Cosy Killer June 2019 Review by Gemma


First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you to Jo from Cosy Killer for sending this over.

This box is different to anything we have reviewed before- it is a murder mystery box! There are 2 stories, and each story runs for one year (12 boxes, 1 per month) and each month, you collect more and more clues and items to help you solve the case. One story is set in Egypt and the other, the one I got, is set in India.

The box was confusing at first, as it looked official! The heading ‘Fairhall and Brett Inheritance Recovery’ made me think I was quids in for a minute! Then I remembered about cosy killer and realised that this is all part of the story- very clever! This is the third instalment- if you missed the last 2 months, go check them out!

If you missed me unboxing this intriguing box, here it is on our YouTube channel:

This box is letterbox sized and in the last couple of months we discovered the diary of a Miss Marie Price, who I believe the story centres around, as well as some other artefacts, letters and cryptic clues!

So this boxes contents were a little different than the usual beauty products we are used to. But different in a good way, of course!

A lot of items this month that have definitely upped the intrigue and curiosity about the case- I need to delve deeper!

The items this month were wrapped in brown tissue paper and were accompanied by a letter explaining a little more about what they were and why they had been sent. I don’t want to spoil things for you in case you wish to subscribe and follow the story yourselves, so I will just skim over the contents!

The first item was a letter from the descendent of one of Marie’s friends, giving us some information about his family and forwarding on some letters between his relative and Marie that he wished to pass on to us, and that he wanted to pass on an address of a lady whose mother is regularly referred to in the letters- maybe this will lead to more clues next month?

The letters described above were the main item in the box this month, there were a series of letters from Marie to an Agatha, who I assume is the relative mentioned above. They include postcards, a Christmas card and some drawings of some other people involved in the story- we find out in Marie’s diary from the first box that she is a keen artist and wished to work on her portraits, so this makes sense that she would draw the people she comes into contact with. We have to think about the fact that this story is set before cameras were widely available too! All the letters, drawings and postcards were tied up with brown string to keep them all together and in order. I don’t want to give away too much about the contents of the letters, but Marie tells Agatha a lot about the people around her and what she is experiencing in India.

There was also a passenger manifest for the boat that Marie travelled to India on, with a little more information about some of the people she spent a lot of time with on her journey. A lot of Marie’s diary centres around her journey and the sites she saw on the way, such as the pyramids in Egypt, where one of the above postcards is from. We also learn a little about the other passengers, and the manifesto helps us to fill in a few more of the gaps. We find out from this that Marie was 23 at the time of her journey. That is a huge journey to make for a 23-year-old even now, so I imagine it was even more of a huge thing back when this story is set!

The Prices

Very simple options here- as each story runs for 12 months, you pay £25 per month or you can prepay for the full story, which is £275.

They are developing other stories and they do have a facebook group specifically to discuss the cases and swap notes and ideas.

My Verdict

I love this idea- I have always been fascinated with crime, having specialised in Criminal Psychology during my final year at university, and the idea of a murder mystery subscription box, where you get new clues every month to solve the crime from your living room is something that really appeals to me!

If you want to become an armchair detective and solve your own murder mystery, here are the links you need:

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Thank you for reading,

Gemma x