Elfen Hardd Jewellery Review by Gemma – March 2019

Can I just firstly say a huge thank you to Ria from Elfen Hardd Jewellery for sending me this gorgeous box to review for you all! Elfen Hardd is a personalised jewellery and gifts company and was created in 2013 by Ria herself, who is a working mum, self-professed geek and book lover. She started the company after her crafting hobby merged with her love of family, geekery and quites into a passion! She started off simply taking orders from friends and family and now, 5 years later, she now has customers from all over the UK, Europe and even the US! All the jewellery is handmade in Wales (where Ria lives) using traditional stamping techniques. I used to holiday in Wales a lot as a young girl, making many happy memories, and so I will always have a soft spot for the beautiful country that it is. Now I can carry a little piece of it with me wherever I go!

It is a delightful little box, letterbox sized and printed with the company logo. The box has been made from recycled material, and can be recycled again- great for the eco conscious among us!

If you missed my unboxing of this adorable box, catch it here on our YouTube channel (and subscribe if you haven’t already!):


So, what was inside this cute box of joy? Once I had snipped away the tape securing the box lid, I was met with this:

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any cuter! There was a really detailed item menu sheet giving me all the information I needed to know about the items and the first item I took out was a greetings card from a local welsh company called Max Rocks. The card had the word ‘Cariad’ on the front, which translates to ‘Love’ in English. I adore the quirky design of this, and I always find greetings cards are so handy to have lying around- you never know what event might come up that you might need them for! Although the design on this is so cute, I may not be able to part with it! You can send a card to yourself, right? This company also make flashcards for young children to help them learn the welsh language, and their website can be found here if you want to check out Sian (the owner of Max Rocks) and her work!

The next item was a yummy sweet treat- who can resist? It came in a stripy pick and mix bag sealed with a sticker to keep them all together. They are an assortment of Swansea Mix- boiled sweets made in the heart of wales! These did not last much past the unboxing and photos- they were delicious and no, I did not share!

Then of course, came the jewellery items. What I love about this box is that they personalise an item for you- they send you a questionnaire asking you what you would like the item to say on it, so it’s perfect for gifts too!

The first jewellery item was not personalised, but I fell in love all the same! They were mixed metal drop earrings and aren’t they stunning? They are made with sterling silver and copper and are so light and delicate that you can’t even feel them in your ears! I have had my ears pierced for a long time now and get into a bad habit of wearing the same earrings all the time, forgetting that even a new pair can change my look dramatically. I have a team meal coming up for work, so I will be showcasing them there and spreading the word about Elfen Hardd of course!

The second jewellery item was the personalised one- and a perfect match for the earrings too! It was the mixed metal hoop necklace- a sterling silver hoop pendant with a copper heart attached. It was personalised on both sides with the phrases I chose: ‘Keep on Keeping on’ on one side and ‘You Got This!’ on the other. They are both phrases I live my life by, so having them on such a beautiful item of jewellery makes them even more special! I will also wear this at the aforementioned team meal!

The jewellery items are not yet available to purchase on the website, but they are valued at just over £50 for both items! So what price are we looking at for a subscription?

The Prices.

The subscriptions are currently capped at 20 subscribers per month for the launch phase, so you need to be quick to get your hands on one! There are 2 options here:

The Mini Subscription- £20 per month (free shipping within the UK). This will include one personalised item of jewellery, a postcard print from a welsh artist and a sweet surprise!

The Luxe Subscription- £30 per month (free shipping within the UK). This will include two items of jewellery (at least one personalised), a postcard print and the sweet surprise. This is the box I received here.

There are a few details regarding shipping that are worth mentioning as well. Payment for that months box must be in by the 5th of the month, or you will receive the next months box. You need to have your personalisation questionnaire in by the 10th of the month to give Ria time to make the item and shipping of the boxes happens between the 20th and 25th of the month. The questionnaire takes literally 1 minute to fill in, so is not a huge time taker!

My Verdict.

I have always loved gorgeous jewellery- it can really make an outfit and also makes a great gift for a loved one. The packaging of this box allows for you to gift items on should you wish to, but there is no way I am parting with these! They are so pretty, and as they are silver, they will go with everything! I don’t think I will wear them every day, as they are too delicate and I would be worried about breaking them, but they will be perfect for special occasions and days out!

If you want to get your hands on a box for April, you need to be quick! Here are the links you need:

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Thanks for reading,

Gemma x