G&T Club Review by Mel – June 2019

A Huge Thank you to Christian & Konrad, the Co Founders of G&T Club, for asking us to review their Subscription Box! This is now our third box, and it arrived shortly after I landed home from our holiday in France. Let me tell you, I needed a little drink after that drive!

Gin has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and my other half, Rob, is particularly fond of a G&T. I don’t mind a little tipple too, you know in the evening when the kids are in bed.

I have seen a few Gin subscription boxes, but this one caught my eye because this box contains a FULL size bottle. The one thing that has steered me away from the smaller bottle subscriptions is that Rob does not do small when it comes to the measure of his Gin, ha!

I was so very impressed with the speed and service of the DHL delivery, and the way that this box was packaged is fantastic. I mention further down about the fact it is all fully recyclable too. It is in a very large plain box, and has an Air Pac that protects all of the breakable items inside. This month it was taped up, and had their logo printed repeatedly all over the tape so I knew exactly what it was inside.

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back on our Facebook Group, or by clicking play below on our YouTube Channel…

So how does it work?

The cost of this Subscription is just £40, the shipping is FREE! You can Cancel at any time. You can choose Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Quarterly.

Here is what you will receive in each box:

  • 1 full size bottle of gin
  • 2 pairing tonics
  • Bonus botanicals
  • Sweet and savoury snack
  • G&T Club discovery cards

Whats more, they donate 5% of their profits annually to the Lemonaid+Charitea Foundation. You can read a little more about their reasons behind this here.

I applaud that upcoming Businesses are more ethically conscious. Even the packaging from this box is 100% recyclable, yes even that plastic Air pac bag!

So what is in the Box this Month?

Use the discount code ‘BX22’ for 40% off your first box!

Divine Gin 70cl Bottle

The first thing you notice about this is the stunning design of the bottle. It really does have an elegance about it. This month I received a free glass too, I was so happy about that. I have been holding off buying any due to us moving house at the end of July, but I will make an exception for a lovely gift such as this.

The Divine distillery is based in Holmfirth, Yorkshire. I live with a Yorkshireman so this was given the thumbs up even before the taste test.

I don’t usually like the smell of Gin too much, but this, is like something from a perfumerie. It is so fragrant!

1724 Tonic Water

I have never heard of this brand before. I was fascinated to read that its name is derived from the quinine, 1724 metres above sea level. This is now my new favourite tonic. Rob and I differed on this opinion. He loves a bitter taste, but I really liked that this is more fruity, and not too fizzy. Yes I will be buying this again.

I have purposely included the picture at full size just to capture the sheer beauty of the simplicity. The funny thing about the taste test was when we tried it Rob said immediately that it is a more peppery flavour. When reading the card it mentions that twice. I could taste more sweet notes, but we do have different palettes.

Honestly, I absolutely love this Gin. This is one I am glad can be bought here in the UK. I think it would also make an exceptional gift.

Botanicals – Pink Peppercorn

These will go really well with the peppery notes in Divine Gin.

Gin Nuts – Lemon & Thyme mix

I let Rob eat these as I am not a nutty person. Personality maybe, ha!.. I do like the handy resealable tub though.

Raspberry Meringue Bar

I did not even tell him this was in the box, I swiped it. The fact I have now googled where I can buy these from tells you everything you need to know about how much I enjoyed this beauty.

There is an extra card included in this months box. Now we prefer our G&T as it is, but I am keeping this for our Housewarming BBQ when we finally get moved. I can show off to my guests my skills, if there is any left by then of course!

Our Verdict?

This has to be my favourite Gin to date from G&T Club, now I know I am to stay impartial, but with a name like Divine that lives up to its label, it is hard not to let you all know how good this one is.

If you are a Gin lover, or know someone who is, you would be insane not to sign up to this.

Links are below to order, don’t forget the 40% off code above! (BX22).

Mel x


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