Baboo Box Review By Nazia – May 2019

I am so excited to be reviewing my first ever pregnancy box! As a new mum-to-be it can be hard putting yourself first especially when there’s so much preparation needed to welcome a little one into the world, so it is important to take care of yourself so you can take care of your baby! Subscription boxes can make life so much easier as you’re sent surprise parcels to aid your pregnancy and well-being, so a very big thank you to Jess and Ruth for sending me this box to review!

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What is Baboo Box?

Welcome to the ultimate Pregnancy Survival Kit by Baboo- The ideal subscription gift for pregnant women! Baboo Box makes the journey through pregnancy an easier one.

What’s their ethos?

Baboo wanted to include products that would be really helpful to each trimester and where possible they have tried to support independent companies and many of the products they have chosen have won mother and baby awards and have been featured in the natural beauty bible. Where they can, they have used recycled and recyclable packaging. Baboo believes that they have come up with four boxes that will truly help you through each stage of your pregnancy (with a little fun thrown in for good measure).

How does it work?

Subscribe to all 4 boxes and save up to 15% on the collection, or order individually as gifts.

  • Individual boxes are £35 each
  • Subscribe to 2 boxes – £67 (£33.50 per box)
  • Subscribe to 3 boxes – £95 (£31.66 per box)
  • Subscribe to all 4 boxes – £119 (£29.75 per box)

Boxes are sent recorded delivery via Royal Mail and is included in the price.


What did I receive?

Second Trimester Box – Well Hello Bump!

This box is the ideal gift for pregnant women from week 16 onwards, is perfect for aiding sleep and contains:

  • Akamuti Tummy Rub – Keep stretch marks at bay with this beautiful tummy butter. Made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • SBC Lavender Room and Pillow Spray – Calming Lavender and Water Lily essentials oils will calm the mind and body when spritzed on your pillow before bed.
  • Hot Tea Mama, Night Owl Tea – Sleep is going to get harder soon so have this naturally caffeine free, lavender and chamomile tea with a little honey before bed!
  • Sleep Mask – A satin soft sleep mask to block the light and help with that elusive sleep. Top Tip: pack this in your hospital bag in case of an overnight stay!
  • Sass and Belle Note Book – Keep track of things you wanted to ask at the midwife appointments or write your hospital bag list in this pretty handbag size note book.
  • Bra extenders – So you don’t have to buy expensive new bras just yet.
  • Midwife appointment stickers– Keep track of your next appointment with a sticker in the diary.
  • Mocktail Card + Accessories – Close your eyes and pretend it’s the real thing!
  • Products may vary slightly depending on availability. All products are full size.

What I thought

The items are packaged in a small recyclable box that has the Baboo logo printed on the top and the website printed along the side. On opening the box there is a lovely yellow and green bunting attached to the inside and a contents card detailing the products within. The products are wrapped in bright green wrapping paper:

Akamuti Tummy Rub formulated specifically to promote skin elasticity and hydration, to ensure your skin stays healthy and smooth throughout your pregnancy. Superbly moisturising combination of rich and creamy organic shea butter, vitamin rich wheatgerm oil, creamy organic cocoa butter and precious rosehip. Luxuriously creamy this tummy rub is gentle on the skin and rubs in effortlessly leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth.

SBC Lavender Room and Pillow Spray a calming and relaxing room and pillow spray enriched with pure Lavender Essential Oil and Water Lily to soothe the body and mind. The delicate, lingering aroma helps to relax and aid a peaceful night’s sleep. I’m at the stage in my pregnancy where sleep is hard to come by due to being big and uncomfortable. I’ve been using a few sprays every night ever since receiving it in my box and it definitely helping me to drift off to sleep a lot easier than usual as it helps to calm my mind and relax my body.

Hot Tea Mama – Night Owl Tea for all the late nights, early mornings and broken sleeps…this caffeine-free maternity tea blend of calming herbs will help ease you into the land of nod. As someone who really enjoys a cup of tea I was really looking forward to trying this as it’s not a brand I’m familiar with. The taste is deliciously superb and really helped me to unwind after a busy day. A very soothing cup of tea that I highly recommend to all mamas to be that are in need of a good night’s sleep!

Sleep Mask a silk mask perfect for the delicate eye area which helps you to nod off at nights. Featuring a silk style finish to the front with a contrast embroidered slogan and an elasticated band to the head. This eye mask is a really good fit and sits on the eyes comfortably blocking out light and any distractions that might be going on around you aiding in a well needed nap, long haul flight or for every night use.

Sass and Belle Note Book Whether jotting down useful notes, letting your creativity flow, or writing your weekly shopping list, this is the perfect accessory for you right here. This cute little notebook is super helpful for all those things you keep forgetting due to ‘baby brain.’ I know if I don’t write something down I’ll instantly forget so this has been really handy for keeping me on top of my to do list!

Bra extenders I’m at that point now where all my bras are becoming that little bit tighter so this item was a delightful find! Two sets of red extenders which fit either a two hook or three hook bra. Soft, flexible and comfortable, it can make any bra band size larger and clips in easily to most bras so you don’t have to spend a small fortune on new bras.

Midwife appointment stickers use these handy stickers to keep yourself organised for your upcoming appointments, I’ve stuck this on the family calendar so my husband knows when they are.

Mocktail Card + Accessories this is a fun little addition to this box as you can close your eye and pretend you’re sat on a beach enjoying a delicious adult beverage without causing harm to your baby.


A wonderful and well-chosen box of items for aiding me through a smooth and stress free pregnancy. I like that the theme of this box is focused on sleep as it is one of the main things I’m struggling with at the moment, the extra items are also helpful and handy and I’ve been making good use of all the products in this box. This is also the perfect box to gift to someone expecting and is really great value for money – don’t forget to use our exclusive code to save an extra 5% off!

If you’d like to know more about Baboo Box you can visit their website or social media accounts here:

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Thank you for reading…

Nazia xx