Bewsh Box (Vegan) Review by Gemma – April 2019

First of all, I want to say a huge thank you to Ryan over at Bewsh for sending me this box to review.

Bewsh stands for Body Engineering With Strength and Hypertrophy and it is a supplement box for dieting, bulking or just excellent taste. You get at least 10 products per box and you can choose your goal to determine what kind of products you get- but more on that later!

The box came via royal mail, wrapped in a postage bag to protect the box. It is too big for the letterbox so you will need to be in to receive it, but the postage was super quick!

If you missed me unboxing this on our Facebook group, you can catch it here on our YouTube channel (and subscribe if you haven’t already!):

So, onto the contents then. Look how crammed full the box was:

I should mention also before I get into the products that this was the vegan box, so all products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The first item (or items!) were two cookies from a brand I discovered a few years ago and love: Lenny and Larrys. The cookies were Lemon and Poppyseed and White Chocolate and Raspberry flavours. These cookies are HUGE! Almost the size of my head! They don’t have that typical ‘gritty’ texture that a lot of protein products can have and they taste divine! With 16g of protein and 10g of fibre, these pack a punch!

The next item is a drink- Ufit’s Coco-Choc protein shake. This is chocolate coconut flavour, dairy free, no added sugar and 15g of protein, so the perfect post gym treat to help replenish those tired muscles! I am not a huge fan of coconut, but I gave this a go (the things I do for you lot!). It was very chocolatey, and the coconut was quite subtle but I wasn’t too keen. You cannot like everything though, and I am sure there are loads of other flavours  by this brand which I will be sure to check out!

The third was another drink- this time an energy drink by C4 in the flavour Midnight Cherry. This is zero sugar and a huge can, so great for on the go, tough workouts or long drives. I don’t tend to use energy drinks too much as I am quite sensitive to the caffeine in them but this one really helped me to power through a very tough workout and the flavour was gorgeous!

The fourth item was a Battle Oats protein cookie in Lemon Drizzle flavour. Back off ladies, this one is MINE! I adore lemon drizzle flavour and this cookie, with its 10g of protein, high fibre and gluten free formula really hit the spot. I had a morning off work so took the opportunity to train and slipped this in my bag to snack on at work. It was absolutely delicious-baked to perfection and totally moreish!

The fifth item was a Power Bar protein bar in Blueberry Nuts flavour. Blueberries are one of my favourite foods to snack on, but I am not a fan of nuts. This bar is made from natural ingredients and boasts 12g of protein per bar, which is a pretty impressive amount. The blueberries in this bar were sweet and chewy, but the nuts were too overpowering and I struggled to finish it. Again, I am going to look into this brand and their other flavour offerings, as I am sure there will be one I like!

The next one was a brand I am all too familiar with- Grenade Carb Killa Go Nuts bar in Salted Peanut. This is vegan society approved and is low in sugar, but high in protein. I really don’t like peanuts, so I gave this to my nut loving friend who described it as ‘just the right amount of chewy and crunchy- very nutty and really filling. Definitely kept me going until lunch’. Again, they are a brand I am a huge fan of and I have had many of their bars before, but personal preferences differ, and I just don’t like nuts. But at least this went to a good home!

The next item was interesting- Dr Zaks Chipotle Clusters. These are british made, high in protein (12g per pack), 7g of carbs and only 135 calories a pack. I was intrigued by these, as I have never heard of the brand. I have to be careful with foods that are too spicy due to a digestive illness I have, so I was apprehensive but I gave them a go. As soon as I opened them, the scent was really strong! I tried one and didn’t think it was too bad but after a few my mouth was burning. The taste was really nice though, so I folded the packet down and had some more a little later. I liked these more than I thought I would!

The second last item was a sachet of Chocolate protein powder by Optimum Nutrition. It is 100% plant based protein, gluten free and vegan, with 24g of protein per sachet. It is a single use sachet and I am planning on taking this to the gym with me for my next heavy workout to help my muscles recover afterwards.

The last item is one I have had before and am very happy to have again- The Protein Ball Company Lemon and Pistachio pack of 6 protein balls. The flavour of these is to die for, as I mentioned before I love anything lemon flavoured. They boast 7g of protein and will be coming in my bag for an energy boosting work snack.

The Prices.

There are a few options here. First you have to choose your goal, and then you will be sent items to help you on your way!

  • Diet Box £19.99 per month- this is for those looking to lose weight.
  • Bulking Box £19.99 per month- for those wanting muscle mass.
  • Bewsh Original £19.99 per month- best of both worlds.
  • Vegan Box £19.99 per month- all vegan products.
  • Doubling Up £34.99 per month- mix and match of 2 different, or 2 of the same.

All postage is free and they ship internationally. You can opt for next day delivery (if ordered before 12 noon), this is £5.99.

They also have a 30-day money back guarantee.

My verdict:

This box is perfect for anyone trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and achieve fitness goals. All products are carefully selected to ensure they will help you on your journey and support your aims. There are a variety of different subscription options, so even if your goal changes, there is still something for you!

If you want to subscribe or check them out on social media, here are the links you need:

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Thanks for reading,

Gemma x