Cosy Killer Review by Gemma – May 2019

First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you to Jo from Cosy Killer for sending this over.

This box is different to anything we have reviewed before- it is a murder mystery box! There are 2 stories, and each story runs for one year (12 boxes, 1 per month) and each month, you collect more and more clues and items to help you solve the case. One story is set in Egypt and the other, the one I got, is set in India.

The box was confusing at first, as it looked official! The heading ‘Fairhall and Brett Inheritance Recovery’ made me think I was quids in for a minute! Then I remembered about cosy killer and realised that this is all part of the story- very clever! This is the second instalment- if you missed last months, go check it out!

If you missed me unboxing this intriguing box, here it is on our YouTube channel:

This box is letterbox sized and here is the exciting bit- I am unboxing this for the next 3 months, so we can follow along with the story a little longer! I unboxed last month and there was a welcome letter and a diary of a Miss Marie Price, who I believe the story centres around!

So this boxes contents were a little different than the usual beauty products we are used to. But different in a good way, of course! As you can see from this picture:

The items this month were wrapped in brown tissue paper and were accompanied by a letter explaining a little more about what they were and why they had been sent. Again, I don’t want to ruin the story for those of you who wish to subscribe and follow along yourself but the items this month were found in the same soil deposit as the journal from last month, so they must be linked somehow!

The items included this month are as follows:

A Diya, which after researching I found out is an oil lamp made of clay that they use around the Diwali festival in India. At the end of the journal I received last month, Marie stated it was almost Diwali, so I have a feeling this is linked to that.

There was also a Cigarette Card with Amelia Earhart on it. In the journal again, one of the characters smoked cigarettes and they often came with these cards in them, so this must somehow be linked to them.

There was also a stick of cinnamon and a toothpick, which I am not sure of yet in terms of how they are connected to the story, but I am sure they are and all will become clear!

Remember the codes from last time? Well, we got another one this time, and in the journal, Marie was trying to figure out the codes and decipher them to find out the meaning behind them

There was also a boarding pass of Marie’s for her boat trip from London to India when she started her new life. Plane travel was not common when this story is set, so most journeys were done by sea.

In the journal from last time, Marie mentions her sister numerous times and her obsession with a serial killer operating in Brighton, UK. There is a newspaper clipping about this case included this month that Marie’s sister must have sent to her. I am not yet sure how this is relevant to this case, but I am sure we will soon find out!

The last thing this month was a letter, addressed to Marie from one of her friends Agatha Groves, who is mentioned in the journal numerous times. Without giving too much away, in this letter, Agatha expresses her concern for Marie and fears she is getting too involved in trying to decipher the messages she keeps finding (see above re code).

A lot of items this month that have definitely upped the intrigue and curiosity about the case- I need to delve deeper!

The Prices

Very simple options here- as each story runs for 12 months, you pay £25 per month or you can prepay for the full story, which is £275.

They are developing other stories and they do have a facebook group specifically to discuss the cases and swap notes and ideas.

My Verdict

I love this idea- I have always been fascinated with crime, having specialised in Criminal Psychology during my final year at university, and the idea of a murder mystery subscription box, where you get new clues every month to solve the crime from your living room is something that really appeals to me! I am looking forward to the next 2 boxes to see how this story unfolds a little more!

If you want to become an armchair detective and solve your own murder mystery, here are the links you need:

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Thank you for reading,

Gemma x