Smartass & Sass ‘Adulting is Hard’ Review by Mel – August 2019

A huge Thank you to Abby from Smartass & Sass for sending me this box to review! I have had a little bit of time off from reviews as we just bought a house and moved in 3 weeks ago. I didn’t miss last months box as it was kindly sent to me as a gift, how lucky am I?! The theme was ‘For Fox sake’ and it even had a toy fox in it which my youngest Son has taken ownership of. I would genuinely get withdrawals from this box should it stop arriving. It is a pure box of witty happiness with this month being no exception, you will see soon!

Smartass & Sass is the box baby of Kim & Abby, who have been besties for 25 years. These fun and sassy boxes contain 5-7 unusual treats every month. They also do a Shirt only subscription, and a Big Box version which is basically the 2 boxes combined. All subscriptions ship between 16th and 18th of each month.

This months edit is…. ‘Adulting is Hard’

I have to say that theme wise, this is the best one to date. I am always saying to my other half that I do not want to Adult anymore. Why did we have to grow up anyway? I mean I get it, we have to… but it doesn’t mean I want to!

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back on our Facebook Group, or by clicking play below on our YouTube Channel…

What is inside this Months Edit?

Box Total = $77.99 (£64.15)

How much does it cost?

The prices are in USD, so I have converted them to GBP below:

  • Monthly – $34.95 (£28.75)
  • 3 Monthly – $101.85 (£83.77)
  • 6 Monthly – $197.60 (£162.53)

Postage to the UK is $16.95 (£13.94)

Use the discount code ‘NEWSASS’ for 15% off any Subscription!

Even with the postage to the UK, the box contents are worth much more than what you have paid, and lets face it, they are unique so you will be the envy of everyone!

Time to talk about all of these goodies!…

Instant Wit Wine Tumbler

Well, it is unbreakable which would have been handy when my Sister visited last weekend. Actually she managed to keep the Wine glasses in tact, but she dropped an entire bottle on the Kitchen floor, ha! I was tempted to wring out the mop if I am honest. I will definitely use this, fab idea for when I have an evening tipple and the boys are still awake. No more crying over spilt wine for me!

I cannot Adult today Socks

This is me like every day! I really do not like having to be the serious grown up, inside I want to be a child all of the time. I have a wicked sense of humour and never take life too seriously. I remember the Tea Towel I got a few months ago from Primitives by Kathy too, it is still going strong in our new House.

I have to do what?! Notepad

Confessions of an organisational freak. I have a list for a list, and another list. This is absolutely PERFECT. Will keep me going for a least a week, ha! It will take me to my happy organised place on a daily basis. Brilliant addition to the box.

Not a real Adult Sassy Stickies

My faves, I love that these are in every box and they all have different things printed on them. My eldest Son asked me if he can take some to School, you can imagine how that conversation with his Teacher may go down…

The only thing holding my shit together is this bag – Tote Bag

Yet again another high quality item! I loved the Summer Beach Bag and this is also so durable and well made. I am going to be the talk of the shops when I wander around with this on my shoulder. Lets’ hope they all are not offended, I am not too worried if they are though! They will only be jealous they don’t have one too I think.

Survived another Workweek Ribbon

Well, what can I say about this… survived would be the polite way of putting it. Escaped with my life again? All will be ok though as this week was a good one, I was offered another job and therefore resigned! So this item is a genuinely accepted award for me!

Let’s overthink this Enamel Pin

All of us ladies overthink things, god if we didn’t I think that would make us weird. We overthink things until we can’t sleep, well I do. Lately mine has all been career related. Well I have finally put that to bed so now I need to find something else to overthink. I will wear this with pride.

My Verdict?

I think the whole concept of this box is just brilliant. I would miss this the most if I were to get a bang on the head and stop loving subscription boxes. This edit could have been made for me, and to find a box that suits your personality is rare. It is one I always talk about, I use all of the items. I am sipping from my girls just wanna have fun beaker as I type right now!

You can’t go in the shop and buy any of these, they are all online businesses or exclusive to the box. You are getting all of these fun, quirky items; guaranteed to put a smile on your face (and others when they see them).

The September Theme is: ‘Rise & Grind’, and the sneak peek says that the goodies are all about getting that ass out of bed and hustling hard! Click below to get your hands on one quick, before the cut off date …

Don’t forget the discount code ‘NEWSASS’ for 15% off any subscription!

Mel x

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