Gus & Bella ‘Santa Paws’ Review by Mel & Lilith – November 2019

A huge thank you to Emily and the Team over at Gus & Bella for asking Lilith & I to review their box again! We absolutely loved the September one so are thrilled to be asked to do this fabulous Christmas Edition.

This box is aimed at Cats & their Humans! Of course Lilith loves it when she gets to have treats too. She really is spoilt already, she literally rules our house and is a Queen. For those who don’t know, we rescued Lil a few years ago now, and before we had her my partner never liked cats. To say they are inseparable would be putting it mildly. She actually sleeps on his chest!

Gus & Bella boxes are themed each month, they come beautifully wrapped with printed tissue paper to match the stunning box design…

This months theme is:

Santa Paws

You can watch back our live unboxing on our Facebook group, or by clicking play below on our YouTube Channel…

So what is inside the box?

Box Value Total = £31.17!

How does it work?

What’s inside? A shared experience for both cat and owner: 

  • 2 to 3 adorable cat-themed / wellness products for humans
  • 3 to 5 irresistible treats your cat(s) will love
  • A chance to WIN a golden ticket – with an exciting cat-themed prize up for grabs!
  • Gus & Bella Guide to Healthy, Happy Cats – with fun #catfacts and novel ideas, to ensure your cat keeps living their best life…

Your first WELCOME BOX (Calm Kitty) will arrive in 2-5 days, and future boxes between the 8th-12th each month. There is an option to Pre-order your Santa Paws Box. You can cancel, skip or downgrade at any time and they ship worldwide!

How much does it cost?

Check out their Past Boxes too, some fab ones!

We have been given an exclusive code! YAY…

get 20% off your first monthly box using the code ‘BOXESSION20’

Time for Lil & I to test out these treats…

Cupid & Comet Rudy Reindeer

Well, she is besotted with this already. I love the fact that the string is elastic, she was grabbing it and trying to run away and it was bouncing back! We were in hysterics. Look at her eyes in the photo, she was fixated on it. Really lovely quality toy.

Gingerbread Woman

I knew she would love this, because the Banana in the last box she would not go anywhere without it. She ended up chewing it so much that it split open and all of the catnip was in the garden. There were Cats coming from all around to roll in it. Maybe this one she can keep in tact although I wouldn’t bank on it, ha! It is really soft fabric and very unique.

Cutie Cat Christmas Bauble

Now this is just adorable. An open fronted delicate glass bauble for my tree. We always buy a real tree the first weekend in December. As soon as I have it up this will be going on it I promise!

HiLife Cat Food

I love to try her with new food, she really is a snob and only likes the best quality. I have not tried this brand before so it will be great to see if she goes for a new brand.

Blink Bangers & Mash Treats

These she went mad for. She does love Dreamies, but she REALLY liked these and was following me around begging for them. Everything in moderation though. Mean Mummy!

Wildfeet Cat Socks

I love socks, I have reviewed quite a few sock subscriptions over the years. These are excellent quality and tie in brilliantly with the theme of this months box. Brilliant addition!

Merry Catmas Card

I have to write this out to Lilith. She deserves her own card, she is Queen of the House after all.

Candy Kittens Sample

I already love these, we buy them a lot. The sour ones are yummy. I shamefully ate all of these myself, and I’m not sorry in the slightest.

Our Verdict?

I was really impressed with this box last time, but this time it has blown me away! Genuinely I cannot fault anything, maybe a bigger bag of those yummy Candy Kittens?

Gus & Bella are really making their mark now in the box world. Long may this subscription continue!

Don’t forget to use our exclusive discount code ‘BOXESSION20’ for 20% off your first Subscription box!

Mel & Lilith x

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