The Lather Box Review by Gemma – April 2019

First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you to Rebecca over at the Lather Box HQ for sending me this lovely box to review! I was very excited to be chosen to review this, as it is perfectly suited to me, and you will see why shortly!

The Lather Box deliver body and hair bars that are all Plastic Free, Cruelty Free, Palm Oil Free, SLS Free and Paraben free in fully recyclable packaging to your door every month! All the items are vegan friendly and are made using plant based oils, shea butter, essential oils, herbs, flowers and spices to make an intoxicating, natural blend of goodness!

If you missed me unboxing this, you can catch it here on our YouTube channel (and subscribe if you haven’t already!):

The box itself is delivered by Royal Mail and fits through the letter box (even at my tiny flat!) so no red card of doom! I could smell the items through the box straight away! That, to me, is the sign of a high quality product!

Once I had snipped through the branded seal keeping the box shut, I opened it to find:

How cute does it all look? I totally fell in love- and it smelt even more amazing! The leaflet also detailed some very important work they do with a UK based Charity called Surfers Against Sewage (click the name to learn more about them!), who run beach clean ups, education programmes to create plastic free schools and initiatives to create plastic free communities right here in the UK. They do incredible work and are well worth checking out! A percentage of sales of the Lather Box go towards this amazing charity, which to me shows me the level of passion they have for their cause.

So, onto the products then. There were 4 solid bars inside this little box, all labelled so I knew what they were.

The first solid bar was Lavender and Geranium Shampoo. This has a base of coconut, olive and castor oils to help produce a creamy lather that is perfect for damaged hair. Lavender and geranium essential oils are known for their stress busting and anti-bacterial properties, making this the perfect start to your solid bar routine! I have used many a shampoo bar in my time- some I have liked, some I haven’t. I have very long, thick and curly hair, so I am a notoriously difficult customer. I loved the smell of this- even though I am not a fan of lavender. It has a very subtle scent that lingers in the hair. It lathers up like a dream and will last far longer than your standard bottle of shampoo! This left my hair shiny and clean- so a thumbs up from me for this!

The second solid bar was Shea Butter Conditioner. Shea butter is one of my favourite ingredients in skincare, but is not something I have tried for my hair before! This contains and rich and moisturising blend of shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil, which are packed with Vitamin A. This has a beautiful smelling lather- I have never used a solid conditioner before so I was intrigued, as conditioner usually doesn’t have the same lather as shampoo. There were no problems here though- it applied to my hair like a dream and when rinsed after 5 minutes (I like to leave my conditioner on a little while as my hair is so long!), I could already feel how nourished my hair was. It practically bounces now, despite the weight of it! Another thumbs up!

The third solid bar was Activated Charcoal Body Wash. Activated charcoal is huge in skincare right now, as we all know. This is infused with plenty of the stuff, as well as lime and rosemary to absorb toxins and shea butter, olive and coconut oil to help moisturise dry and tired skin. I have used a body wash bar before and I loved it, so I was really excited to try this. I love charcoal in skincare, I use a cleanser and micellar water with it in, but have never tried it in a body wash. Again, the lather this gives is amazing, I was so impressed at how little you need to use to cover your whole body! I enjoyed the subtle scent and how clean it made me feel. One other thing I noticed is that sometimes, my skin can feel a bit tight or dry after washing if I don’t moisturise straight away, but thanks to the moisturising properties in this bar, I didn’t have that issue! Love this!

The fourth and final solid bar was Orange and Lavender Shaving Bar. I will be honest, those are 2 scents I usually hate, but for some reason, I really liked this. It has a blend of coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, aloe vera, kaolin clay and orange and lavender essential oils. All natural goodness, nothing artificial. I have never used a solid shaving bar before but after the success of the others, I was super excited to try it, especially as it is now coming into the warmer months where I may want to wear dresses or shorts- time to defuzz that winter coat ladies, you know what I’m talking about! Ha ha! This gave a beautiful, creamy lather that helped my razor just glide along my skin, and there were no nicks and no itchiness afterwards either. Another amazing item!

So, all in all, a very successful trial! I am so impressed with the quality of the items for the price. And what is the price, you ask? Well…

The price:

There is currently just one simple option to subscribe to this box.

£19 per month with free shipping. When you consider the fact that these bars will last you ages, as you don’t have to use as much, plus how much you will be doing for the environment and a donation to charity, I think this is very reasonable indeed! If you add up how much you would spend monthly on shampoo, conditioner, shaving foam and shower gel, it would probably come to more than the price of this box AND you would have to replace the quicker!

My verdict:

I love this box, from its concept and ethos to the items themselves. We all want to do our bit to save this wonderful planet we call home, and banning the use of all plastics is the way things are heading, especially when there are better and safer alternatives! I love what the Lather Box are doing to help contribute to this effort, and I also love that they have a solid bar tutorial for those who are new to the world of solid shampoos/conditioner etc. It makes saving the world a little easier and a lot more beautiful!

If you want to subscribe or find out more, here are the links you need:

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Thank you for reading,

Gemma x