Toppbox Review By Darren & Nazia – August 2019

It has been a couple of months since my last Toppbox unboxing and there has been a good reason for this, the team have been hard at work to produce and launch their own brand of products. All of their new products are natural, cruelty free, vegan friendly and use no harsh chemicals. In addition to this they are using green packaging for a number of their products which are 100% recyclable and better for the environment. I’d like to say a big thank you to Alham for sending this newly launched box to review.

If you missed my wife and I unboxing Toppbox live on Facebook, you can catch it here on the BoXession YouTube channel:

What is Toppbox?

Toppbox believe that looking after yourself doesn’t have to be hard and you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to the products you use. Toppbox have combined the finest natural ingredients with some clever science to create highly effective grooming products to help you look and feel your best! Their products have been made using gentle formulation specifically for sensitive skin. All their products are kind enough and suitable for all skin types.

How much is it?

There are four options to choose from:


  • Monthly – £14
  • Bi-monthly – £14
  • One – off box – £28


  • Monthly – £14
  • Bi-monthly – £14
  • One – off box – £28


  • Monthly – £12
  • Bi-monthly – 12
  • One- off box – £24


  • Monthly – £10
  • Bi-monthly – 10
  • One- off box – £20

Delivery is FREE via Royal Mail

What I recieved:

  • Contents Card
  • TOPP Body Wash 250ml
  • TOPP Hair Wash 250ml
  • TOPP Face Wash 75ml
  • TOPP Face Moisturiser 75ml
  • TOPP Beard Wash 75ml
  • TOPP Beard Oil 30ml

What I thought:

TOPP Body Wash
Rejuvenating and uplifting, this body wash works into a rich lather that boosts circulation, invigorating the skin whilst heightening senses, leaving you feeling wide awake and seriously clean. Formulated to cleanse away sweat and dirt without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

This haS an amazing fresh citrus and menthol scent that was noticeable as soon as I opened the bottle. It worked up into a lather easily and left my skin feeling clean while the menthol helped to wake me up in the morning with a pleasant cooling sensation. I have sensitive skin and this didn’t dry it out at all which is a great indication of a well-produced product, I will see how long the bottle lasts then I will decide how often I will need to order another bottle.

TOPP Hair Wash
Hair strengthening and scalp conditioning, this hair wash works into a rich lather that removes dirt and residue from root to tip without stripping the hair of its natural oils. Creating an optimum scalp environment for fuller thicker, healthier-looking hair with just the right amount of shine.

As I normally keep my hair buzzed on the short side, I don’t normally worry too much about what shampoo I use. I decided I would give this a go during the week and was pleasantly surprised with how it left my scalp feeling hydrated and not dry like some other shampoos I have used in the past. It has a similar scent to the body wash with citrus and menthol being the main components, with the menthol again giving that zing to wake me up in the morning.

TOPP Face Wash
High in antioxidants, this non-drying, super soothing and great smelling face wash has been formulated to cleanse the skin by gently removing dirt and impurities whilst restoring natural moisture levels, to leave your skin looking clear and feeling fresh.

The face wash has a thick creamy consistency with a subtle fresh smell, it left my face feeling fresh and clean without drying it out ready for me to apply the moisturiser.

TOPP Face Moisturiser
Light-weight and non-greasy, this gentle face moisturiser has been formulated to provide essential nutrients to the skin whilst allowing pores to breath. Absorbs quickly to lock in moisture and provide the much-needed hydration without the unwanted shine, leaving your skin looking healthy and vibrant.

I used this in combination with the face wash and after a couple of days I felt like my skin was looking healthier and less dry. It has a similar subtle scent as the face wash and rubbed into the skin on my face quickly and easily without leaving my skin feeling greasy. A great combination of products!

TOPP Beard Wash
Imparting moisture-rich ingredients, this conditioning beard wash works into a rich lather to gently clean both beard and the skin underneath, rinsing out dirt and impurities whilst replenishing natural moisture levels, to leave your beard fresh, clean and hydrated.

I used this a couple of times this week to wash my beard and it has a similar subtle fresh scent as the face wash and moisturiser. It left my beard feeling clean and hydrated and didn’t dry out the skin underneath, a great product which I will continue using, especially as a little goes a long way so I can see this bottle lasting me a while before it’s all finished!

TOPP Beard Oil

Light-weight and non-greasy, this beard oil has been formulated using the finest blend of natural oils to nourish, hydrate and strengthen your beard and the skin underneath, to leave your beard smelling great, feeling soft and looking healthy, with just the right amount of shine.

The beard oil comes in a handy little pump dispenser making it quick and easy to apply in the morning after my shower, a quick press and I have enough to work into my beard and the skin underneath. It has a fresh woody smell which isn’t overpowering, always good for a beard oil as I will be smelling it for the rest of the day as its on my face! It left my skin feeling hydrated and the beard soft with a slight shine. Again, another product I will be happy to continue using.


On one hand I am sad that I will not get to test out the various range of products that TOPPBOX have been sending me over the past year, but I love the new products they have launched. I found all of the items were of a great quality and I like the direction the company are going with the natural and cruelty free products and the green recyclable packaging they have started to use! All the products and packaging are made here in the UK which I think is great and helps to show how they are committed to being as green as they can.

I plan to continue to getting most of these items from TOPPBOX and as I continue to use them, I will have an idea of which subscription I require as I can see some of the products being used quick then others.

I love the direction the team have taken with these boxes and wish them the best of luck with the future and hope to see the product range expand over time!


If you’d like to know more about Toppbox you can visit their website or social media accounts:

Website Facebook Twitter Instagram

Thanks for reading – Darren