Mindful Gifting Review by Gemma – June 2019

I would like to start off by thanking Emma from Mindful Gifting for sending this box to review again. I reviewed this box last year and absolutely loved it, so I jumped at the chance to review it again.

Mindful Gifting encourage making mindfulness a part of your lifestyle, and curate beautiful boxes full of products to help you achieve this!

They were established in 2018, so are a relatively new company to the world of subscription boxes! Their mission is simple; to make self-care and mindfulness and essential part of our daily lives, whilst also providing quality and ethical products to make this accessible to all! What a fantastic idea, and one that I can definitely get on board with!

Another thing I love about this company is the fact that their products are all carefully selected and hand-picked to ensure that they are cruelty free, eco-friendly and vegan! Each box will contain 5-10 items, including things such as beauty items, household items, food and things to do to keep you on track. They also support small businesses, which we at BoXession applaud too!

If you missed me unboxing this on our Boxession facebook group (come say hello if you’re not already a member!), then you can find it here on our YouTube channel:

I will go through the prices later in the review, but for now, let’s get to the good bit- the products!

The box comes via royal mail, enclosed inside a postage bag. It does need to be signed for, and is not letterbox size so you may get red carded for it (as I did!) unless you happen to be in to catch the postie, but the contents are worth it, I promise!

As you can see from the cover picture, the box is a very light blue colour with the mindful gifting logo in the top corner and a security seal to ensure freshness of the products and gives you peace of mind that it has not been tampered with on route!

The inside of the lid says “A touch of Kindness”, which I thought was lovely, and definitely gave me a warm feeling and made me excited about the goodies I would find inside! There was a plain envelope on top of the tissue paper, and inside was a thick card listing all the products inside, which was swiftly put to the side so as not to ruin the surprise! It also told me that this was the May Edition of the box. On peeling back the branded sticker and the lovely peach coloured tissue paper, I was met with:

How beautiful does it all look? I fell in love instantly!

The first item was from a brand called Love Raw and it was a Cacao and Cardamom Almond Drink. This drink is vegan, dairy free and has nothing artificial inside it. It is a huge 330ml carton. It is almond milk with cacao and a hint of cardamom. I was intrigued by this, as I do love cacao and milk, and I have tried almond milk before and thought it was ok. However, the cardamom didn’t seem to fit in and left me feeling apprehensive. How wrong was I? This was smooth, thick and delicious!

The second item (s) were two PUKKA Teabags. One flavour was Three Tulsi, described as a sacred organic blend flowering vibrant clarity and the other flavour was Wild Apple and Cinnamon with Ginger, which sounds delicious! I haven’t got round to trying these yet, but I love PUKKA and have tried loads of their flavours in the past, so I imagine these will be just as good.

The third item was by Pretty Little Treats and was a little tub of All Purpose Lavender Butter. This comes in the cutest packaging, and it has a multitude of uses. It calms and soothes the skin, as well as the senses. I am not always a fan of Lavender due to my hayfever but this is really subtle and not at all overpowering. It is the perfect size for your handbag or pocket, as well as keeping by your bed to apply to your temples to help you drift off to sleep!

The fourth item was from a brand called Trulips and was their original lip balm. It is cruelty free, natural and vegan. Again, this is in cute little packaging and can fit into your bag or pocket. It doesn’t have a smell to it, but has a lovely texture and left my lips super soft and smooth.

The fifth item was a book called The Little Book of Quiet by Tiddy Rowan. This has lots of tips and tricks for how to introduce peace and quiet into your life. It is one of those books you can dip in and out of as it is really easy to read too.

The sixth item was from a brand called Yoga Matters and was a Yoga Blanket. This item was so big that it didn’t fit in the box and was packed in the postage bag separately! It is super soft and ideal for using for meditation or restorative yoga. I teach yoga classes myself and practice whenever I can, so this will definitely come in handy!

The seventh item is arguably the most beautiful item in the box. It is a stunning Dream Catcher by Owls Road. It has white feathers hanging down from it, and an intricate web like pattern where the dreams are ‘caught’! White feathers are quite symbolic for me, as they mean that lost loved ones are near, and I lost my nan 2 years ago, so this will remind me that she is close by! This will have pride of place in my bedroom!

So that is everything in the box, I am absolutely besotted with it all! I cannot put a price on this, as I don’t believe this is the sort of box that is based on the monetary value of the items, it is more about the value they will bring to your life and your wellbeing!

The prices are as follows:

  • UK- £30 Per Month
  • International- £30 Per Month
  • One off box- £40
  • 3 Month prepay- £105

You can cancel at anytime with the monthly subscription and they usually ship on or around the 27th of the month.

The discount code I was given with the box was ‘NEW15%’, which gives you 15% off your first box full of products designed to give you some much needed ‘me time’!

My Verdict.

I could not love this box, or the idea behind it, more! If it isn’t already obvious from my review so far, I would absolutely subscribe to this, I think it is so important to look after yourself and this box is a monthly reminder to do so! My job as a psychologist means I am so passionate about mental health and wellbeing, so to know that there is a subscription box out there that is focused on helping improve these things warms my heart! It would also make the perfect gift for someone who you feel deserves something special! I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to buy this box!

If you want to get your hands on one, here are the links you will need:

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Thank you so much for reading,

Gemma x