Pink Sugar Plum The Pamper Box Review by Mel – August 2019

Thank you to the lovely Haley, owner of Pink Sugar Plum for sending me this months The Pamper Box to review.

I review this box every month, but I have had to have a couple of months off due to moving house. Let’s just say that after that move, I am more than ready for this wonderful box to relax and unwind. This is the kind of box I do want to see, not the house moving ones, ha!

This months theme is: Tropical Fruit

This box arrives via Royal Mail, and always comes in a pink plastic mailing bag to protect the treats inside. I really love the box, with its coordinating tissue and stickers. It is really big too which means you can fit lots inside!

If you missed my live unboxing, you can either watch it back on our Facebook Group or click play below where I have uploaded it to our YouTube Channel…

About The Pamper Box?

You will receive at least 5 items per month that are FULL size, never samples! The items are handmade and sourced from all over the UK. What is even better? They are Cruelty Free! My 2 favourite words!

An example of the kind of products you will receive:

  • Bath Bombs
  • Soaps
  • Bath Salts
  • Bubble Bath Bars
  • Whipped Soap
  • Bath Melts
  • Shower Gel / Bubble Bath
  • Sugar Scrubs
  • Body Butter
  • Face Mask
  • Lip Balm / Lip Scrub
  • Scented Candles
  • Sweet Treats
  • Relaxing Tea

So what is inside this beautiful box?

  • Watermelon Fizzing Bath Salts
  • Dragon Fruit Bath Bomb
  • Pineapple Fresh Foot Pumice Soap
  • Mango Bath Bomb
  • Coconut Soap
  • Candle – Pineapple/Mango
  • Tea – Chocolate Coconut
  • Sweet Treat – Skittle Fruit Dips with Yoghurt
  • Scratch Card

How much does it cost?

Postage for Monthly is £3.95, but for 3, 6 and 12 Month options above, it is included in the price!


Lets talk about this month’s treats…

Watermelon Fizzing Bath Salts

These were what I could smell though the box. They are seriously fruity! My son kept asking to sniff these, so I let him add some into his bath. Only a little mind, the rest are all mine!

Pineapple Pumice Soap

I needed this, my feet are so bad I actually had a cracked heel a couple of weeks ago. I have been non stop, and packing up to move in the heat we had. I loved the last one of these I had in the rose scent. Not only do they remove dry skin, but they make your tootsies smell lovely too.

Coconut Soap

I was really hoping for some lovely soap in this box. I have a beautiful new Bathroom and I bought an oversized soap dish so I can have up to 3 in there at once. This smells gorgeous and looks pretty. I chop them in half usually so they are easier to handle too.

Pineapple/Mango Candle

I do love a candle nowadays. Nothing more relaxing than staring into space with the flicker of a flame. I love pure silence. I remember when I was young I wondered why people enjoyed silence so much, now I know. This one I used in my new Bathroom. The best part of my house has to be the Bathroom. With the lights off and this lit I was so at peace. That is rare believe me!

Dragonfruit Bath Bomb

This is the white one, I haven’t used this one yet as wanted to try out the green one first.

Mango Bath Bomb

This created as Archie called it, a dragon bath. I managed to keep him out of it for a little while and then he dived in with me! My boys love bath bombs as much as I do, ha!

Scratch & Reveal Card

I got a FREE Bath Bomb. I have mentioned so many times that I love the idea behind these cards. Brilliant if you need to buy someone a gift too, use your freebies, they will never know!

Twinings Chocolate Coconut Tea

I have had this one before and really liked it. I can’t recall if it was in another PSP box or not? Thursday was my day off, and I didn’t know what to do with myself as the kids were back at School. I enjoyed this and then went for a mid morning nap.

My Verdict?

This box is perfect for anyone who loves a pamper, but wants an all round box and not just Bath items. It is packed full and really feels like you are getting a present in the post each month. The themes are always carefully thought out, and I find that there are just the right amount of each type of pamper item to see you through the month.

All of the items are Cruelty Free, which is amazing too!

Please do check out their online Shop too, there are literally hundreds of items. My favourite has to be this Lucky Dip Box which is a BARGAIN at just £12.95 posted! What are you even waiting for? Links are below…

Mel x

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