My Happy Place April 2019 Review by Gemma

First off, I would just like to say a huge thank you to Catherine, founder of My Happy Place Box, for sending me this box to review!

For those of you who are not familiar with them, they are a subscription box for the modern woman in search of me time. Each month, the box explores the beliefs and philosophies of a different destination to help you balance style and substance to create your happy place!

I love this concept- I think we all (myself included) forget how important ‘me time’ actually is and probably don’t make as much time for it as we should! Everything about this box screams luxury- from the beautiful outer box itself (just look at it!) to the contents within! It also comes in a postage bag to protect the box.

If you missed me unboxing this on our facebook page, you can catch it here on our YouTube channel now (and subscribe if you haven’t already!):

I was so excited to dive in and discover what destination I would be ‘travelling’ to for my me time this month and I was not disappointed! This month’s destination is India! There was also a lovely personalised note from Catherine, which I thought was such a nice addition- I love the personal touch!

One thing that sets this box apart from others is that it comes with a 30-page magazine detailing the items inside and loads of fun facts, information and interesting articles about the destination in question! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and it has made me want to visit India even more now! There were some beautiful articles and a spoiler for the next destination! I am quite a spiritual person by nature, being a psychologist and a yoga teacher, I have a love of mindfulness and meditation so I was super excited about this box!

Once I had peeled back the gold tissue paper that stood between me and my goodies, I found all this:

The first item I took out were a beautiful and colourful set of 6 bindis, which are a very visible sign of the Hindu culture in India. They are designed to be worn between the eye brows, where the third eye chakra is, which is said to help to ward off bad luck in Hindu beliefs! It is also said to help you to retain energy and strengthen concentration! I love these, they are so pretty! Not something I have ever worn before, but I will definitely give them a go!

The second item I unboxed was something I will definitely use! They were a set of Vedic 7 Chakras Incense Sticks, which are made with a blend of seven powerful natural aromas and resins like Sandalwood, Patchouli and Jasmine. There are 2 sticks for each of the 7 Chakra’s, and they all smell divine! If you use them during meditation, they are said to help activate your chakra points! As mentioned above, I am quite a spiritual person and find a lot of comfort from meditation, as I do suffer from anxiety. These will add another element to my meditations, as scent can evoke deep emotions and memories that can help you to calm down and relax.

The third item I think may be my favourite! It was a Colouring Book, with a little tube of Crayons and a pencil sharpener in the lid! Adult Colouring is huge right now and is a form of self-therapy for a lot of people. There are 100 different and beautiful mandalas to colour in in this book, which is amazing! I am keeping this by my bed to do when I go to bed, as a replacement for using my phone, which we all know we shouldn’t do as it disrupts our sleep patterns due to the blue light emitted from the screen! This is a great alternative wind down activity to promote relaxation and calm.

The fourth item was encased inside a jute burlap drawstring bag decorated with pretty yellow flowers. It was also wrapped up in some gold tissue inside the bag, and when I unwrapped it, there was a beautiful Labradorite crystal inside! It looks dark in colour, but when the light hits it- WOW! It sparkles and shines all different shades of blue, green and even a little purple. It is said to be a powerful healing stone that helps to clear and open the chakras, clarify intention and goals by bringing inner wisdom and helping you to fight off an existential crisis! I love this, and such a perfect fit for an India themed box too!

The fifth and sixth items were together inside another jute burlap drawstring bag, this time decorated with pretty pink flowers. The bags are also eco-friendly too! The first item was an essential oil labelled ‘Indian Summer’ and the other was a stunning lava stone chakra bracelet with gorgeous elephant detail. The elephant is the sacred animal of India, so it is very symbolic to their culture! You can use these two items together by dropping some of the beautiful smelling oil onto the beads of the bracelet. I will wear this whilst meditating and performing my yoga practice for a more spiritual experience!

The prices:

A monthly subscription is priced at £25 per month with free shipping. You can also buy previous boxes for £25 each on the website too, with destinations like Bali, Morocco, China and Japan, as well as the Brazil box I reviewed last month!

A 3-month subscription costs £72 again with free shipping.

A 6-month subscription costs £140 with free shipping

A 12-month subscription costs £280 with free shipping.

Boxes are dispatched on the 10th of the month for monthly subscriptions and will each contain 5 luxury items and a 30-page magazine. They deliver to the UK and most European countries currently.

It is impossible for me to put an estimated value on the items in this box, but I don’t think that is what this box is about. Who can put a price on me time? It is invaluable and priceless.

My verdict.

Where do I sign up? I absolutely adored this box and am so happy I was the one who was chosen to unbox it. I always try and make time for myself, as a psychologist it is something I am always telling my clients to do, so I need to practice what I preach! I also adore travelling and have a bucket list of places I want to visit, so this box allows me to experience a bit more of the world whilst relaxing and taking time for me. I think this concept is unique and I love it!

If you want to get yourself this box (and I know a few of you were eyeing it up in my unboxing!) here are all the links you need:

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Thank you for reading,

Gemma x