Wuf Wuf Review by Nazia & Jasper – May 2019

We’ve been receiving Wuf Wuf box for a few months now and it has become a firm favourite for my doggo Jasper who really looks forward to his monthly treats, so a big thank you to Ece for sending these boxes out to us.

If you missed mine and Jasper’s live unboxing, you can catch it here on our YouTube channel:

What is WufWuf?

WufWuf is a monthly joy box for dogs and subscribers get a surprise box every month. They always have a monthly theme for their boxes and produce most of the toys in WufWuf which are mostly handmade and always natural. They started with a simple idea, they are also dog owners and they realised that they never forget to feed or walk their dogs. Simply, they never forget the basic needs of their dogs but may forget to buy toys or treats for them and it’s sometimes difficult to know which product they like. WufWuf tests the products and selects the best for your dog. WufWuf is not only a service but also a family bringing all dog owners together.

What do you get?

You are promised at least 5 products every month but you may sometimes get more than 5 items. A themed box with 5 or more items

  • 1 tough toy
  • 1 plush toy
  • 1 treat
  • 1 chew
  • 1 surprise product or accessory

When you subscribe you will be asked for your dog’s name, size and if they have any allergies to make sure the items they send are suitable for your dog.

How much is it?

£18.90 & shipping within the UK is always free – and you can cancel at any time!

Your first box ships immediately – next business day after subscription and the next payment will be on 7th of the following month and next shipment will be before 15th of the month.


What did we get?

  • Contents Card
  • Duraspikes
  • Wagg Dental Bites
  • Pooch & Mutt Mini Bone Treats
  • Feather ‘n’ Fur Fetch ‘em Ballz
  • Pet Munchies Duck Training Treats
  • The Dog Co, Take My Breath Away Sample pack
  • See You Later Alligator Chew

What did we think?

May’s box is the Jurassic Wuf themed box – the items are packaged in a medium sized recyclable box that has the WufWuf website printed on the top and along the sides. The products are wrapped in a colourful dinosaur/doggy wrapping paper. Inside the box I found the contents letter detailing the products within:


Specifically created for dogs who love to play rough and chew everything in sight, the Duraspikes collection is made from extra durable cotton canvas with innovative TPR spikes molded onto the fabric to withstand punctures from your dog’s teeth! This is definitely Jasper’s favourite toy in this box as he has spent hours licking, throwing, chewing and carrying this toy around and so far, it has survived his penchant for destruction!

Wagg Dental Bites – Lamb & Mint

This treat is distinctly shaped to help reduce tartar build up. With added mint to help promote fresh breath, it contains no artificial colours or flavours for a truly natural dental treat. Jasper really enjoys these treats and is never satisfied with only one or two haha! When I put the pack away he attempts to make me feel guilty by nudging me and giving me those eyes, you know, the ones that become big and round and pull at your heart strings….sometime it works and he gets one extra treat! So this product has gone down really well with Jasper!

Pooch & Mutt Mini Bone Treats

These Fresh Breath Dog Treats are a Natural, Ethical, Low calorie, Gluten-free and Hand-baked Mini-bone treat with added parsley, peppermint oil and chicory to promote breath freshness. These treats seem to be working, as Jasper’s breath is much fresher and he seems to enjoy them too. They’re small in size which are ideal to give as treats or can be easily mix with regular food.

Feather ‘n’ Fur Fetch ‘em Ballz

Strong and bouncy rubber balls that are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. These brightly coloured balls are great for fetch games, which is a great source of exercise for your pet and an even better way for you and your dog to bond. These are great – light, bouncy, fit in ball launchers and are easy to spot in the grass and provide endless doggy entertainment.

Pet Munchies Duck Training Treats

Pet Munchies Dog Training Treats are perfect for training dogs of all sizes, they are made from human grade meat and are naturally low in fat and are wheat, soya and gluten free. These tasty treats are cut into small pieces so ideal for training purposes, rewarding good behaviour or simply as a pleasurable treat. Duck flavoured treats are one of Jasper’s favourite and this was the first treat we tried from the box, he definitely liked them as he kept coming back for more.

The Dog Co, Take My Breath Away Sample pack

Hand-baked wheat, grain and gluten-free treats that not only assist with doggy breath but may also help with digestion. I like that this sample pack was added as it’s a great way of trying out new products and seeing what works well with your pets. Unfortunately Jasper wasn’t keen on these and turned his nose up at them so they’ve been gifted to my friend whose dog loves them.

See You Later Alligator Chew

Made with all-natural ingredients, the vegetable-based texture will help remove plaque and tartar as they chew. From our live unboxing I think you all saw that Jasper was energetically chewing away on this treat, I had to try and bribe him with another treat to try and get a picture! This is brilliant for keeping Jasper’s teeth clean, strong and healthy.


Are you wanting to get your fur baby a monthly treat? A dog subscription gift box is a great option, from healthy treats to durable toys and useful accessories – a Wuf Wuf subscription has it all! My doggo Jasper is always there for me, providing me with endless love and affection so the least I can do is show him how much he’s appreciated and loved by gifting him with a box of monthly treats and toys just for him! All the treats are healthy and good for his digestion which is good to know as we only want the best for our pets.

If you’d like to know more about WufWuf, you can visit their website or social media accounts:

Website Instagram Facebook

Thank you for reading…

Nazia & Jasper xx