Ink Drops Stationery Review by Mel – August 2019

Thank you to the lovely Carla and Anastasia for sending me the April edition of Ink Drops Stationery. For all of you Stationery addicts, I have had a couple of months off from reviewing this due to moving house. I am so happy to be back doing reviews as I am passionate about subscription boxes. This one especially helps me to keep my organised (usually) life in order! Check out my previous reviews on our Website, just type Ink Drops in the search bar.

This Subscription for me teams fun, organisation, and convenience. Do I have the time to shop for most of these items? Very rare! It also means that I always have some essential stationery items to hand just when I need them. It is letterbox friendly for most of you (my letterbox is too small), so most of the time you won’t need to be home for Mr/Mrs Postie. I have just accepted a new job on Friday, which will involve some days working from home. I will need to set myself up some office space too so these items will be used even more than before.

This Months edit arrived via Royal Mail in the usual boxelope (Box Envelope), and when you open that there is a further envelope inside which looks like this…

If you missed my live unboxing on our Facebook Group then click on the link to go there, or click play below to watch back on our YouTube Channel…

How much will it cost?

Just £15 including postage, delivered!

There is no minimum term on a subscription, and it is simple to cancel via PayPal. You can also buy their monthly edits as a one-off via the online shop.

What is inside this Month?

I never really need very much to make the photos look good with this box, everything is always so bright and cheery…

  • Monster Jotter – perfect for keeping track of tasks when your routine is shot to pieces by the summer.
  • A beautiful pattered card – Dandelion design, blank inside so perfect for all occasions.
  • Ladybird Stickers – to adorn your notebook, jotter or laptop.
  • Monstera Card – The ideal size for a quick note or a thank you.
  • Set of pencil caps – for making sure your pencils don’t get purloined by kids, colleagues or housemates!

Let’s talk about the goodies inside the box this month…

Monster Jotter

As discussed in my live unboxing, I have gifted this to my eldest Son. He starts high school which is a huge change in his life. He will need to make himself some lists to remember everything while he transitions.

Pencil Cap Set

These are brilliant! So useful and also stops you from sharpening them so often. I have let Joel have the 2 stripy ones and kept the rest.

Ladybird Crystal Sticker Set

I have gifted these to my youngest Son who has an obsession with both stickers and creatures. He even names them. I will soon find them dotted around the house I am sure, but at least they are pretty!

Dandelion Greeting Card

I love receiving multi use cards, it helps me when I am too busy to go to the shops and remember something last minute. These also are really high quality, better than what you can pick up in the Supermarket.

Monstera Greeting Card

Another cute little card, this could also be given to someone younger I think. I often send gifts so perfect to pop in with a gift box.

My Verdict?

My favourite item from this Months edit is the pencil cap set. I just never knew you could buy them! I obviously lead a very sheltered life, ha. They are really handy though as I can now pop a pencil in my bag too without it breaking.

I genuinely look forward to my Ink Drops delivery each month, sometimes it is nice just to enjoy useful items that I use each day, rather than spending every night with a different facemask on. If you are a Stationery Addict, then this is one I highly recommend you subscribe to. You really cannot go wrong for just £15 each month delivered.

It is definitely worth browsing their Website for gift ideas, they have a Mini Subscription priced at just £30 for 3 months. There are themed bundles such as I love to be beside the Seaside (£13.50), and I Love Fairytales (£7).

It is also worth checking out their Blog. Lots of Articles have been written by the owners of this Subscription!

Thank you as always for reading, you can subscribe via the link below, or follow Ink Drops on their Social Media…

Mel x

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