G&T Club Review by Mel – April 2019

A Huge Thank you to Christian & Konrad, the Co Founders of G&T Club, for asking us to review their Subscription Box!

Gin has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and my other half, Rob, is particularly fond of a G&T. I don’t mind a little tipple too, you know in the evening when the kids are in bed.

I have seen a few Gin subscription boxes, but this one caught my eye because this box contains a FULL size bottle. The one thing that has steered me away from the smaller bottle subscriptions is that Rob does not do small when it comes to the measure of his Gin, ha!

I was so very impressed with the speed and service of the DHL delivery, and the way that this box was packaged is fantastic. I mention further down about the fact it is all fully recyclable too. It is in a very large plain box, and has an Air Pac that protects all of the breakable items inside. If you want a giggle, you can watch me wrestle getting into it in my live unboxing!

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back on our Facebook Group, or by clicking play below on our YouTube Channel…

So how does it work?

The cost of this Subscription is just £40, the shipping is FREE! You can Cancel at any time. You can choose Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Quarterly.

Here is what you will receive in each box:

  • 1 full size bottle of gin
  • 2 pairing tonics
  • Bonus botanicals
  • Sweet and savoury snack
  • G&T Club discovery cards

Whats more, they donate 5% of their profits annually to the Lemonaid+Charitea Foundation. You can read a little more about their reasons behind this here.

I applaud that upcoming Businesses are more ethically conscious. Even the packaging from this box is 100% recyclable, yes even that plastic Air pac bag you saw me wrestling with in the unboxing. I had to fish that out of the bin and into the Recycling after Christian emailed me to tell me, whoops!

So what is in the Box we received?

Box Total = £51.90!

Use the discount code ‘GTB4’ for 40% off your first box!

It will make your very first delivery just £24, with FREE Shipping too! It would be rude not to order at that price!

The Biggar Gin Co.

The first thing Rob said to me, is that’s huge! I know I did not expect it to be a full sized bottle! I love the way that the bottle has a batch number marked on. This Gin WON an award for the best London Dry Gin at the Gin Guide Awards 2018. The Company is owned by 2 Brothers; Euan and Stuart McVicar, who are based near the small Town of Biggar in Scotland (hence the name).

It is no weak Gin, at 43%! I had a Double measure and slept like a baby last night! For me there are lots of ways to drink a G&T, and I do love the flavoured Gin too. But sometimes you have to strip it back to basics. We enjoyed this with Ice & a slice, and the tonic below…

Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic Water

We are already a fan of Fevertree Tonic Waters. Our favourite is the Aromatic one. I am not going to lie, when it is on special offer we stock up. I was really impressed by this one, at first I thought it was just an ordinary Tonic, not noticing the ‘Mediterranean’ on the Label. It is really refreshing with a slight zing to it. I am going to buy some more of this tomorrow for next weekend.

Lemonaid – Organic Limeade

This bottle is exclusive to the box, as it is by the Charity they donate to. I drank this without Gin to get a true reflection of how it tasted. I am not a fan of sugary drinks, and nothing too fizzy either. This ticks both of those boxes, and I would definitely buy more. Maybe next time I will add some Gin?

Botanicals Juniper Berries

We have not used these (yet). We will do so in the near future. I know that you add them to your Gin for extra Flavour, but for the sole purpose of testing the Gin, we did not add them. I love the idea that you can collect lots of different ones each month, and if you were having guests over you could offer them different options.

Love Cocoa Gin & Tonic 70% Dark Chocolate

I know all about Love Cocoa, and have tried lots of their bars before. We have also reviewed one of their boxes. The brand is owned by James Cadbury, who is the Grandson of John Cadbury! Yes the same brand you are all thinking of. This Chocolate is something else, dare I say in another league to your shelf bought ones. I have recently started to acquire a taste for Dark Chocolate, I think it really depends on the quality. This is excellent. The packaging is so exquisite that you could give these as gifts too.

Walkers Baked Fusions – Thai Chilli & Lime

I am a savoury girl when having a drink, so I pinched these and ate them all (no shame). They went perfectly since I had lime in my gin too, ha!

Our Verdict?

I am really impressed with this box, and when you have seen as many as I have that takes a bit of doing. The fact you receive a FULL size Bottle is definitely where this box becomes a stand out from others in the subscription market. I don’t think you can tell how big it is from my photos. This will easily last us a month between us (maybe, ha).

You will get to see a follow up to this review, as G&T Club are kindly sending us a further box to review! Can’t wait!

Links are below to order, don’t forget the 40% off code above!

Mel x


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