TOPP Box Review by Darren & Nazia – May 2019

A new month means the delivery of another new Toppbox with an amazing selection of grooming products for me to test out. I always look forward to unboxing to see what I have been sent each month, but Nazia is even more enthusiastic about my Toppbox and she will always take a quick look before me. This month was no exception and I’d like to say a big thank you to Alham for sending this box to review.

If you missed my wife and I unboxing Toppbox live on Facebook, you can catch it here on the BoXession YouTube channel:

What is Toppbox?

TOPPBOX, are here to simply introduce you to great products from top brands at the comfort of your own home. Each month, they select 4-5 grooming products and deliver them directly to your door, helping you discover products you love! They’re great if you don’t know what products you should be using, interested in finding out what’s out there, want to keep up with the latest trends, or just want to have fun trying out different things.

How does it work?

They believe that looking after yourself doesn’t have to be hard and you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to the products you use. Join the club and they’ll send a you monthly assortment of premium grooming and skincare products from top brands, helping you discover products you love! From body to face, we’ll make sure you’ve got everything you need to look and feel your best!

  • Monthly – £24.00
  • Bimonthly (every 2 months) – £24.00
  • Quarterly (every 3 months) – £24.00

Delivery is free!

The box is posted out via Royal mail on the 15th of every month and renews on the 25th. You can suspend, restart or cancel before the 25th.

What did I recieve?

  • Contents Card
  • Christopher Courtney London Anti-Oxidant Chocolate Face Cleaner
  • Stone Street Soaphouse Geranimo Body Cream
  • Pure Skincare London Vitamin C Face Serum
  • Eden Perfumes No.240 Oud & Wood, Oriental Woody
  • MONU Instant Vitality Gel
  • Vir Original Body Spray
  • Men’s Cool Cotton Socks

What I thought:

Christopher Courtney London Anti-Oxidant Chocolate Face Cleaner
Indulge in this luxurious and effective cleanser that will thoroughly remove impurities whilst smoothing the skin. This cleanser will prevent dryness with its complex ingredients of anti-oxidants, cocoa and plant extracts to replenish and regenerate by gently removing dirt and pollution whilst nourishing your skin. Nazia tried to steal this one as soon as unboxing had finished! I found this left my skin feeling smooth and refreshed and a little went a long way. Yet another brand I will keep an eye out for and I would recommend trying.

Stone Street Soaphouse Geranimo Body Cream
This no-nonsense natural body cream is enriched with English honey, shea butter and cocoa butter. Free from artificial silicone and colours, parabens SLS and microbeads. Made with 100% responsibly sourced natural oils. I have sensitive skin so this product was perfect to try out with no artificial ingredients. It left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated and lasted all day, another highly recommended product.

Pure Skincare London Vitamin C Face Serum
Made with natural, organic and highly concentrated ingredients, this Retinol Face Serum will nourish and rejuvenate your skin. Formulated with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, squalene and aloe vera, this face serum will reduce damaged skin, acne scars, and dry or flaky skin. This left my skin feeling super hydrated and smooth, it is not the usual type of product I would use but with Toppbox it means I have the opportunity to try out new things.

Eden Perfumes No.240 Oud & Wood, Oriental Woody
Oud is one of the most sought after, precious and expensive ingredients in perfume, and is the clear star of this fragrance in a fresh uplifting way. This perfume smells a little bit like a freshly cut-down tree – it’s full of woody freshness and refinement. Works great wearing a suit and is lovely to wear to work. After a few hours on the skin, the woodiness develops into a gorgeous sweet, slightly silky musk that will envelop you with a sensuous aroma for all to bear witness to. This had an amazing woody scent without being overpowering, I have found oud in the past to be quite strong, but with this scent it was well balanced. It is not the normal scent I would usually pick but trying out the scent for a few days has convinced me that this is a great day to day aftershave to wear

MONU Instant Vitality Gel
Specially formulated to awaken and refresh tired, aching muscles whilst stimulating the senses and restoring vitality to the skin. Gently massage the gel into the muscles to feel an instant soothing sensation that promises to combat fatigue. Skin feels fresh and looks full of vitality. Packed full of natural ingredients including aloe vera, arnica extract and multi minerals to actively restore hydration and vivacity and recharge the skin to leave it looking and feeling renewed and relaxed. Perfect for after a workout. This was the perfect time to try this product for me as I had just finished a mud run this weekend so my tired and aching muscles needed some care! The gel had an amazing fresh smell and really helped to ease my  sore aching muscles.

Vir Original Body Spray
Vir original is the first thing you put on. It is the suite beneath your suit. Whether that is a 3 piece suit or a scuba suit, is not important. What is important is that you are at your best. No matter what you do today, it will begin in one place – your mind. A fresh mind needs a fresh body, and our body spray with cherry, coffee extract and menthol will keep you feeling fresh and smelling great. I wasn’t sure about how this would smell from the description of cherry coffee and menthol and was pleasantly surprised with this as each of the ingredients seemed to balance with the others. It left me with a pleasant scent which lasted for a long time.

Men’s Cool Cotton Socks
Vibrant, fun and full of life, these colourful socks are sure to add a little spring to your step. Sprinkled with a little high tech, these socks fit smugly onto feet, providing cushion to our step whilst enabling your feed to breath. Designed specially to add comfort and personality, be a rebel and wear these colourful men’s socks under your professional work attire. A funky pair of colourful socks with an interesting jigsaw pattern which were comfortable to wear all day. Not my normal choice of socks but great to add a pop of colour to my work outfit.



Another great month of new products from TOPPBOX who have put together a fantastic box of some fantastic products. This month’s box is amazing value for money with all the items adding up to nearly four times the subscription cost!

If you’d like to know more about Toppbox you can visit their website or social media accounts:

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Thanks for reading – Darren