Smartass & Sass ‘Like Totally Retro’ Review by Mel – October 2019

A huge Thank you to Abby from Smartass & Sass for sending me this box to review! This has to be the box I get excited about the most when it arrives. I stay away from the spoilers as much as I can as I like to be all giddy when I open it.

Smartass & Sass is the box baby of Kim & Abby, who have been besties for 25 years. These fun and sassy boxes contain 5-7 unusual treats every month. They also do a Shirt only subscription, and a Big Box version which is basically the 2 boxes combined. All subscriptions ship between 16th and 18th of each month.

This months edit is…. ‘Like Totally Retro’

I am a huge fan of Retro, from 80s and 90s songs, to retro upcycling furniture. I love anything unique and quirky too so I was really excited for this theme…

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back on our Facebook Group, or by clicking play below on our YouTube Channel…

What is inside this Months Edit?

Box Total = $95.95!! (£74.59)

How much does it cost?

The prices are in USD, so I have converted them to GBP below:

  • Monthly – $34.95 (£27.17)
  • 3 Monthly – $101.85 (£79.18)
  • 6 Monthly – $197.60 (£153.61)

Postage to the UK is $16.95 (£13.18)

Use the discount code ‘NEWSASS’ for 15% off any Subscription!

Even with the postage to the UK, the box contents are worth much more than what you have paid, and lets face it, they are unique so you will be the envy of everyone!

Time to talk about all of these goodies!…

Hottie by Nature Rollie

This has to be the star of the show, let alone the price of it being more than the cost of the box! It smells scent-sational! (see what I did there?!). I love roll on fragrance, especially oil based ones as they last for days! Even after a shower you can still smell this.

Whatever Bar Necklace

This has a long chain and an extender. I prefer long necklaces as I slip them over my head on the go. This is quirky, cute and suitable for all ages.

Mixtape Magnets

My youngest son has been playing with these, they are actually really good for him to create sentences and learn words. Ok, I had to take a few of them out, but there are no profanities so no awkward questions from the Teachers tomorrow I hope!

The Funky Freshener

I loved my flamingo fresheners last time, and used them both. This one again is a unique and quirky design. It is hanging up in my car as we speak. Masking the usual kid related smells. Definitely in need of a valet, but in the meantime it is looking fab with this accessory!

Bust a move Cup Set

Plastic cups are a must in my house. Anyone who has Kids will understand where I am coming from here. You could even put alcohol in these after a hard week and nobody would suspect a thing!

Stickies & Sharpie

The slogan on the pen keeps making me laugh. I work with a lovely lady called Becky, and I really will have to donate this to her as she has a similar sense of humour to me. I think I will have to give her some of my Sassy stickies too.

Clean me, baby, one more time Dishcloth

I am a self confessed clean freak. I literally scream profanities at my other half for not wiping the Kitchen sides. He will have no excuse not to find this dishcloth with its bright design. Britney inspired I suspect?

No diggity no doubt pouch

This is great for my highlighter pens, or just to pop in my work laptop bag. Just big enough to carry a few essentials and it has a tab to clip onto my bag so it won’t get lost.

My Verdict?

Yet again I will use everything in this box, and love it all. The Hottie by Nature is my favourite item this month, I wish they sold them over here! The contents are always so varied and unique, and most cannot be picked off shop shelves.

The November Theme is: ‘In your Dreams’, and the sneak peek says that next month is all about treating yourself to a little R&R. Whether you like to relax by getting all zen or taking a good old-fashioned snooze, next month will help you find a little peace. November’s goodies are om-azing. Click below to order yours…

Don’t forget the discount code ‘NEWSASS’ for 15% off any subscription!

Mel x

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