Seventeen Minutes Review by Mel – April 2019

Thank you to Sara from Seventeen Minutes for asking me to review her very first box! I have been sent the launch box, and I feel very honoured to have been asked.

This box is aimed at busy Mum’s (That’s me then!). Each box includes between 3-5 lovely treats for you to enjoy and every product is thoughtfully picked to help you relax, unwind and recharge your batteries. They only feature full-size products so you get maximum enjoyment (no samples). The products are sourced from small British brands wherever possible. £1 from every box goes to PANDAS Foundation UK who are a support service for families suffering prenatal/antenatal and postnatal illnesses. This is a fabulous ides. I have had Post Natal Depression, so I applaud supporting Charities of this nature.

The Box is discreetly packaged, and arrived via My Hermes. They left it with my neighbour as I was out at work, so I picked it up the following Morning. I liked that I could select where I wanted it leaving, as I have recently returned to Work.

If you missed my live unboxing on our Facebook Group then you can watch it back there, or on our YouTube Channel by clicking play below…

So what is inside the box?

Box Total = £16.24

How much does it cost?

You can buy the launch box for just £15! Postage is £2.95.

Other Subscription Options:

  • 2 Boxes = £30
  • 4 Boxes = £52.50

As these are delivered quarterly, the 4 boxes would be an entire years Subscription. Postage costs per box are £2.95 on top of the prices above.


Their Easter Limited Edition Box is launched on 8th April, I am excited to see what could be in there! You can click on the link to buy.

Creighton’s Chocolaterie Heart Lollipop

Well who does not like Chocolate? If you don’t then I am not sure we would get along, ha! I much prefer Milk Chocolate too, so I was really impressed to see this. What can I say, yes it was delicious, I am not going to mention how long it took for me to devour it, ha! I ha to hide it from the boys who obviously thought it was for them, no chance! My youngest Archie kept telling me I can’t eat the silver hearts, they are definitely edible though.

Teapigs Chai Tea

A perfect accompaniment to my Chocolate Heart! Chai Latte is basically a Tea version of a Coffee Latte. I will admit that I am a Coffee addict, and that I am far from Human without one. But I am partial to the occasional brew, especially in the evening. I rarely make my own, I am lucky to have a Male servant, I mean partner, who brings them to me. He understands that I am a very busy Woman and does look after me at times. Teapigs are a brand I already love and use at home. I really enjoyed this, maybe the Chocolate a teeny bit more, ha!

Motivational Card

‘Never forget how wildly capable you are’. I often wonder why us Mum’s don’t have capes? I am a HR Manager by day and Mum, I run BoXession, I run the Household, and yes; my life is crazy. But you know what, I would not have it any other way. You sometimes need reminding of your own worth, positivity cards are great for that. I keep them on my dressing table, or my pinboard.


I have used these in the past, and they are a hugely popular item on the BoXession Facebook Group. They are a single use, self heating eye mask. They are slightly fragranced too. You simply take it out of the packet, and place over your eyes, fixing in place via elastic around each ear.

These genuinely do work, and relax you. Perfect in the evening just before you fall asleep. They stay warm for approximately 30 minutes. I have purchased these for myself in the past so was really happy to receive another as I know that they are quite hard to get hold of at the moment. Stock sells really Quickly.

Life Lessons from Remarkable Women Book

I have started to read this, I haven’t read the entire Book yet. But it is great how you can read it in sections as each Woman tells her own Story. So in effect you have a mini Story (Chapter) each night before bed, and it is not too much to digest in one go. I have not read a Book for a while, really due to time. So this is a fab way for me to get back into reading. So far so good…

My Verdict?

I applaud the idea behind this box, because lets face it all Mum’s need and deserve a treat. I think this would make a lovely gift too, you could order an entire year subscription for someone, and they would get 4 boxes delivered! A gift that keeps on giving!

I have really enjoyed the box, and would happily review it again.

Check out their Website, with links to Social Media below too…

Mel x

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