In Drops Stationery Review by Mel – September 2019

Thank you to the lovely Carla and Anastasia for sending me the September edition of Ink Drops Stationery. For all of you Stationery addicts, this really is a mix of everything. I always find items in this subscription that I use in my day to day life. I just accepted a new role for Work, and it will involve lots of training for 6 weeks, so I was really keen to see if the contents would help me out this month?! Read on to find out…

This Subscription for me teams fun, organisation, and convenience. Do I have the time to shop for most of these items? Very rare! It also means that I always have some essential stationery items to hand just when I need them. It is letterbox friendly for most of you (my letterbox is too small), so most of the time you won’t need to be home for Mr/Mrs Postie. I have just accepted a new job on Friday, which will involve some days working from home. I will need to set myself up some office space too so these items will be used even more than before.

This Months edit arrived via Royal Mail in the usual boxelope (Box Envelope), and when you open that there is a further envelope inside which looks like this…

How much will it cost?

Just £15 including postage, delivered!

There is no minimum term on a subscription, and it is simple to cancel via PayPal. You can also buy their monthly edits as a one-off via the online shop.

What is inside this Month?

  • Back to School vibes with a fabulous A4 pastel exercise book (lined pages).
  • A gorgeous buttons card, ideal to scribble a note to that craft loving friend who you’ve not managed to see all Summer!
  • A Birthday Llama Card – because who doesn’t need a birthday Llama in their life?
  • A sticky pen holder for your most treasured notebook by iconic brand Traveler’s Company.
  • A very cute Sloth eraser topped pencil.

Time to talk about the goodies inside this months box!

A4 Pastel Exercise Book

I will certainly get my use from this having just accepted a new role at Work. I have a lot of training to do and this will be perfect for all of my notes. I love the colour too, very feminine. My favourite A5 notebook is also this colour so they will match.

Buttons Greetings Card

I definitely do use the blank greeting cards I receive. I made up a gift for a friend at work and use one from last months Ink Drops Box. I wonder who will be lucky enough to receive this beauty?!

Llama Birthday Card

Who doesn’t love Llamas? I loved the last Llama card so much I kept it! The verse on the front is really funny and quirky too. I will possibly gift this one, well, maybe…

Sloth Eraser Topped Pencil

I love Sloths! They are super cute and cuddly, I want to keep them when I see them. Now I get to keep the next best thing. I love that the eraser has two parts to it, the branch section comes off.

Sticky Pen Holder

It always surprises me with stationery that I find things that I never knew were a thing. Like last month the pencil toppers. This makes perfect sense to me, I am always putting my pens down at work and rummaging around for them when I need to jot something down. Not anymore. This just sticks to the edge of your notebook to hold the pen! So simple yet genius!

My Verdict?

My favourite item from this Months edit is the pencil with the Sloth eraser. It is just so cute and unusual. Bound to turn heads at the office!

I genuinely look forward to my Ink Drops delivery each month, sometimes it is nice just to enjoy useful items that I use each day, and the added bonus of not trailing around the shops. If you are a Stationery Addict, then this is one I highly recommend you subscribe to. You really cannot go wrong for just £15 each month delivered.

It is definitely worth browsing their Website for gift ideas, they have a Mini Subscription priced at just £30 for 3 months. There are themed bundles such as I love to be beside the Seaside (£13.50), and I Love Fairytales (£7).

It is also worth checking out their Blog. Lots of Articles have been written by the owners of this Subscription!

Thank you as always for reading, you can subscribe via the link below, or follow Ink Drops on their Social Media…

Mel x

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