Makerly Craft Box Review by Mel – March 2019

I am so happy to finally get to review this box from Makerly Crafts! We have not reviewed them for a little while now, but I know we still get a lot of views on the review on our Website (I see the stats). That tells me that this little box is very popular.

I have been not so secretly stalking them to get an idea of what I may expect from this box. Past boxes have included Rug Ragging, a Cupcake Candle making Kit, a Marble & Gold Dresser Set, Dinosaur Soap Making, Alpaca Embroidery; the list goes on… Check out their Gallery to have a nosy! Anyway, I was none the wiser what I would get, so my excitement continued…

It arrived via Royal Mail in perfect condition, it is just so understated but pretty. I see so many boxes, I am talking hundreds now, but this really endeared me. The label has their logo, website and Social Media handles printed on. The box is fully recyclable too.

If you missed my live unboxing, you can either watch back via our Facebook Group or click play below to view the upload to our YouTube Channel…

So how much does it cost?

  • £15 per Month including P&P
  • £13.33 quarterly (£40 upfront billed every 3 months)
  • £13.33 6 Monthly (£80 upfront billed every 6 Months)
  • £12.50 12 Monthly (£150 upfront billed every 12 Months)

Postage is always free to the UK, amazing right?!

Lets lift the lid on this lovely box…

There are 2 cards. One is a welcome card, the other a themed one, with a clear indicator as to the contents of the box. There are lots of coloured tissue circles, and pink tissue to keep everything cosy and secure.

What is inside the box?

The kit includes:

  • Gingham Fabric
  • Beige Fabric
  • Toy Stuffing
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Red Thread
  • Coloured Felt (Green, Red, Blue and Yellow)
  • Pack of Needles
  • Pin Wheel (multicoloured)
  • Safety Eyes
  • Buttons, lace and bows (bits and bobs)

There is then a huge fold out step by step ‘how to Makerly’ guide. This has 17 detailed and easy steps for how to create your March Hare. I am thoroughly impressed by the attention to detail that has been taken to produce this.

You also have 2 pattern sheets to ensure you have stencils for every piece of your design.

The Making

I set about by starting the cutting out first. I followed the step by step guide and it was so simple to read. The pictures at every step were a huge help.

Making the actual Hare head was quite tricky, you have to join the lines where you have drawn around the stencil and then backstitch them. But actually doing this is rather testing on your patience. The rest of it I found very manageable and enjoyable. I even had my partner helping out by cutting out some of the felt leaves!

I do a fair bit of cross stitch when I have the time, I have made them for gifts and framed them, but I will say that Sewists are usually very skilled, and I am only a novice. I think though that If I can manage it, then so could anyone.

The result…

I am genuinely impressed with the outcome. The finished piece is just stunning. I added some little ribbon bows to his ears, and 2 ‘handmade with love’ wooden buttons. One in his ear as it reminds me a little of the Steiff Bear, and the other right at the bottom of the ring loop. There were other bits and bobs you could have added, but I was happy with just those.

I am strongly considering gifting this to my Sister for my soon to be Nephew, I think it would look stunning in his Nursery. I need to decide if I can part with my handsome Hare just yet though, he is a beauty after all. I have already hung him on the wall in my Hallway…

My Verdict?

I cannot begin to explain how impressed I am with this kit. From the quality of the contents, to the detail of the instructions. It really does take a lot for me to hit a subscribe button. I have reviewed 17 boxes this Month and for me, this one tops it and I WANT to subscribe. Cue my other half giving me ‘the look’. Postie here knows me as ‘The Box Lady’, ha! I am really serious though, I would put my money where my mouth is here.

Time for me is the only factor (lack of), so I think I would not be able to complete a full piece like this if it was every month, but certainly I could do alternate. There are so many possibilities of what you may receive though, so it could be any length of time to complete from a couple of hours to 10. I really feel for the price, the value is utterly excellent. This is a crafters dream in a box!

Mel x

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