Love from Bea Review by Gemma – April 2019

I want to say a big thank you to Beth for sending me this bright and cheerful box to review!

Love from Bea is a monthly self-care box to help you to look after your mental health. I’m a psychologist, so this gets a huge thumbs up from me!

If you missed me unboxing this delightful box, catch it here on our youtube channel (and subscribe if you haven’t already!):

I want to give a special mention to the box itself, as it is bright, colourful and covered in positive affirmations! Such a nice thing to receive in the post! It comes in a postage bag to protect the inner box too.

And look how crammed full it is too, including a personal handwritten note, which is now on my fridge:

So many items, I didn’t know where to start!

Affirmation Greetings Card

This is bright red, with the message ‘Don’t Forget to Love Yourself’ surrounded by daisies. It also comes with an envelope. This can be sent to someone who needs it most, or maybe you could use it to write a letter to yourself to remind you to love yourself more!

Affirmation Badge x2

These are labelled as Positive Pins, which I love! One was a raincloud saying ‘Storms don’t last forever’ and the other was a picture of some underpants labelled ‘Positive Pants’. They were so colourful and eye catching, I love them!

Affirmation Note Card

This is amazing- I have put it on my fridge! It says ‘I will move forward and become a better version of myself’ with a rainbow and a smiley woman. I love this sort of thing, it is motivational and helps me to push forward. You collect one of these every month to make a positive survival kit card deck!

Rough Amethyst Crystal

This came in a little drawstring bag with 2 other items (described below). Amethyst is said to be amazing for absorbing negative energy. It is also my birthstone and my favourite colour!

Amethyst Bracelet

Again contained in the drawstring bag, I adore this gorgeous little bracelet. It is elasticated, so no fiddly clasps, and you can wear this every day to stave off that negative energy.

Amethyst Lotus Diffuser Keyring

This was the third item in the drawstring bag, and another beautiful amethyst piece. It has amethyst stones and a lotus flower charm. You can add some essential oils to the stone for a calming experience.

1 Dram of Organic Sandalwood Aromatherapy Oil

I love using essential oils, as I think smell is really powerful in how it affects emotions. Aromatherapy can promote feel good sensors in your brain, so using this oil to apply to the wrists when anxious can be really calming.

Handmade Affirmation Notebook

This is just stunning! It has the words ‘Think Positive, Be Positive’ on the front, with a beautiful ribbon tie. I can’t use this for just anything, I will find something special to use this for!

Natural Soap Bar

Self-care is so important, and the next couple of items really promote that! This is wrapped up so beautifully, but I can smell the beautiful scent of strawberries and cream even through the wrapping! I am currently using a soap bar, so am leaving this wrapped until I come to use it, but the smell instantly made me think of summer and cheered me up immensely.

Natural Lip Balm

This is another beautiful item. Contained within another drawstring bag, this strawberry jam flavoured balm has the most stunning packaging too. It smells gorgeous, like a McDonalds strawberry milkshake, and is the perfect size for my handbag.

Fizzy Foot Spa

This is Orange and Cranberry scented and comes in the perfect size packet for travelling or even using after a hard day. Just add to warm water and soak your feet for a relaxing feeling and super soft feet!

Green and Blacks Chocolate Bar

I love chocolate! Green and Blacks is a very well-known and high quality company and this milk chocolate bar didn’t last long after the pictures were taken! Creamy and delicious, this was just the right size to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Love Hearts Sweets

An adorable little pack of love hearts sweets. I used to love these growing up and haven’t had them for ages. They also have cute messages on them to cheer you up, as well as give you a pick me up!

3 Pukka Organic Tea Bags

I love a good cuppa, especially green and herbal teas. Pukka are a brand I am familiar with and love, so these will go down a treat. There were 3 different flavours- Ginseng Matcha Green, Supreme Matcha Green and Clean Matcha Green. I have never tried any of these flavours, so they will all be new to me!

The Price.

This box costs £25 per month including postage. It arrives on the 1st of every month to start you off on a high! Definitely worth the price considering the amount of items you get in, and your mental health is worth every penny! They also have an etsy store with lots of feel good items available.

My Verdict.

I am a psychologist but I also have anxiety and depression, so this box speaks to me on a professional and a personal level. I believe we should all take the time out to take care of ourselves and our mental health and this box is not only a great reminder, but contains everything you need to do so!

If you want to get your own, here are the links you need:

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Thanks for reading,

Gemma x