Smartass & Sass Review by Mel – March 2019

A huge Thank you to Abby from Smartass & Sass for sending me this box to review! This is my second review for them! I loved the ‘I Love Me’ Edition, which was the February edition I reviewed. You can have a read of that here if you are nosy!

Smartass & Sass is the box baby of Kim & Abby, who have been besties for 25 years. These fun and sassy boxes contain 5-7 unusual treats every month. They also do a Shirt only subscription, and a Big Box version which is basically the 2 boxes combined.

How cool is the box though? It is MASSIVE too. I love the ‘Classy, Sassy & a bit Smartassy’ slogan. My Sister is called Saskia, and she is 13. She actually calls herself ‘Queen Sassy’. She is me in the making, what can I say?

This months edit is…. ‘Oh Shit Kit’

If you missed my live unboxing on our Facebook Group then fear not, click play below to watch back on our YouTube Channel…

So what is inside this Edit?

Total Box Value = $70.50 (£53.20)!

How much does it cost?

The prices are in USD, so I have converted them to GBP below:

  • Monthly – $34.95 (£26.37)
  • 3 Monthly – $101.85 (£76.85)
  • 6 Monthly – $197.60 (£149.10)

Postage to the UK is $16.95 (£12.79).

Even with the postage to the UK, the box contents are worth much more than what you have paid, and lets face it, they are unique so you will be the envy of everyone!

Time to talk about all of these goodies!…

Happy Birthday Bitch Card

I think that my Bestie would love this! It is not her Birthday until August, but I may just save it especially for her. She is not easily offended, hence why we have been friends for so long!

Stain Remover Wipes

These are actually really handy. If I have not used them before, I am going to pack them away for our annual Holiday to France. I intend on consuming some lovely french Wine! Not spilling it of course, but you never know…

Nail File

It says ‘I don’t even believe myself when I say I’ll be ready in 5 minutes’. Yes, this is me, I actually give my other half a 5 minute warning and he probably just thinks, yeah yeah! I will use this as I am forever perfecting my nails. Handy handbag sized too.

2 Pack of Coasters

They say ‘Sarcasm: Just one of my many talents’. I already have these on our Bedside tables! I love them! They are really high quality and heavy. Both Rob & I have sarcastic and sometimes dark senses of humour, so they are absolutely perfect!

Business Card Holder + Notes

I am so tempted to leave these randomly on people’s cars, then hide around the corner. How much fun would it be? I love the little business card holder too, I can use it to pop my BoXession cards in that I hand out to anyone and everyone when I am out and about. Got to spread the word at all times. Drives my partner and kids potty haha!

Jar Opener

This is yet another handy item. At the moment I use the rubber oven glove when I am struggling, but no more. It says ‘Life is tough honey, but so are you’. loving the positivity slogan.

Toothbrush Holder

Really useful for taking in your luggage, for weekends away or holidays. I will use this for when we go to France in June.

Flock Off Air Fresheners

I think these are my favourite. They are Jasmine scented. I am obsessed with Flamingo’s (I call them Mingo’s), and now my car has Mingo accessories too. I have 2, so when one stops smelling, I have a back up.

Calm The F*ck Down Candle

I am really into my candles at the moment, especially the smaller ones. I like to light them in the evening to relax. I laughed at the sticker, I am definitely not easily offended.

Bobby Pin Holder

If you watched my live unboxing, you will have seen me test this out. I think even a man can appreciate how useful this is!

Oh Sh*t Kit Makeup Bag

The bag is huge! This will fit in a lot of make up or toiletries, and is eye-catching and fun. Be the envy of your friends ladies.

Poo-Pourri Spray

I actually thought this was a USA brand, but I was wrong, it is British. This is a handbag sized (take to work with you) very useful item. We all need to go, and are not always at home!

My Verdict?

I think the whole concept of this box is just brilliant. I know that it is not the cheapest box when you factor in postage, but look at how much is in the box, and the value for money is still there even when you take that into consideration.

You can’t go in the shop and buy any of these, they are all online businesses or exclusive to the box. You are getting all of these fun, quirky items; guaranteed to put a smile on your face (and others when they see them).

Click below to get your hands on the April box before the cut off date, they also still have a few of these left to buy as a one-off box should you want this exact box.

Mel x

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