A pocketful of Books Review by Mel & Archie – October 2019

Thank you to Louise from A pocketful of Books for asking Archie & I to review their Reading Subscription Box. Archie absolutely loves reading, we had so may books when we moved into our new House recently, I had to donate some as I was left feeling guilty. He gets very attached to them and has his favourites that I will read over and over again. I can now read some from memory, ha!

I have to say I love hand written notes and the extra time taken to thank someone, so this made me smile…

This letterbox sized subscription is aimed at Children ages 5-12. The idea behind this is to nurture the love of reading and develop their creative side. Encouraging their creative side too by including activity packs to match the theme of the book that month.

It fits through your door with ease, and is actually posted from Germany! This does not affect the affordability of this box, it literally is ‘pocket’ change. I love that it is addressed to Archie, he knows how to write his own name and knew it was for him straight away.

If you missed our joint live unboxing, you can watch it back on our Facebook Group, or on our YouTube Channel by clicking play below…

What is inside the Box?

  • The Invincibles – The Piglet Pickle. Paperback book by Caryl Hart & Sarah Warburton. A Nosy Crow publication.
  • 4 x double sided activity cards.
  • 3D piglet foam sticker.
  • SauBar Kunterbuntes – 15g Bath Salts.
  • Teacup House Bookmark

How much does it cost?

The above are exactly the same prices for the Age 8+ options.

They also have sibling add ons:

There is a discount code, valid until 15th November:

REDROBIN15 for 15% off

About the Book

Nell & Freddie are best friends most of the time, and partners in crime. When they come home from a School trip with an unexpected guest the get into big trouble. They embark on an adventure and become the heroes!

The book itself is beautifully illustrated throughout, using spaced text across the pages to emphasise the adventure pattern. Different size fonts to capture Archie’s attention and make the story come alive.

He has absolutely loved this book, as you can see below he is fascinated. It is slightly more complex than his usual reads, although it does have a similar feel to ‘Charlie Stinky Socks’ and he loves those books. I know that he is fairly advanced in reading, but that is due to a lot of books being handed down from big brother Joel, who is now 12. Archie has an avid interest in reading and this subscription helps to keep that alive.

The Activities

There are 4 cards with printed activities on the reverse. Archie loves to draw and his art is so detailed. He was drawing the little pigs as per the instructions and really enjoyed that. We have not managed to make the cake yet as we have been so busy with the house renovation. But I have kept the card as I do love a cake!

The little bath rocks/salts he really did like. He is forever asking for my bath bombs, he was made up with these.

He has put the pig sticker on his School bag.

Our Verdict?

I think that it is a well thought out, quality subscription. Kids these days are too often attached to the electronic devices. I am guilty of handing Archie the iPad when I am busy. Subscriptions like these encourage you to have that important one on one time reading, whatever time of day it may be.

The activities inspire them to be creative, and again turn off the TV and pick up pencil crayons. He has completed most of these himself, and the wordsearch one with my help.

Although you have to pay upfront for this subscription, I do think it offers value for money. For the 3 month subscription with the discount code ‘REDROBIN15’ it works out at just over £12 per month delivered. I know I spend more than that on a Beauty Box, and this is one that Archie will continue to get enjoyment from. It is beautifully packaged and thought out. I highly recommend!

Mel & Archie x


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