic, as well as many vitamins and minerals, which all combine to make this oil moisturising, regenerating and assist in wound healing. It also helps to restore the skins barrier function which reduces water loss. It also has the most soothing and gentle scent. I love this and am so glad to have another one for when my current one runs out!

The third item is a new brand for me- Haoma Handmade Lavender Soap (RRP £8.00). I am trying to use more bar soaps rather than liquid soaps to cut down on the single use plastics in my home, so this is a very welcome addition! This soap is made using the cold pressing method and is made with a blend of premium certified organic oils including Olive, Hemp Cacao and Coconut. A technique called Superfatting helps to create a luxurious and moisturising soap. It has a beautiful scent created with the use of pure and certified organic essential oils and has been cured for at least 6 weeks to ensure a rich lather and intense moisturisation. They claim it can even be used on your face! I love how this item was just tied with a little twine and nothing else, and also has the company name stamped on it too.

The fourth item is another brand I am a fan of- Niskama Dry Skin Relief Body Balm (RRP £6.50). I have a few items by this brand already so another is a welcome addition! This body balm can be removed from the tin and is multifunctional, based on deeply nourishing cocoa and shea butter to replenish the skin. These are combined with Ylang Ylang essential oil and lavender oil to leave your skin soft, moisturised and smooth. It is made from 100% plant butters and oil, it is undiluted and will therefore greatly moisturise any rough or dry areas of skin. It can even be used on the face and the lips. It has a high concentration of antioxidant Vitamin E, which protects from free radicals. I absolutely love items like this at this time of year, as the cold weather and central heating combination can play havoc with my sensitive skin. I already know this brand is great quality, so I have no doubt that this will live up to that reputation too!

The fifth and final item is another that I have heard of- Lunar and Lux Mama Moon  Botanical Candle (RRP £8.99). I already have one of these candles from this range and I adore it, so I am so happy to have another! Since I started to live alone, I have developed a real liking for candles, especially scented ones. They just make the whole room feel so cosy! This candle is created with a calming, soothing and sensual blend of essential oils and is perfect for use in the evening to wind down and ease your body and mind before bed. It has Lavender and Chamomile essential oils, both of which are widely renowned for sending you off to sleep, as well as rose quartz crystals and petals on top of the candle. The crystals have been charged and cleansed under a full moon with sage to get the most out of their natural energies. The candle also boasts a woodwick, which gives it that delightful crackle as it burns, as well as being hand poured soy wax. You should remember to remove the dried botanics off the top before you light this!

Wow! 5 products to help you get an amazing nights sleep, all can be used together for a proper evening of pampering and self care! A total value of £56.49! So how much are you saving?


Boxes are now bi-monthly (January, March, May, July, September and November) and are posted on the 5th of the month.

Your options are:

  • Bi-monthly- £25.00
  • 6 month prepay- £75.00

So a total saving of £31.49!

My verdict:

Love, love, love this box! The theme is absolutely perfect, the products all go well together and encourage self care and they only work with ethical brands and cruelty free products! Perfect! I absolutely would subscribe to this in a heartbeat, it is right up my street! I only use cruelty free products and I love that more companies are taking the ethical route. A mixture of brands I had heard of and new discoveries, this box has been an absolute joy to review!

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Thank you for reading!

Gemma xx